OZspeak T-Z
       the TAB                         The bill or cost
       the TABLES ARE TURNED           The situation is reversed
       TACK                            A direction/(also saddlery)
       TACKED ON                       Added to/joined with/caught on
       to TACKLE                       To take on or attempt/to confront
       TACKY                           Shoddy/substandard
       a TAD                           A little
       TAG ALONG                       Go with/accompany
       TAIL                            Rear end/follow
       TAILGATE                        Drive too cosely behind
       TAKE                            Gross collected/profit/a swindle
       TAKE A DIVE                     Deliberately lose/to give up easily
       TAKE A FANCY TO                 To become infatuated
       TAKE A HIKE                     Leave here/go away
       TAKE A LOAD OFF                 Have a rest
       TAKE A POKE AT                  Throw a punch at/make fun of
       TAKE A POWDER                   Leave/disappear
       TAKE A PUNT                     Gamble/a guess
       TAKE A TUMBLE TO YOURSELF       Wake up
       TAKE CARE OF                    Attend to
       TAKE DOWN                       Beat up/shame/deceive
       TAKE IT EASY                    Relax/calm down
       TAKE IT FOR A SPIN              Take it for a drive
       to TAKE IT OUT OF HIS HIDE      Beat him up in lieu of payment
       to TAKE IT UP                   Use it/copy it/adopt it/accept it
       TAKE IT WITH GRAIN OF SALT      Dont believe/it could be exagerated
       TAKE OFF                        Leave hurriedly/to flee
       a TAKE OFF                      An estimate/to mimick
       was TAKEN OUT                   Beaten/injured/erased
       TAKE ON                         Engage/accept/note
       to TAKE ON                      Assume the appearance of
       TAKE THE BULL BY THE HORNS      Face the problem head on
       TAKE THE MICKEY OUT OF          To tease or mock/make fun of 
       TAKE THE PLUNGE                 Get married
       TAKE THE WEIGHT OFF             Sit down
       TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE           You know 4because you are too
       TAKES THE CAKE                  Beats all
       TAKE UP THE CUDGEL              Defend/champion a cause person
       TAKE WITH A GRAIN OF SALT       Not convinced/tending to disbelieve
       TAKE YOUR MEDICINE              Suffer the consequences
       TALENT                          Attractive people/females
       TALK BIG                        Boast
       TALK THE LEG OFF AN IRON POT    Talks incessantly
       to TALK TO THE BUTCHER & NOT THE BLOCK = Talk to the boss
       TALK TURKEY                     Talk honestly/talk over a deal
       to TALK UP                      Promote/espouse
       a TALLIE                        Large bottle of beer
       a TALL POPPY                    Successful or influential person
       TANGLEFOOT                      Clumsy/awkward
       to TAN HIS HIDE                 Severely punish
       TANKED                          Full/Drunk
       to TANK UP                      Fuel your car
       TAP DANCE                       Put the boot in/kick (fight)
       to TAP IN                       Join in/to utilse a source
       TARBOY                          Treats the shearers' cut sheep
       TARRED WITH THE SAME BRUSH      They appear similar/the same
       TART                            Flashy female with bad reputation
       TASWEGIAN                       Aussie from Tasmania
       TA-TA (Tuttar)                  See you later
       TATS                            Teeth
       TATTY                           Worn/threadbare/(also bad taste)
       TAWS                            The beginning/start/barest facts
       TASSIE(Tazzie)                  Tasmania
       TASWEGIAN                       Aussie from the state of Tasmania
       TEA                             Dinner/the evening meal
       to TEACH A THING OR TWO         Threaten with violence
       TEACHERS PET                    The favourite of all
       a TEA LEAF                      A thief
       a TEAM PLAYER                   Company man/not a loner
       to TEAR                         Rush foolishly/split/share
       TEAR ARSE                       A frantic paced person or act
       TEAR OFF                        Leave with haste
       TEAR STRIPS OFF                 To heavilly reprimand
       TEAR TO PIECES                  Beat badly/disprove/destroy
       TECHNICOLOUR YAWN               Vomit
       TEE UP                          Arrange/organise
       TELL HIM A THING OR TWO         To admonish/give superior advice
       TELL HIM OFF                    Admonish
       TELL ME ABOUT IT                I know....
       TELLY                           Television
       TEN CENTS IN THE DOLLAR         Short of intelligence
       TENDER TRAP                     Marriage
       TEND TO                         Inclined to...
       a TEN FOOT POLE                 A fictitious prodding tool
       TEN FOOT TALL                   Good feeling
       TEN FOUR                        OK/understood
       TERRA AUSTRALIS                 The great southland (OZ)
       TERRIBLY..... (good etc.)       Really......
       a TERRIER                       A persistant person
       a TESTER                        Rangefinder/sample/testing
       TEST THE WATER                  Sample the situation/pre caution
       TESTY                           Unoredictably argumentative or cranky
       THAT DOES IT                    Thats the end of my patience
       THATS LIFE                      Resigned look at fate
       THATS THE SPIRIT                The right attitude
       THATS THE SHOT                  Thats the way/thats right/OK
       THATS TORN IT                   Thats given the game away
       THE ALICE                       Alice Springs (NT)
       THE AMBER                       Beer
       THE ARSE                        Rejected/shown little regard
       THE AUSSIE                      Australian dollar 
       THE AXE                         Retrenchment/the sack
       THE BACKBLOCKS                  Way out of town\miles awy
       THE BEES KNEES                  Perfect
       THE BEST CURE                   General Cure
       THE BIG 'A'                     Rejection/dumped ("the arse")
       THE BIG 'C'                     Cancer
       "THE BIGHT"                     "Great Australian Bight"
       THE BIG SMOKE                   The city
       THE BIG WHIP                    Something that cant be resisted
       THE BLACK DOG                   A bad state of mind/overwhelmed mentally
       THE BLACK STUMP                 The remotest place possible in Oz
       THE BLURTER                     The rear end
       THE BOG                         The toilet
       THE BOOT                        Get rid of/drop/discard/sacked
       THE BOOZER                      Hotel/pub
       THE BREADBASKET                 Stomach/midsection
       THE BUSH                        Remote area/forest/woods/rainforest
       THE CALM BEFORE THGE STORM      The seeming peace before any uproar
       THE CAPE                        Cape York (usually)
       THE CASTLE                      Newcastle (NSW)/
       THE COATHANGER                  The Sydney Harbour Bridge
       THE CATCH                       The conditions/the hidden clauses
       THE CATS WHISKAS                Very fitting/what was needed
       THE CENTRE                      Central Oz/the pot or total of bets
       THE CHEESE & KISSES             The wife (the 'missus')
       THE CHOP                        Dispensed with/cancelled/sacked
       THE CLAP                        Venereal disease
       THE CLIP                        Season wool clip/the proceeds
       THE CLICKETY CLACK              The track
       THE COME ON                     A show of encouragement/allurement
       THE COOK                        Wife
       THE CREEPS                      The jitters or horror
       THE CRUMBS                      The leftovers/that which remains
       THE CUNNING KICK                The secret cache or cash
       THE DADDY OF THEM ALL           The best/biggest/fastest etc.
       THE DEAD CENTRE                 The geological centre of OZ
       THE DEAD HEART                  Salt desert area, (ie "Lake Eyre" S.A.)
       THE DEATH                       Just before the end/near fulltime
       THE DEEP END                    Trouble/madness
       THE DEVIL ONLY KNOWS            No one knows
       THE DIE IS CAST                 The seed's planted/so it follows
       THE DINKUM OIL                  The right advice
       THE DITCH                       The sea between Australia and New Zealand
       THE DON                         Sir Donald Bradman (Legendary Cricketer)
       THE DREGS                       The very last bits or the lowest level
       THE DRIES                       Thirst for a beer
       THE DRIFT                       Enlightenment/a revelation/meaning
       THE DRILL                       The order of things/the routine or method
       THE DRY                         The drought
       THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM    The earliest or first has first selection
       THE EARTH MOVED                 Huge feeling of joy
       THE ESTABLISHMENT               Council, government,management etc
       THE FAMILY JEWELS               Male genitalia
       THE FATS IN THE FIRE            Things have escalated
       THE FINAL ANALYSIS              All things considered
       THE FIRM                        The gang, the team etc
       THE FLICK                       Got rid of/dumped
       THE FLICKS                      The movies/the theatre
       THE FREMANTLE DOCTOR            Cooling breeze on southwest coast of OZ
       THE FULL BOTTLE                 The full complement/completeness/sanity
       THE FUNNY FARM                  Mental asylum
       THE GHAN                        Railway service (inland)
       THE GIGGLE FACTORY              Mental asylum
       THE GO                          The normal or best way
       THE GOLD COAST                  80k south of Brisbane (Qld)
       THE GONG                        Woolongong (NSW)
       THE GOOD OIL                    The right information
       THE GRAVY TRAIN                 Source of something for nothing/easy money
       THE GULF                      "The Gulf of Carpentaria" Oz
       THE GUTS                        The workings/the right information
       THE HARD WORD                   A blunt question(ask a woman for sex)
       THE HARD YARDS                  The informed decisions or effort required
       THE HEAVENS OPENED UP           It poured with rain
       THE HEAVIES                     Pressure
       THE HIGH DIDDLE-DIDDLE          The middle
       THE HIT                         The price
       THE HOOK                        The sack
       THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT       The Venereal clinic/a poor construction
       THE HURRY UP                    increased pace/demanded action
       THE IRONS IN THE FIRE           Plans are being made or carried out
       THE ISA                         Mount Isa (Qld)
       THE JACK                        Venereal infection/a setback
       THE JOHN                        The toilet.
       THE JOINT                       Jail
       THE JUG                         Jail (gaol)
       THE JUICE JUNGLE                A free drinks period/a swill session
       the JURY IS IN                  A decision has been arrived at
       the JURY IS OUT                 No decision has been made
       THE KICK                        The purse/the "pot"/surprise/pleasure
       THE KIMBERLY                    An area on the Ord River (N/west WA)
       THE KITTY                       The centre/pot/kitty/the "purse"
       THE LAH LAH                        The toilet
       THE LANDED GENTRY               Those who think they know it all
       THE LAND OF WAIT                Outback Queensland/the far inland
       THE LITTLE LADY                 Wife/girlfriend
       THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS            A worldly awareness
       THE LONG COAT                   Formal dress
       THE LOO                         Wooloomooloo (Sydney)
       THE LOO                         Toilet 
       THE LULL BEFORE THE STORM       The calm before bedlam
       THE MAIL                        The correct info/the right story/truth
       THE MIND BOGGLES                Astonishment
       THE MISSUS                      The wife
       THEM"S THE BREAKS               That's life
       THE NOD                         Chosen/selected
       THE OLD HEAVE HO                Dismissal/the sack
       THE OLD ONE TWO                 An applicable action/a trick
       THE PENNY DROPPED               Realisation
       THE POND                        The Tasman Sea (between Oz and NZ)
       THERE ARE WAYS AND THERE ARE WAYS = There are multiple ways
       THERE'LL BE HELL TO PAY         There'll be a price to pay
       THERE'S MORE THAN ONE WAY TO SKIN A CAT = Alternatives exist
       THERE YOU GO                    Told you so/go on/take it       
       THE ROCK                        Ayers Rock (Central OZ) "Uleroo"
       THE ROPES                       The way its done       
       THE SPIN                        The story/sales pitch
       THE SUNSHINE COAST              80k north of Brisbane (Qld)
       THE TIDES OUT                   My glass is empty
       THE TOOTH FAIRY                 Shark!
       THE TOP END                     Generally the Northern Territory
       THE TOSS                        The opposing opinion
       THE TOSS OF THE COIN            An optomistic guess
       THE TOWN BIKE                   Easy mark for the boys/whore
       THE TRAPS                       Obstacles or places to avoid
       THE TRIBE                       Family/team/club
       THE TROTS                       The "Runs"(the shits)
       THE VINEGAR STROKE              Ejaculation 
       THE WOODEN SPOON                Mythical award for finishing last
       THE YEAR DOT                    When time began
       THE YIPS                        The shakes/a feeling of panic
       THEY SAY                        It's popularly believed
       THICK                           A slow thinker/low intelligence
       THICK                           Closely allied
       THICK AS A PLANK                Silly/slow thinker
       THICK AS THIEVES                Close associates
       a THICK EAR                     A beating
       a THICK HIDE                    Not easily offended
       a THICK HEAD                    Not very intelligent
       THIN AS A WITCHES TIT           Scrawny
       THIN EDGE OF THE WEDGE          Something masking it's potential size
       THING-A-ME-BOB                  A thing (?)
       THING-A-ME-JIG                  A thing (?)
       THINGO                          A thing (?)
       THINGS ARE LOOKING UP           Things are getting better
       THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT Frightening noises
       a THINGY                        An object of sorts/a thing
       THIN SKINNED                    Easily offended
       the THIRD DEGREE                Intense questioning/interrogation
       THIRD WORLD                     (desc.) undeveloped countries 
       THIS POINT IN TIME              Right now
       THONGS                          Rubber slip on sandals/flip flops
       a THORN IN YOUR SIDE            A continuing annoyance/a hurdle
       a THOUSAND AND ONE THINGS       Many things in contention
       THRASH                          Beat more than necessary
       THRASH OUT                      Settle differences/make agreement
       THREE PARTS GONE                Drunk/near unconscious/nearly out of it
       the THREE R's                   Reading, wRiting & aRithmetic
       a THREE RING CIRCUS             A disorganised shambles/funny
       THREE STRIKES AND YOU'RE OUT    Third error and you are disqualified
       THREW (me him them us etc)      Confused.../puzzled
       THREW HIS HAT IN THE RING       Joined up/became active/qualified
       THREW IT                        Contrived to lose/made a huge mistake
       the THRONE                      The toilet
       THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE           Via unnamed sources/rumour
       been THROUGH THE HOOPS          Has had much experience
       THROUGH TO THE KEEPER           No reaction/passed unnoticed
       a THROW                         Each/per time 
       THROW A DARKIE                  become very angry
       THROW A FEW BACK                Have a few drinks
       THROW A DUMMY                   Feign/pretend
       to THROW A LEG OVER             Mount/have sex
       to THROW COLD WATER ON          Dismiss lightly
       a THROWDOWN                     A quick drink
       to THROW IN                     Added free/a bonus (also to give up)
       THROW IN THE TOWEL              Give up/stop/resign
       THROW IN WITH                   To back up/join with/agree with
       THROWN                          Puzzled
       THROWN IN                       Added/as a bonus
       to THROW IT IN                  give up/stop/resign
       THROW ON                        Organise/arrange/put on
       THROW OVER                      Break up with/disagree/change
       THROW MY HAT IN THE RING        Join up/become one of...
       THROWN                          Surprised/confused
       THROW THE BOOK AT               Hand out the worst punishment possible
       THROW UP                        Be sick/vomit
       THROW YOUR HAT IN               Join in
       THUMBS DOWN                     Bad/not OK
       THUMBS UP                       Good/OK
       a THUMPING                      A beating
       THUMPING GREAT ....             Monstrous ....
       THUNDERBOX                      Toilet
       THUNDERSTRUCK                   Dumbfounded
       just a TICK                     Just a moment
       TICKER                          Heart/stamina/courage/resolve
       the TICKER                      The heart/courage
       to TICK OFF                     to admonish
       TICKED OFF                      Furious/angry/offended/
       TICKER                          Heart/bravado/stamina/clock
       has TICKETS ON HIMSELF          Thinks he is special
       TICKETY-BOO                     All is OK
       TICKLED                         Amused
       TICKLED PINK                    Pleasantly surprised/very pleased
       TICKLE THE PETER                Steal money
       a TIDDLER                       Something small
       TIDDLY                          Slightly intoxicated
       TIED DOWN                       Committed otherwise/hindered/married
       TIED UP                         Busy/an agreement
       TIE ONE ON                      Incite a riot/cause trouble
       TIE THE KNOT                    Get married
       a TIFF                          Small argument
       TIGHT                           Close with/tipsy/frugal
       a TIGHT ARSE                    A miserly person
       TIGHT AS A DRUM                 Close/aligned/allied
       TIGHT AS A FISHES ARSEHOLE      Someone who wont spend money
       to TIGHTEN THE BELT             Make economic savings
       a TIGHTWAD                      Someone who holds tight to their money
       TILL THE COWS COME HOME         A very long time (forever?)
       TILL THE FAT LADY SINGS         Till its over/till its finished
       a TILT AT                       An opportunity at
       TIME'S UP                       Time has expired
       TIME WOUNDS ALL HEELS           Justice will occur
       to TINKLE                       Urinate
       a TIN LID                       A kid/child
       a TINNY                         A can of drink/a small aluminium boat
       TINNY                           Unusually lucky
       TIN TACKS                       The essence of the matter/the basics
       TIP ME LID                      Take off my hat (salute)
       the TIP OF THE ICEBERG          A small part of the bigger thing
       a TIPPLER                       A heavy or regular drinker
       TIP THE BUCKET ON               Blame an innocent for something
       TITS                            Breasts
       TIT FOR TAT                     Equal response/an eye for an eye!
       a TITTER                        A teenage schoolgirl
       TITTLE TATTLE                   Inform on someone/tell tales
       in a TIZZY                      A state of confusion or panic
       TOASTY                          Warm, cuddly and comfortable
       TO CALL A SPADE A SPADE         To put it bluntly
       TO CUT A LONG STORY SHORT       To give a brief recount
       TO DIE FOR                      Extremely attractive/in huge demand
       a TO-DO                         A commotion/a fuss
       TOE                             Power/acceleration
       TOE IT                          Get out of here/run
       TOE TAPPER                      Good tune
       TOE THE LINE                    Act responsibly/conform
       TOE TO TOE                      Face to face/punch for punch
       TOE TRIPPER                     Good dancer
       TOEY                            Nervous/excited/impatient/fidgety
       a TOFF                          Upper class person
       TOGS                            Swimming costumes
       TOING AND FROING                Wasting time/being vague
       a TOMAHAWK                      Bad haircut
       a TOMBOY                        Openly competitive female
       TOM CATTING                     Male promiscuous behaviour
       TOM FOOLERY                     Acting foolishly
       TOMMYROT                        Nonsense
       the TOM TITS                    The shits
       a TON                           One hundred
       TONE DOWN                       Moderate
       TOP STUFF                       Great work/fine effort
       a TON (TUN)                     One hundred/a huge burden
       TONGUE IN CHEEK                 Jokingly/facetiously
       TONGUEING FOR                   Thirsting/a taste for
       TONGUE TIED                     Speechless
       TONGUE TWISTERS                 Tricky to say sequence of speech
       TONS                            Many/plenty
       TOO EASY                        Simple
       TOO BIG FOR YOUR BOOTS          Overconfident/conceited/cheeky
       TOO FUNNY FOR WORDS             Too laughable to describe
       the TOO HARD BASKET             Where things you cant deal with go!
       TOOK A DIM VIEW                 Didn't like
       TOOK A PIECE OUT OF THEM        Firmly pulled them into line
       TOOK DOWN                       Wrote it/cheated
       TOOK THEM BY STORM              Impressed them greatly
       TOOK THE MICKEY OUT OF HIM .... Made fun of him (or her/them/it)
       TOOK IT UP                      Used, copied, adopted, accepted it
       TOOK OUT                        Beat
       TOOK THE WORDS OUT OF MY MOUTH  I was about to say that
       the TOOL                        Penis
       TOO LITTLE TOO LATE             The help came too late
       TOO MANY CHIEFS, NOT ENOUGH INDIANS = Not enough being done
       TOO MANY COOKS                  Too many bosses
       TOO MANY FINGERS IN THE PIE     Too many people with a say and share
       TOO MANY IRONS IN THE FIRE      Too many interests to manage
       TOO MUCH ON YOUR PLATE          Too much to do
       TOO MUCH SYRUP                  Drank too much beer or alcohol
       TOOL                            Penis
       TOO RIGHT                       Exactly/of course/yes
       to TOOT                         Press the horn
       TOOTH AND NAIL                  With all resources and fibres
       the TOOTH FAIRY                 The Santa Clause of childrens teeth
       TOOTLE                          Drive/travel/go
       TOOTS                           Female nickname
       TOOTSIES                        Feet
       TOT TICKETS                     Toilet paper
       TOOTY                           Toilet
       TOP BRASS                       Management/high rankers/bosses
       TOP DOG                         The person in charge/the best one
       TOP DOLLAR                      Very expensive
       TOP DRAWER                      The very best
       the TOP END                     Northern Oz (Northern Territory)
       a TOP ENDER                     Aussie from the Northern Territory
       TOP FLIGHT                      The best/quality
       to TOP IT OFF                   To add to it all.../as well...
       to TOP IT UP                    To replenish/add to
       TOP NOTCH                       Highly regarded/quality
       a TOP OFF                       A tattle tale/betrayer
       to TOP OFF                      Betray (also "add to/complete")
       TOP OF THE MORNING              Good morning
       TOP OF THE PILE                 Best of the available
       TOPS                            Very good
       TOP SHELF                       Best quality
       TOP STUFF                       The best available
       TOPSY TURVEY                    Upside down/back the front/disorderly
       TOP UP                          Refill/replenish/add to
       TOSSED                          Puzzled/thrown/beaten
       a TOSSER                        Strange person
       TOSSLE                          Penis
       a TOSS UP                       A choice/a hard decision
       to TAKE YOUR HAT OFF TO...      Respect or admire/salute
       TONK                            Penis
       a TOT                           A young child
       TO THE LETTER                   Exactly/as written/thoroughly
       TO THE PITCH OF THINGS          Attuned to/understands whats happening
       TO THE POINT                    To the truth/to the essence of it
       TO THE TUNE OF                  Totalling/the sum of
       to TOUCH                        To cheat/have sex with
       TOUCH AND GO                    Risky result could go either way
       to TOUCH BASE                   Contact/meet/visit home
       TOUCH ON                        Briefly mention
       to TOUCH UP                     Poor repairs/fondle/beat up
       TOUCHY                          Delicate/easily triggered/easily upset
       TOUCH OF BLARNEY                A liitle boastful or suspect
       a TOUCH UP                      A reminder/slap around/to beat
       TOUCH WOOD                      (Expression made for good luck)
       TOUCHY                          Sensitive
       TOUCHY AS A SCRUB BULL IN A BOG Touchy/on edge/unpredictable
       TOUGH AS NAILS                  Very tough
       TOUGH CALL                      A hard judgement or task
       TOUGH IT OUT                    Persevere
       TOUGH LUCK                      Bad Luck!(cynical expression)
       TOUTED AS                       Reputed to be
       a TOWELLING                     A beating
       TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT          As much as you want
       a TOWEL UP                      A fight
       a TOWER                         Reliable strong person
       the TOWN BIKE                   Lady with loose morals/slut
       TRACK                           Road or course/find or trail
       TRACK RECORD                    Past performance
       TRACKIES                        Track pants/gym pants
       TRACKY DAKS                     Track pants/running trousers
       TRADIE                          Tradesman
       TRAFFIC STOPPER                 Attention getter
       TRAIPSE                         An uneccessary trip/walk
       a TRANNIE                       A transistorised radio
       your TRAP                       Mouth
       the TRAPS                       "Must know" places/here and there
       TRASH                           Damage/to mess up/low life people
       a TREAD                         Sex
       a TREADLY                       A bicycle
       TREAD NEW GROUND                Be in unfamiliar circumstances
       TREAD ON EGGS                   Be in a precarious position
       a TREAT                         A reward 
       TREAT WITH KID GLOVES           Treat with care and tact
       TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS         The pains and grief of life
       the TRIBE                       Family/team/workmates/
       TRIED AND TRUE                  Experienced and reliable
       TRIER                           A resolute hard worker
       TRIGGER HAPPY                   Reckless
       thr TRIMMINGS                   The perks/extras due
       to TRIM YOUR SAILS              Change your tactics or policy
       TRIPE                           Rubbish/excretion
       TRIP THE LIGHT FANTASTIC        Spectacular dance/pure excitement
       to TRIP UP                      Blunder/be found out/fail
       TROGLODITE                      A backward thinking moron
       TROLL                           Woman of loose morals
       TROOP                           March/walk
       a TROOPER                       A reliable worthy person
       TROPPO                          Silly/confused/affected by the heat
       a TROT                          A sequence of life
       TROT IT OUT                     Show it/display it/unveil
       TROT OUT                        To show or produce/put forward
       the TROTS                       Diarrhoea/the shits
       TROUBLE AND STRIFE              Wife
       TROUBLED WATERS                 A period or place of unrest
       TROUBLE SHOOTER                 A problem solver
       a TRUCKIE                       A truckdriver
       to TRUDGE                       Go resolutely/labour toward/walk
       TRUE BLUE                       Genuine/a patriot
       TRUE TO YOUR WORD               Dependable
       TRUNDLE                         Travel/go
       to TRY IT ON                    Test someone physically or mentally
       TRY YOUR HAND                   Attempt something
       TRY SOMEONE OUT                 Test them mentally or physically
       TUB                             To bathe/to clean up/wash
       TUBBY                           Rotund/overweight/fat
       a TUBE                          A can of beer
       the TUBE                        TV
       TUCK AWAY                       Eat/put away/save
       TUCKER                          Food
       TUCKER BAG                      A bag for food
       TUCKERED OUT                    Exhausted
       TUCK IN                         To eat/join in
       a TUG                           Male masturbation
       to TUMBLE                       Realise
       a TUMBLE                        Failure/defeat/loss of value
       to TUMBLE TO                    Suddenly became aware
       TUNED IN                        Aware of
       TUNE IN                         Listen to
       TUNE UP                         Learn/familiarise/see the latest
       a TUNNEL                        Narrow minded or short sighted person
       a TURD                          Dog dropping/a shit of a person
       TURD PUSHER                     A gay/poofter/bisexual male
       to TURF                         Discard
       (ones) TURF                     Ones domain/the neighbourhood
       the TURF                        The ground /floor
       a TURKEY                        An easy mark/naive or stupid person
       a TURN                          Change of direction, fortune or events
       a TURNDOWN                      A rejection
       a TURN AROUND                   A reversal/not as per usual
       a TURNCOAT                      Traitor
       TURN DINGO                      Become treacherous/be an informent
       TURN DOWN                       Refuse/stop/quieten
       to TURN HEADS                   Attract/an attention getter
       TURN IN                         To hand in/betray
       TURNING POINT                   Inspiring moment
       to TURN IT ON                   Incite/an act/create mayhem
       TURN IT UP                      Stop it/you're out of order
       a TURN OFF                      Sickenning/repulsive/loss of interest
       a TURN ON                       An excitement or attraction
       a TURNOUT                       Event or celebration/to eject
       TURNOVER                        Give up posession or advantage
       TURN OVER A NEW LEAF            (generally) Reformed habits
       it TURNS OUT                    Happened to be/eventuated
       TURN TAIL                       Turn and flee
       TURN THE OTHER CHEEK            Refuse to retaliate/ignore
       to TURN THE SCREWS              Apply pressure  
       TURN THE TABLES                 Reverse a situation
       TURN TO JELLY                   To be overcome with emotion or fear
       TURN TURTLE                     Capsize/roll over
       TURN UP                         Arrive/appear/to give your best effort
       a TURNUP                        A contradiction/surprise
       a TURNUP FOR THE BOOKS          A slim chance outcome
       TURN UP TRUMPS                  Be successful/win
       TURN YELLOW                     Show sudden fear
       TURN YOU NOSE UP                Show contempt
       TURN YOUR STOMACH               Make you sick
       TURPS                           Alcohol/turpentine       
       a TUX                           Tuxedo suit
       TWADDLE                         Idle talk/nonsense
       a TWAT                          A vagina (also "an idiot")
       TWEEDS                          Trousers
       at TWENTY TO THE DOZEN          Very fast
       a TWIDDLE                       Insignificant entity, situation or event
       a TWERP                         Ignorant, uninformed person
       a TWICER                        A two timer/deceitful person
       to TWIDDLE YOUR THUMBS          Do nothing
       to TWIG                         To suddenly realise
       TWINKLE TOES                    Nimble/excellent dancer
       a TWIRLEE                       Hand rolled cigarette
       a TWIST                         A surprise development
       to TWIST AROUND YOUR FINGER     Have great influence on/control
       TWISTED                         Odd/strange/mad
       a TWISTER                       A deceitful person/a con-man
       TWIST OF FATE                   Unusual happening
       TWISTS AND TURNS                Unexpected
       TWIST SOMEONES ARM              Persuade
       TWIST SOMEONES WORDS            Wrongly interpret or report statement
       a TWISTY                        Strange person, odd statement or question
       a TWIT                          Naive or stupid person
       TWIXT AND TWEEN                 In the middle
       TWO BIT                         Inferior/third class/cheap
       TWO BITES AT THE CHERRY         A second chance
       a TWO BOB LAIR                  A cheap show off
       TWO BOBS WORTH                  Opinion/share
       TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME          A warning to an aggressor
       TWO FACED                       Person who plays two sides
       TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE   The more ideas the better
       TWO LEFT FEET                   Clumsy
       TWO POT SCREAMER                Someone who gets drunk on little
       TWO'S COMPANY, THREE'S A CROWD  One more than intimacy allows
       there in TWO SHAKES             Promptly
       TWO TIMER                       Deceitful/cheat  (infidelity)
       TWO UP                          Oz game played by tossing coins
       TYRE KICKER                     Not genuine/a time waster
       a TYRE SHORT OF A WHEEL         A nutcase
       a U-EE                          A u-turn
       UGLY AS SIN                     Repulsive
       UMPTEEN                         Too many
       UNCALLED FOR                    Not appropriate or expected
       UNCHARTED WATERS                Unfamiliar territory or conventions
       UNCLE MERV                      Ogle/admiring look over
       UN CURRENT                      Un Australian
       UNCUT                           The whole truth
       UNDER A CLOUD                   Uncertain
       UNDERDAKS                       Underpants
       UNDER DOG                       Not favoured to win
       UNDER FIRE                      Being criticised
       UNDER LOCK AND KEY              Secure
       UNDER ONE ROOF                  In the same stable
       UNDERSTATED ELEGANCE            Quietly Stylish
       UNDER THE COUNTER               Illicit/illegal/secret cache
       UNDER THE GUN                   Under threat
       UNDER THE HAMMER                Heavilly influenced
       UNDER THEIR SPELL               Under their influence
       UNDER THEIR WING                With their protection and help
       UNDER THE LAP                   Secret payments/graft
       UNDER THE PUMP                  Pressured/tested
       UNDER THE SAME ROOF             Together
       UNDER THE TABLE                 A secret paymant/a bribe
       UNDER THE THUMB                 Ruled by his spouse or girl friend
       UNDER THE WEATHER               Affected by alcohol
       UNDER WRAPS                     Held back/stored till later
       UNDER YOUR BELT                 An achievement/experience recognized
       UNDER YOUR OWN STEAM            By your efforts only
       UNFAZED                         Remain focussed
       UNDIES                          Underpants
       UNDONE                          Emotionally crushed/foiled
       UNEXPECTED TWIST                Surprising events occurred
       UNGODLY                         Frightful
       UNHINGED                        Mentally unbalanced
       UNI                             University
       UNION                           Female willing to sleep with many
       a UNIT                          Apartment
       to UNLOAD ON                    Let fly/unburden worries/complain
       UNMENTIONABLES                  Very private things
       UNSUNG                          Surprising/unheralded
       UNTIMELY DEMISE                 Unexpected death or ending
       UNTIMELY END                    Unexpected end
       UP...........general            Means north or towards/to home
       UP                              Feeling good
       UP A COG                        Up the tempo
       UP FRONT                        Honest/open
       UP AGAINST IT                   Having difficulties/hindered
       UP A GUMTREE                    In difficulty
       UP A POLE                       In difficulty/stumped/nowhere to go
       UP FOR GRABS                    Available (to be won)
       UP FRONT                        In the open/plainly visible/honest
       UPHILL AND DOWNDALE             Everywhere/at anytime
       an UPHILL BATTLE                A near impossible task
       UP HIS SLEEVE                   Hidden surprise
       UP IN SMOKE                     Burned/wasted
       UP IN THE AIR                   Unsettled
       UPMARKET                        Posh/more expensive
       UP MY ALLEY                     Suits my abilities fine
       UP MY STREET                    In my territory
       the UPPER CRUST                 The upper class/high society
       to UPPERCUT                     To punish
       UPPISH                          A superior air
       UPSET THE APPLECART             Throw into chaos
       UP SHIT CREEK                   In big trouble
       UPTA                            No good ("up to shit!")
       UP THE ANTE                     Increase the bet or risk
       UP THE CREEK (WITHOUT A PADDLE) In trouble (and defenceless)
       UP THE DUFF                     Pregnant
       UP THE GARDEN PATH              Misinformed/on the wrong path
       are UP THEMSELVES               Full of self importance
       UP THE WALL                     Frustrated
       what is ...  UP TO              A covert or queeried action
       UP TO IT                        Capable
       UP TO PUTTY                     Useless/sick/not good at all
       UP TO SCRATCH                   To be of an acceptable standard
       UP TO SHIT                      No good
       UP TO SPEED                     Up to standard or expectation
       UP YOURSELF                     Self delusionary/vain
       UPWARDLY                        Improving/ever rising
       UP WITH IT                      Aware/abreast of things/familiar
       UP WITH THE CROWS               Awake and up at dawn
       to be UP YOURSELF               You're conceited
       US                              Also means ME ("give us a hand")
       USED                            Exploited
       USE THE BIG STICK               Use the greatest force
       to USE YOUR NOGGIN              Use your head
       a UTE                           A "utility"  (USA = a pickup truck)

       a VAC                           Vacuum cleaner
       VACCINATED WITH A GRAMOPHONE NEEDLE = A person who talks incessantly
       a VAMP                          Captivating woman
       VAN DIEMENS LAND                Tasmania
       VANISH INTO THIN AIR            Disappeared without trace/mystery end
       the VAPORS                      Tears/crying
       VA-VOOM                         Appeal
       VEDGIE                          A small child(from "Vegemite")
       VEDGIES                         Vegetables
       VEDGE OUT                       Do nothing/rest/lay around
       a VEE DUB                       A Volkswagon (car)
       VEGEMITE                        Child(A happy little Vegemite!)
       VENT YOUR SPLEEN                Be angry
       VERBAL DIARRHEA                 When a person talks a lot of shit
       VET                             Check out/censor (also Veterinarian)
       VICTIM OF CIRCUMSTANCE          Affected by events beyond your control
       VIEW WITH ALARM                 Observe with great worry
       VIM                             Energy
       VINEGAR                         Semen  
       the VINEGAR STROKE              The climax
       a VIPER                         A vicious person

       a WACKA                         A nutty person/crazy
       the WACA (WACKER)               Perth Cricket Ground
       WACKO                           Strange or odd behaviour/crazy
       WACKY                           Odd/disjointed
       WACKY BACCY                     Marijuana
       a WAD                           Bundle or pile of money
       a WADDY                         Baton/club/big stick
       to WAFFLE                       Talk without real sense
       a WAG                           Mischievous, funny person
       to WAG                          Hitch a free ride/play truant
       a WAGGA                         Rug/quilt/blanket
       WAIT HAND AND FOOT              Pamper
       WAKE IN A STRIDE                Be aware
       a WAKE-UP                       Come to your senses
       a WAKE-UP CALL                  A warning event (see also A WAKE UP)       
       WAKE UP TO YOURSELF             Be sensible/grow up
       to WALK                         Leave/abandon/move on
       a WALKABOUT                     Broad wanderings/to disappear
       WALK ALL OVER                   Dominate
       WALK A THIN LINE                Be in a precarious situation
       it WALKED                       It was stolen or taken
       a WALKING DISASTER              Accident prone or clumsy person
       WALKING ON AIR                  happy/elated
       they are WALKING OUT THE DOOR   They are selling fast
       a WALKING TICKET                Notice to leave
       a WALKOUT                       Planned withdrawal/strike
       a WALKOVER                      An easy victory/a weak person
       WALKS OF LIFE                   Ways, habits, cultures, workings.
       WALK OUT ON                     Abandon,jilt
       WALKABOUT                       Wander
       WALKIE-TALKIE                   Portable radio, send & receive
       to WALK TALL                    Be proud/be admired/have dignity
       the WALLABY                     A swag
       WALLEROO                        Large wallaby-kangaroo/hunter
       WALLFLOWER                      Timid/shy/arrive alone
       WALLOP                          A heavy blow
       WALLOPER                        Policeman
       WALLOPING                       Overpowering/very large
       WALLS HAVE EARS                 Beware of eavesdroppers
       a WALLY                         A dull, dumb, stupid or naive person
       a WALLY GROUT                   A shout (to buy)
       a WALTZ                         Easy
       WALTZED OFF WITH                Won easily
       WALTZING                        Walking
       WALTZING MATILDA                Carrying your swag (blanket roll etc)
       WANGA                           Penis
       WANGLE                          Arrange/procure/conjure up
       WANK                            Masturbate
       a WANK SPANNER                  A hand
       a WANKER                        One who plays with himself
       a WANNABEE                      Someone seeks more than their worth
       WANTS BLOOD                     Wants retribution/looking for revenge
       to WANT THE EARTH               Ask too much
       WANT TO GO                      Do you want to fight me
       to WANT YOUR BREAD BUTTERED BOTH SIDES = To play both sides
       a WARHORSE                      A veteran
       a WAR OF NERVES                 A psychological conflict
       WARM                            Close
       WARM TO                         Become agreeable to or fond of
       WARM UP                         Prerun/speed up
       WARPED                          Odd/strange/evil
       WARRIGAL                        Wild and free/(also a "dingo")
       WARTS AND ALL                   With all defects if any/as is
       wont/will/the WASH              Stand up to scrutiny/the end result
       WASHED OUT                      Exhausted
       WASHED UP                       Failed/no longer of consequence
       a WASHOUT                       A failure/a cancellation
       the WASHUP                      The result, outcome or aftermath
       WASH YOUR HANDS OF              Withdraw from
       WASH YOUR MOUTH OUT             Stop swearing/dont say that
       WAS MY FACE RED                 My face WAS red
       WASNT BORN YESTERDAY            Not stupid or naive
       WASN"T HAVING ANY               Wouldn't accept it/wouldn't agree
       WASNT WITHIN A BULLS ROAR       Nowhere near/not even close
       to WASTE                        Kill/get rid of
       WASTE YOUR BREATH               Waste your time
       WAS TICKLED PINK                Was delighted
       WATCHDOG                        A guard/overseeing authority
       WATCH THE BOUNCING BALL         Read the situation as it developes
       WATCH YOUR P's AND Q's          Tread lightly
       WATCH YOURSELF                  Be careful
       WATCH YOUR STEP                 Be careful
       WATCH YOURSELF                  Be on your guard
       WATER DOWN                      Make less extreme
       WATERHOLE                       Pub/hotel
       WATERING HOLE                   Place to meet and drink/hotel
       WATER ON THE BRAIN              Repressed intelligence/stupid
       WATER THE HORSE                 Male urination
       WATER TIGHT                     Certain/sure
       WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE          Past events/reflections
       the WATERWORKS                  Tears
       WAYBACK                         A long time ago
       WAVE ASIDE                      Dismiss
       WAVE AWAY                       Dismiss
       WAVELENGTH                      Line of thinking
       WAX LYRICAL                     Exagerated verbal support
       a WAY                           A special manner or quality
       WAY BACK                        Long ago/well back
       WAY OUT                         Odd/very unusual
       WAYS AND MEANS                  Many choices to succeed
       WC                              Water closet (toilet)
       WEAK AS A SUNBURNT SNOWFLAKE    Weak and not worth attention
       WEAK AS PISS                    A disapointment
       WEAK AS SHIT                    A coward
       WEAK AS WATER                   Soppy coward
       WEAK AT THE KNEES               Overcome/a coward
       WEAK KNEED                      Cowardly
       the WEAK LINK                   Vulnerable point
       to WEAR A HAT                   To represent a position or something
       the WEARING OF THE GREEN        A scolding/nagged
       WEAR IT                         Accept it, no matter what
       WEAR THIN                       Outgrow your welcome/become unpopular
       WEAR TWO HATS                   Have a two interests or loyalties
       WEB OF INTRIGUE                 Manufactured circumstances
       WEED                            Tobacco
       WEEK OF SUNDAYS                 A long time
       WEE WEE                         Urinate
       WEIGH DOWN                      Be a burden
       WEIGH IN                        Make presence felt/join in
       WEIGHT'S RIGHT                  Everything is OK/its official
       WEIRDO                          An odd, eccentric or dangeruos person
       WELCH                           Renege/to dishohour an agreement
       WELL HEELED                     Affluent/have abundant money
       WELL HUNG                       Prominent genitalia
       WELL IN                         Well connected
       WELL STACKED                    Well proportioned body
       a WELTER                        An excess
       WELL TO DO                      Rich
       WELL WHAT D'YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT How about that eh!
       a WELTER                        An excess use
       WENT DOWN LIKE A LEAD BALOON    Wasnt appreciated/out of place
       WENT FOR THE JUGULAR            Went too far/went into overkill mode
       WENT INTO BAT FOR......         Defended/had good words for
       WENT OFF                        Went crazy
       WENT ON AND ON                  Incessant
       WENT RIGHT OFF                  Went berserk
       WENT THE BIFF                   Resorted to violence
       WENT TOO FAR                    Became obnoxious/overstated the case
       WENT TO THE PACK                Fell into disrepair/became dilapidated
       WENT WEST                       Disappeared/was wasted or lost
       WEST                            Left
       WET                             Inexperienced/not aware
       the WET                         Seasonal rain period/heavy rains
       WET BEHIND THE EARS             Inexperienced/naive
       WET DOWN                        An attempt to minimise/to make light of
       WET YOUR WHISTLE                To drink/imbibe
       WHACKED                         Exhausted/drunk/not with it
       WHACK IN                        Insert
       WHACKING GREAT                  Real big
       WHACKO (excl!)                  Great!/thank goodness
       a WHACKO                        A nutty person
       a WALER                         Australian bred cavalry horse
       WHAM                            Crash/hit/punch
       WHARFIE                         A waterside (ship) worker
       WHAT A BUMMER                   How embarassing
       WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT           Whats your problem/what did you say
       WHAT D'YOU DO FOR A CRUST       What is your regular job
       WHAT'S COOKING                  What's the latest happenings
       WHAT'S IT TO YOU!                Whats it got to do with you!
       WHAT'S THE DAMAGE                What price is it
       WHAT'S THE USE                   Why worry
       WHAT'S THE SLUG                  How much will it cost
       WHAT THE DICKENS                What the hell/ what the heck/etc.
       WHAT THE HECK                   What the hell/etc.
       WHAT THE HELL                   What the heck/etc.
       WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET    Nothing is hidden or held back
       WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE              What's wrong with it
       WHATS THE BREAK                 Whats the price or cost
       WHAT"S THE DAMAGE               How much/what's the price
       WHATS YOUR POISON               What will you have to drink
       WHAT THE DEVIL                  What the heck/what the hell/etc.
       WHAT WILL BE WILL BE            Fate
       WHAT WILL IT SET ME BACK        What will it cost me
       WHEELER-DEALER                  A person who buys and sells
       WHEELS                          A car
       a WHEELSPINNER                  One who talks a lot but does little.
       WHEN ALL IS SAID AND DONE       In the final analysis
       WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE        When things get serious
       WHEN THE CHICKENS COME HOME TO ROOST * When the truth is known
       WHERE"S THE FIRE                Whats the big hurry

      |WHERE THE CROWS FLY BACKWARDS TO| = OZ decription of dusty inland
      |KEEP THE DUST OUT OF THEIR EYES |       (bulldust areas)

       WHILEVER                        Anytime/in the event of
       a WHIMP                         A weak or cowardly person
       WHIMP OUT                       Back away/refuse to participate
       WHINGE                          Complain
       WHINGER                         Habitual complainer
       a WHIP AROUND                   An urgent compassionate collection
       WHIP "EM UP HUGHIE              Surfies appeal for larger waves
       WHIP THE CAT                    Complain/whinge/whine
       to give it a WHIRL              Give it a try or trial  
       WHISK                           Steal
       a WHISKER                       A very small margin
       WHITE ANTING                    Undermining a person, project or plan
       a WHITE ELEPHANT                Badly constructed/unworkable/" a lemon"
       a WHITE LADY                    Methylated spirits drink
       WHITE POINTER                   A shark/topless female sunbather
       WHIZ (in,out,around up etc)     Hurry........
       WHIZ BANG                       Fancy/the latest
       WHIZZO                          Exceptionally clever or good
       WHOLE BALL OF WAX               The lot
       the WHOLE BOX AND DICE          The lot/the whole set/all of it
       a WHOLE HEAP                    A lot/a great deal of
       the WHOLE HOG                   Everything
       the WHOLE KIT AND CABOODLE      The whole lot of the whole (literally)
       a WHOLE NEW BALL GAME           New event/different situation
       the WHOLE SH-BOOM               Everything/all of it/the lot
       WHOOPS-A-DAISY                  (excl.) Careful/sorry
       WHOOPSIE                        Faeces (see "shit")
       a WHOPPER                       A lie/a tall story
       WHO'S MILKING THIS CAT?         Who's telling this story?
       WHO'S ROBBING THIS COACH?       Mind your own business
       WIDE OPEN SPACES                Plenty of room/the country
       WIDGIE                          Girls style of the 1950/60's
       a WIDOWMAKER                    Dangerous job or action
       a WIGGLE ON                     To hurry/speed up/show an urgency
       a WILD CARD                     Unpredictable/entry without qualifying
       a WILD GOOSE CHASE              Pointless or false pursuit
       WILD OATS                       Young persons fancy
       WILLIE                          Penis
       the WILLIES                     Alarm/great concern/fright
       WILLY NILLY                     Random/scattered/without any order
       WILLY WILLY                     Small dustladen gusting whirlwind  
       a WIMP                          A weak or cowardly person
       a WINDBAG                       Someone who likles to hear themselves  
       to (twist)WIND UP               To end up.../to make it cease
       the (breeze)WIND UP             Scared/very cautious/fearful
       WINDOWS                         Spectacles
       a WINDY WHOOSH                  A wild swing
       a WIN DING                      Frantic celebration or party
       WING                            An arm/deal with it as it occurs  
       a WINK AND A NOD                To indicate an awarenes/weak promise 
       a WINO                          Addicted to wine
       WIPED                           Cancelled/dropped/dismissed
       WIPED LIKE A DIRTY RAG          Uncerimoniously dumped
       WIPEOUT                         To err badly/to lose all/wavedumped
       WIRED                           Ready to go/up to date
       WIRES CROSSED                   Confused/mistaken/misread/wrong
       WISDOM OF THE AGES              Stored common sense
       to GET WISE                     Become aware
       WISE AS AN OWL                  Great wisdom
       ... WITH A PUSH                 Very nearly/just about/close to
       WITHIN A BULLS ROAR             Close
       WITHIN COOEE                    Close/near/in the vicinity
       WITH IT                         In vogue/aware/cool
       WITH KNOBS ON                   With greater intensity
       WITH ME?                        Understand what I allude to?
       WITHOUT A PEEP                  Silent capitulation
       WITHOUT BENEFIT OF CLERGY       Without education/without any blessing
       WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOUR          Unbiased dispense
       WITHOUT FURTHER ADO             Immediately/now
       WIZ BANG                        The best or very latest
       a WOBBLY                        A tantrum
       WOBBYGONG                       Shark/a greedy person
       WOG                             A  migrant of Mediterranean origin
       the WOG                         A cold or flu type infection
       WOKE                            Suddenly understood/got the message
       WOKE UP                         Finally saw things clearly
       a WOMBAT                        Lumberer/slow thinker
       WONKY                           Wobbly/unsteady
       it WONT FLY                     Its unbelievable
       WONT WASH                       Wont be acceptable or believed
       a WOOLIE                        A sheep
       WOOLSHED                        Shearing shed
       the WOOLY BULL                  The penis
       a WOOLY HOOFTER                 A poofter/gay/queer
       a WOOLY WOOFTER                 A poofter/gay/queer
       WOOMERA                         Aboriginal throwing aid
       WOOP WOOP                       Far away place/the middle of nowhere
       a WOP                           Arab
       WORDS FAIL ME                   I'm speechless
       WORKED HIS FINGER TO THE BONE   Worked extremely hard
       WORK LIKE A DOG                 Heavy and dirty work
       WORK LIKE A NIGGER              Heavy and dirty thankless work
       WORK LIKE A SLAVE               Heavy and unrewarding work
       WORST NIGHTMARE                 Dreadful thought
       WOLF AT THE DOOR                Destitute
       WOMANISER                       Loves all and any women
       WOMBAT                          An ignorant or stupid person
       WONKY                           Unstable/wobbly
       WON ME                          I agree
       WORK OUT                        Exercise
       WORMING YOUR WAY                Going through life as a "yes man"
       WORSE FOR WEAR                  Not looking its best
       WOULD FREEZE THE BALLS OFF A BILLIARD TABLE = Its so cold, it.......
       WOULDNT IT?                     "Just what you'd expect"
       WOULDNT IT ROCK YOU?            "Wouldnt it make you upset?"
       WOULD KILL A BROWN DOG AT TEN FEET = Something unpleasant
       WOULDNT KNOW...FROM A FLYS ARSE Wouldnt know the first thing about it
       WOULDN'T KNOW HIM FROM ADAM     Couldn't identify him
       WOULDNT KNOW IF HIS ARSE WAS ON FIRE=He wouldnt know whats happening
       WOULDNT SAY SHIT FOR A SHILLING Well to do, well mannered person
       WOULDNT WORK IN AN IRON LUNG    Incapabable of working/wont work
       a WRAP                          to finish/the end
       a WRAP                          Laud/to recommend
       WRAPPED                         See  "Rapt"
       WRAPPED UP                      Finalised/completed/won/controlled
       WRAP IT UP                      End or finish it
       WRIGGLE ROOM                    Reasons for negotiations/room to move
       WRINGING WET                    At best
       a WRINKLY                       An old person
       WRONG SIDE OF THE BED           In a bad mood
       WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS        An unfashionable or poor area
       WROTE                           Finished/done/history/aged
       WRUNG OUT                       Mentally exhausted
       a WURLEY                        A shelter
       a WUSS                          A nervous jumpy person
       WUZ                             Whinge/complain
       WUZ OUT                         Retreat from/meekly give up

       YABBA                           Mouth
       YABBER                          To converse/idle talk
       YABBY                           Freshwater crayfish
       to YACK                         Talk/discuss/small talk
       YACKER                          Prattle/small talk
       YAKKA                           Work/effort
       YAM                             Torres Strait aborigine
       YAMMER                          Meaningless talk
       YAP                             Talk/your mouth
       a YANK                          Play/joke/leg pull/an American
       YANKING MY CHAIN                Misleading me/telling me lies
       YANK MY CHAIN                   Mislead/to try to control
       YANK TANK                       American (large) car/a V8
       YAP                             Talk/mouth
       YARN                            Talk/tell entertaining true(?)stories
       YARRA                           Mad/silly/odd
       YATTER                          Incessant talk or speech/etc...etc.
       a YAWN                          Boring/uninteresting
       YEARS YOUNG                     saying.....(denoting age)
       YELLOW MELLOW                   Quietly aging
       YENNO                           You know?
       YIPPEE                          Excited
       YIPPEE BEANS                    Wakeup  pills
       the YIPS                        The shakes/a feeling of panic or uncertainty
       YOB                             Untidy, loud ignorant person
       YOBBO                           Untidy, loud ignorant person
       YOKEL                           Country folk (nothing to do with eggs)
       YONKS                           A long period of time
       YOO HOO                         A male queer/a jeer at a queer (a gay)
       YOU BEAUT                       Great! (see also BEWDY/BEAUT)
       YOU BET                         Yes/correct
       YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN          I agree/exactly right/ it is
       YOU CANT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS      It must be one or the other
       YOU RECKON?                     Do you think so?
       YOUR BLOODS WORTH BOTTLING      Good on you/well done!/you're special
       YOU'RE ON                       Wager or challenge accepted
       YOUR NOT ROBINSON CRUSOE        Your not the only one/your not alone
       YOUR NUT                        Your head
       YOURS FOR MINE                  An even money bet
       YOU WOULDNT READ ABOUT IT       Incredible/unheard of (what came next)
       YOUZE                           You (plural!)
       YOWL                            Whinge/cry
       YUPPIE                          Young executive
       ZAC                             Sixpence (see money)
       ZAP                             Electrocute/obliterate/relocate
       ZEBRA CROSSING                  Pedestrian road markings
       ZEDS                            Snoring
       ZILCH                           Nothing
       ZIP                             Zero/quick movement
       ZIP IT                          Be quiet/shut your mouth
       ZIPPY                           Nimble/fast
       ZONK                            Swat/hit
       ZONKED                          Dead (also exhausted)
       a ZOOT SUIT                     Bad fitting or bad taste clothing
       ZOOBRICK                        Penis

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