OZspeak Q-S

QUACK Doctor (or a fake practitioner) QUEEN Effeminate male QUEENSLAND NUTS Macadamia nuts QUEEN STREET FARMER Novice farmer (as a tax deduction) QUEER Effiminate male a QUICK A fast bowler in cricket QUICK AS A WINK Very quick a QUICKIE Briefly arranged sex QUICK OFF THE MARK Quick to comprehend or comndemn,to start a QUICK QUID Illegal earnings a QUID A Pound note/Big money a QUIET ONE Drink alone/have a placid time/restful a QUITTER Someone with little drive in them QUOIT The backside R and R Rescue and resuscitation (swimming) R and R Rest and recuperation (military) RABBET ON Prattle/talk endlessly RABBIT Nitwit RABBIT FOOD Salads etc a RABBIT KILLER A blow with the side of the hand to RACE OFF To seduce RACK AND RUIN Neglected/derelict/penniless RACKED WITH Filled with/consumed by a RACKET An organised illegal business RACK OFF Go away/leave/get lost RACK UP Achieved/totalled RACY Fast/seductive/flashy RADICAL THINKER Original, extreme thinker RAFFERTY'S RULES No rules! a RAG A local newspaper to RAG To tease to RAGE A lively party/uninhibited enjoyment the RAGS Female sanitary napkins RAG TAG Unorganised the RAG TRADE Clothes making industry RAHZOO The smallest valued coin A Rajah A penile erection to RAKE IN Make profits/to accumulate to RAKE OFF Take a percentage to RAM HOME Reinforce RAIN Danger the RAINBOW AFTER THE STORM Someone who's never there when needed a RAINCOAT A condom RAINED ON Badly done by/spoiled RAINING CATS AND DOGS Heavy rain to RAISE THE ELBOW To have a beer or alcoholic drink to RAISE THE ROOF Make a lot of noise RAISED BOTH FLAGS Did it perfectly/pleased me, everyone RAISE STEAM Get excited to RAKE IT IN Make easy constant money/big profits a RANGA A redhaired person RANG A BELL Remember or recognise/ RANK To classify/an extreme the RANK & FILE Members & representatives RAN OUT OF PUFF Slowed down RAN OUT OF STEAM Became exhausted/stopped on the RAN TAN Prowling/hunting RANT AND RAVE Complain bitterly and incoherently RAN THE GAUNTLET Took a risk/faced the danger RAP Blame/a criminal charge RAP OVER THE KNUCKLES Reprimand/scold RAPT Rapturous/very happy RARING TO GO Eager to get started a RASP Sex a RASPBERRY A sound made of derision to RAT To sack or steal a RATBAG Crazy person/irrational the RAT-RACE City living to RAT ON To give someone up or betray RAT ON Betray or inform on couldnt give a RATS Couldnt care less RATSHIT Poor quality/faulty/exhausted/no good RATTING AROUND Wasting time/doing nothing constructive to RATTLE Confuse/worry RATTLED Confused/become concerned RATTLING Donating money to a cause to RATTLE THE CAN Donate or collect RATTLETRAP Dilapedated mechanicals RATTLE YOUR CHAIN Hurry up/get excited or upset RAW Inexperienced RAW DEAL Unfair treatment the RAW PRAWN Deception/misleading information/a con a RAY OF HOPE Something that could change bad luck a RAY OF SUNSHINE Something or someone endearing RAZOR EDGE Close, undecided, and dramatic RAZZLE DAZZLE Showy/pomp/spleandor/the sales pitch READ IT AND WEEP Read the results/read the true story READ BETWEEN THE LINES To see past the facade/see the real reason READ MY LIPS Hear me again READ THE RIOT ACT Lay down the laws to a REAL BEAUT Good |Depending on the a REAL BEAUT A big lie/no good | tone of voic the REAL DEAL Genuine/not a copy or fake the REAL McCOY The real thing a REAL WHITE MAN Someone beyond reproach/good hearted RECKON To form an opinion/to estimate the RED CENTRE The centre of OZ RED EYED Teary/repentant/sorry RED FACES Embarassed people RED HERRING Wrong conclusion or advice RED HOT Hard to handle RED NECK Biased, prejudiced, uneducated. RED ROVER Finished/it's all over! REEF Snatch a REEFER Drugged cigaret to REEL IN To reduce REELMAN Controls a surflifesavers rope reel REFFO New Australian/refugees (1940's -50's) REGO Registration (of a motor vehicle) REGULAR Straight/honest & reliable REIGNS SUPREME Unchallenged/widely recognised RELLIES Family and relations REST ASSURED Be advised a RETARD Mentally backward/retarded RETRO An earlier time/old style to REV UP To inspire/stimulate REVVED UP In the mood/committed/excited REVVING UP Getting in the mood/warming up to RIB Tease/goad RICE BURNER Japanese car or motorbike a bit RICH Overstated/exagerated/unfair RICHARD Dick (penis) RICHARD CRANIUM Stupid/a dick-head RIDDEN INTO THE GROUND Worn out/used to exhaustion to RIDE To torment someone RIDE THE WAVE Use the momentum/go with the flow RIDGE' True/fair dinkum RIDGEE DIDGE Genuine/true (also a... = "real Aussie") to RIG To manipulate an outcome/make happen RIGHT HAND MAN Accomlice RIGHTO OK/alright (by tone also "stop it") RIGHT ON Correct/perfect RIGHT ONTO Aware of/fully understood RIGHT UP MY ALLEY Suits me/it's my specialty RIGHT UP THERE In the same top class/among or the best RILE Irritate/anger RILED UP Angry RING Anus RING A BELL Remember it has a RING ABOUT IT It's vaguely familiar/sounds OK a RINGER Top shearer, worker/a lookalike a RING IN An imposter/fake a RINGNECK A bird/wearer of a "collar & tie" RING THE BELL Expose/reveal/score/ make pregnant RINGER Top shearer (the bellringer) a RINGER A duplicate/same as to RING YOUR BELL To please/make you happy a RIOT Funny person or situation RIP Take RIPE Vulgar/drunk/smelly/poor taste RIP INTO Go at with gusto/go at it strongly RIP OFF Overcharge/rob RIPPED Went quickly/travelled fast/sped RIPPED Drunk (also fit) RIPPER Great stuff/beaut RIP ROARING Absolute best/boisterous/great a RIP SNORTER Excellent/more than good/great RISE AND SHINE Awake and get out of bed RISE TO THE BAIT React to deliberate tease RISE TO THE OCCASION Meet demands a RISING STAR Someone showing great promise a ROADIE A takeaway a ROADMAP A plan of action/method a ROAD TRAIN Truck towing multi trailers behind a ROADHOG Thoughtless driver a ROARING TRADE Booming sales to ROAST Make fun of ROASTED Abused/berated ROBINSON CRUSOE Alone ROB PETER TO PAY PAUL Juggle money ROCK To alarm/dance/saubter ROCKET FUEL Strong drink ROCK HOPPING Rock fishing to ROCK ON Continue ROCKS Precious stones/diamonds, rubies etc. ROCKS IN YOUR HEAD (?) No brains?/stupid? to ROCK THE BOAT Cause disharmony to ROCK UP Arrive/appear/attend ROCKY Rockhampton (Qld) a ROD A gun/a cane/penis a ROGER An erect penis ROLEY POLEY Round/fat/overweight a ROLL Large amount of money/a wad/ a cache on a ROLL A winning streak to ROLL Start/go/commence ROLLED Went on/beat/beaten ROLLED HIS ARM OVER Went through the motions a ROLL IN THE HAY An intimate liason ROLLED INTO... Arrived at.... ROLLICKING Without restraint/fast paced ROLLING IN THE AISLES Laughing uncontrollably a ROLL IN THE HAY Sex a ROLL OF THE DICE A gamble/an risky move to get a ROLL ON Quicken/a lucky streak ROLLOVER Submit/surrender/give up easily a ROLLS CANARDLY An unreliable car to ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES Approach with added effort to ROLL UP YOUR SWAG Leave/die to ROLL YOUR ARM OVER Go through the motions/weak effort RON Short for .... "later on" a ROO Kangaroo A ROO BAR A bullbar to ROOK Swindle ROOS IN YOUR TOP PADDOCK Not thinking clearly ROOSTER A strutting peacock of a person/a lair ROOSTER ONE DAY, FEATHER DUSTER THE NEXT = Term to dicuss life & death ROOT A cause or source ROOT Sex ROOTED Exhausted/glued to the spot ROPEABLE Extremely angry ROPE IN Enlist/convince the ROPES The way its done RORT To take advantage of ROSE COLOURED GLASSES An optimistic view/too positive ROSY Good/feeling great ROTGUT Strong alcoholic drink ROTTEN Drunk/decayed a ROTTEN APPLE A person who gives the rest a bad name a ROTTER Despicable person ROUGH AROUND THE EDGES Unsophisticated ROUGH AS A PIGS BREKKY Disgusting ROUGH AS BAGS Crude ROUGH AS GUTS A lack of refinement/unpolished ROUGH DIAMOND Better than appearance would indicate the ROUGH END OF THE PINEAPPLE A bad deal/Badly done by/ poor luck a ROUGHIE A long odds bet/a guess ROUGHSHOD Without thought or care the ROUNDS OF THE KITCHEN Scolded/when wife berates husband a ROUGHIE At long odds/not expected to do well ROUGH IT Proceed without the usual comforts a ROUGH SPIN A bad run of luck ROUGH UP Slap around/assault ROUNDED OFF Streamlined ROUND THE BEND Gone crazy to ROUSE ON To chastise a ROUSTABOUT A shearing shed jack of all trades R.S. (Ratshit) Exhausted/broken/unworkable RUB Insult or goad the RUB The irritation/conditions/the effect the RUBBA-D-DUB The pub (hotel) RUBBED OUT Assasinated/done away with RUBBED THE WRONG WAY Handled incorrectly RUBBER STAMP Agree without thought RUB ELBOWS Mix with RUB IT IN Tease and remind of embarrasment to RUBBERNECK Slow down to observe (to peer at) to RUBBISH Criticise heavily RUBBITY DUB Pub/hotel RUB OUT Remove all traces of/assasinate RUB SHOULDERS Mix with RUB THEIR FACE IN IT Tease and remind of embarrasment a RUCKER A procurer/a supplier a RUCKUSS A huge commotion RUG A wig or hairpiece RUG UP Dress warmly RULE OF THUMB The norm/generally RULE OUT Dismiss RULE THE ROOST Be in charge, control or best RUMBLE Fight/Brawl/Altercation RUMOUR HAS IT I am told/I believe/its been said a RUMPUS A loud commotion RUMPY PUMPY Foreplay RUN A grazing property/a round a RUN-A-BALL A constant quick pace RUN ACROSS Meet up with RUN ALL OVER To easily out perform someone the RUN AROUND To be misled RUN AROUND WITH Keep company with a RUN FOR THE MONEY To closely compete with RUN FOUL OF Be at odds with/at odds with RUN HOT Perform extremely well/be lucky a RUN IN A disagreement RUN INTO Meet with RUN IT BY ME Explain it to me RUNNING DOG (desc.) someone at odds with you RUNNING HOT Busy RUNNING SCARED Someone who is worried RUN OFF AT THE MOUTH Say too much and offend a RUN OF OUTS String of setbacks RUN OF THE MILL Average RUN OUT OF PUFF Tire/become breathless RUN OUT OF STEAM Tire RUN RINGS AROUND Out does/superior/rasily beats the RUNS A gastric attack/the shits RUNS LIKE A HAIRY GOAT Runs...roughly/badly/poorly RUNS ON THE BOARD Good past performance/experienced RUNS ON THE SMELL OF AN OIL RAG Very economical RUNT Preson of small stature/child RUN THE GAUNTLET Take large risks RUN THE SHOW Be in charge RUN TO EARTH To find/flush out of hiding RUN WITH IT To accept an opinion or information a RUSH An adrenalin rush/impulsive action RUSH OF BLOOD A spur of the moment reaction RUSTY Out of practice a RUT A life pattern thats hard to change the SACK Retrenched/disposed of/also "bed" SACKED Retrenched/fired SACRED COW Something taboo to criticise a SACRIFICIAL LAMB Someone treated as expendable SADDER BUT WISER Unhappy lesson SAD SACK Habitually unhappy negative person to SADDLE WITH Pass on responsibility or encumber to SAIL CLOSE TO THE WIND To verge on unwanted meddling to SAIL THROUGH Do it easily SALT A sailor to SALT To mix with or impregnate SALT AWAY Save up/store SALT OF THE EARTH Reliable/respected/valued (person) SALUTE THE JUDGE Win SALVO Salvation Army officer or worker SAME DIFFERENCE Same thing the SAME OLD STORY Usual excuse a SANDGROPER Aussie from Western Australia. a SANDWICH SHORT OF A PICNIC A bit of a nut case SANGER Sandwich a SAP Dense or naive person 'SARVO This afternoon SASSY Brazen SAUCY Sexy SAUSAGE Penis STALK Penis a SAV A saveloy/penis SAVED BY THE BELL A last minute reprieve SAVE FACE Preserve ones ego or reputation SAVED BY THE BELL Rescued just in time SAVE YOUR BREATH Dont waste your time arguing SAVE YOUR SKIN Self preservation SAVING GRACE A compensatory displayed virtue SAVVY Understanding/know how SAWN OFF A short person or thing SAW STARS Was struck a heavy blow SAW THE LIGHT Started to believe or think clearly SAW THE WRITING ON THE WALL Saw it wasn't working out the SAY SO Authority SAY WHEN Say when to stop... or start a SCAB A strike breaker SCABBY Terrible/contemptible SCADS Heaps/plenty/massive amounts SCALE To "ride without paying the fare" SCALLYWAG Likeable, harmless sort of villain SCARCE AS HENS TEETH Rare SCARED STIFF Really scared SCARED TO DEATH Mortally terrified SCAREDY CAT Timid to cowed SCARPER Go hurriedly/move quickly/scram SCAT Go away/leave SCHEMOZZLE An unorganised mess/a farce/disarray a SCHITZO A person who "plays" both sides SCHMICK Well adorned/standing out your SCHNOZ Your nose SCHNOZLE Nose SCHOOLIE A high school student SCHOOL OF THOUGHT An opinion/a belief SCHOONER A 15oz glass of beer (NSW+?) SCONCE Heads SCONE Head SCONNED Hit on the head a SCOOP Exclusive SCOOT Go quickly/begone! SCORCHER Hot/very latest/fast/stolen SCONNED Hit over the head a SCORCHER Hot weather/fast speed to SCORE Acquire/succeed SCORED Ended up with/got/amassed SCOTT-FREE Escaped without any damage or losses a SCOUT A non offensive person to SCOUT AROUND Search for/try to find something SCRAGGY Untidy/scruffy a SCRAG Poorly dressed unkempt person SCRAM Go away/run off a SCRAP Fight/argument a SCRAPPER A fighter/persistent person a SCRAPE An altercation SCRATCH Hard earned or hard to compile money from SCRATCH The start/beginning to SCRATCH Withdraw/cancel to SCRATCH THE SURFACE Find a trace of something big SCREAM BLUE MURDER Protest vigorously a SCREAMER Magnificent/also"very funny" SCREAMINGLY Exceptionally SCREAMING TYRES Skidding tyres SCREW Sex/money/cheat/extort a SCREW LOOSE Slightly nuts SCREW TO THE WALL Push to the limits/threaten SCREWY Odd/strange a SCREWBALL Eccentric person SCREWED Duped/used/robbed/raped SCREWED UP Bungled/neurotic a SCREW LOOSE A little strange SCRIMP To go without SCRIMPY Minimal/meagre SCROUNGE To painstakenly collect the SCRUB The bush SCRUB Cancel/erase SCRUBBER Wild cattle/rough or ugly female SCRUBBY Untidy/needing maintenance badly SCRUBS UP To improve with cosmetic attention a SCRUFF An untidy person SCRUFFY Untidy SCUNGE A selfish lazy person SCUNGY Underhanded/mean SEAGULL Ships painter SEARCH ME I dont know SECCO Perverted/sexually overactive SECOND CHILDHOOD A happy, joyous uninhibited adult SECOND FIDDLE Second best/assistant to SECOND RATE Poor quality SECOND STRING Not the best/patched up combination SECOND TO NONE The best SECOND WIND A resurgence to SEE A MAN ABOUT A DOG (To indicate) a call to nature SEEING MISTER TOOHEYS (Fourex, Swan etc.) Having a beer to SEE EYE TO EYE To agree with SEE IT THROUGH To persevere to the end SEEN BETTER DAYS Not as good as it once was SEEN IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT Seen from a different perspective SEE RED Become enraged to SEE THROUGH See deception SEE THE LIGHT To fully understand SEE THE WRITING ON THE WALL To see the end is imminent SELECTION A property grant SELL A DUMMY Confused with a feign SELL LIKE HOTCAKES Sell quickly SELL OUT Betray SELL SHORT Underestimate the worth of to SEND Enthrall/excite SEND DOWN Deliver SEND HER DOWN HUGHIE Give us rain/make it rain harder SEND OFF A farewell gesture SEND PACKING Dismiss/drive off SEND UP Mimic/satirise SENSES REEL Giddy/breathless SENT DOWN Blamed for SENT IN TO BAT Chosen to represent/pushed forward to be SENT PACKING Ejected/rejected SENT UP Mimmicked to SEPARATE THE MEN FROM THE BOYS Set a hard task SEPPOE'S Short for "Septic Tank" or Yank SEPTIC TANK An American (Yank) a SERVE A severe scolding a SERVO A service (fuel) station a SESSION Drinking bout SET Accomodated/provided for/covered(bet) SET Agreed/OK a SET AGAINST A dislike for a SET BACK A drawback SET IN STONE Permanent SET OFF Start SET ON A determination/a dislike SET ON EDGE To worry someone SET ONTO To urge an attack SET STRAIGHT Explain the facts/show the errors SET THE CAT AMONG THE PIGEONS Cause trouble/show faults SET THE PACE Set the standard or speed SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT Tell the real story SET THE WHEELS IN MOTION Create a start SET THE WORLD ON FIRE Be considered brilliant SETTLE THE SCORE Revenge SETTLE UP Pay the balance debts SETTLE DOWN Get real/Behave/Come clean/get married SET TO Argument/a fight SET UP A configuration a SET UP To falsely incriminate/a trap to SET UP Organise/make financially independant SET UP SHOP Set up a business or home SET YOU BACK (?) Cost you a SEVEN DAY WONDER Something shortlived SEWN UP Mastered/controlled/completed SHABBY Poor actions or surroundings SHACK UP To share accomodation SHADES Sunglasses SHAFT Be disloyal SHAFTED Betrayed/heavilly criticised SHAG Have sex SHAGGED Had sex with/exhausted SHAGGIN' WAGGON Panel van or station waggon(vehicle) a SHAG ON A ROCK Stands out/noticeable SHAKE A LEG Hurry up/get a move on a SHAKEDOWN A scam SHAKE HANDS WITH THE UNEMPLOYED Have a piddle SHAKE IT OFF Get rid of it SHAKE IT UP Hurry up to SHAKE THE TREE Be non conforming/challenge convention SHAKING IN YOUR BOOTS Scared SHANKS'S PONY On foot/to walk SHAPE Working condition or health SHAPE UP Meet expectations/correct performance a SHARK Swindler/high interest moneylender SHARKBAIT The swimmer furthest from the shore SHARK BISCUITS Novice surfers/swim past the breakers SHARP Well dressed/impressive SHARP AS A TACK Mentally alert/quick witted to SHARPEN YOUR PENCIL Price trimming/cutting margins a SHARPIE A clever flashy person/a conman SHARPLY HIGHER Climbed higher fast SHARPLY LOWER Dropped quickly SHARK Someone who preys on other people SHARPLY DOWN Fell quickly SHARPLY UP Went up quickly SHARPSHOOTER Skilled negotiator a SHARP TONGUE A quick caustic retort SHAT OFF Disillusioned/disappointed a SHAVER A child SHEARER Barber a SHEBANG A dubious organisation a SHECKLE A (mythical?) money denomination SHED LIGHT Explain SHEEP Unthinking people/a mob of people a SHEEP SHORT IN THE TOP PADDOCK = Mentally defective SHEET ANCHOR The reliable last resort, lynch pin to SHEET IT HOME Cause realisation/to convince a SHEILA A female a SHELLACKING A severe beating to SHELL OUT Pay for SHELVED Stopped/abandoned/rested SHE'LL BE APPLES It'll be OK SHE'LL BE JAKE It'll be OK SHE'LL BE RIGHT It'll be OK SHE'LL BE SWEET It'll be OK SHEMOZZLE Mix up/disarray/an uproar SHENANNIGANS Mischief/contrary carry-on a SHERBERT A beer SHIFTY Untrustworthy SHILLY-SHALLY Procrastinate SHIMMY Scramble/climb/hurry/wiggle/a dance a SHINDIG Excitement/a celebration/an argument to SHINE Excel/stand out a SHINER A swolen or "black eye" a SHINGLE SHORT OF A ROOF A "mentally lacking" person SHINNED Climbed SHINY Baldy a SHINY ARSE Office worker ... SHIP HAS COME IN A windfall SHIP OUT Move along, away/get rid of SHIPSHAPE Tidy/neat/in place SHIRALEE Blanket roll/excess baggage SHIRT LIFTER A Gay/homosexual SHIRTY Indignant/ill tempered SHITE Shit! SHIT FOR BRAINS Stupid person SHITHEAD Repulsive person a SHITHEAP Dilapidated SHIT HIMSELF Was overcome with fright SHIT HOT Terrific SHITHOUSE Terrible to SHIT IN YOUR OWN NEST To disavantage yourself to SHIT IT IN Do it easily it SHIT ITSELF Stopped/broke down/flew to pieces a SHITKICKER "Lowly" person/a mindless follower a SHITLOAD An huge amount/unending amount a SHIT OF A THING No good/doesn't work right/hard to do to SHIT OFF To deeply annoy SHIT ON Betrayed/cheated got SHIT ON THE LIVER Irritable a SHITPUNCHER A homosexual a SHIT STIRRER A activist or troublemaker SHIT THROUGH THE EYE OF A NEEDLE = Diarrhoea SHITTY Bitter/angry/annoyed a SHITWIT An idiot a SHOCKER A very poor performance a SHOE IN A good chance/well credentialed the SHOE'S ON THE OTHER FOOT The situation is now reversed SHOESTRING Small budget/meagre outlays a SHONK Suspect or untrustworthy SHONKY Suspect or untrustworthy a SHOOFTY A scam/deserving of a close look SHOOK UP Deeply moved/upset SHOOT Ask away/what do you want to know SHOOT A WAVE Surf a wave to SHOOT DOWN IN FLAMES To expose a lie/win an argument SHOOT OFF Leave hurriedly SHOOT UP Inject drugs into yourself SHOOT THROUGH Run away/disappear/abscond/flee SHOOT YOUR MOUTH OFF Let everyone know/say too much to SHOOT YOURSELF IN THE FOOT Let slip/incriminate yourself to SHOP SOMEONE Betray them (sell out) SHORN Hair was cut SHORT AND SWEET Brief the SHORT AND CURLIES Pubic hairs SHORT ARMS AND DEEP POCKETS Doesnt like spending his own money SHORT CHANGED Not given equal or fair condiseration SHORT OF A GALLOP Not quite ready/not match fit SHORT OF THE MARK An underestimation SHORT ON..... Not having the normal or average..... SHORT-ORDER-CHEF Morgue worker. SHORT SHIFT/SHRIFT Short measure/cold shoulder a SHORT WICK Short tempered SHOT Worn out/broken/drunk a SHOT An attempt/a drink/an injection SHOT FULL OF HOLES Exposed SHOTGUN WEDDING Forced by pregnancy circumstance SHOT HIMSELF IN THE FOOT Exposed himself as a liar a SHOT IN THE ARM An injection/a boost a SHOT IN THE DARK A guess SHOT OF IT No longer interested/angered SHOT THROUGH Ran away/left/disappeared SHOULDER ARMS Stop/cease SHOULDER TO THE WHEEL Work hard/strive/do your best SHOULDER YOUR WAY Push aggressively SHOULDER RESPONSIBILITY Accept SHOUT Pay for/treat to/buy drinks for a SHOVE Sex. also=a reminder/to provoke SHOVE IT Keep it SHOVED IN THE OVEN Cremated SHOVE OFF Go away to SHOVEL SHIT A hard job or one you dont like a SHOW A chance SHOW A CLEAN PAIR OF HEALS Escape/outrun SHOW A LEG Attend/be there SHOWED HIS COLOURS Displayed his true self SHOWN A THING OR TWO To be enlightened/beat up SHOWN THE ROPES Taught the way its done SHOWN UP Exposed a SHOW OFF An exhibitionist (see "lair") a SHOW PONY Someone used for display only SHOW THE BALL Feigned/dummied SHOW UP Expose SHOW YOUR TRUE COLOURS Show your real charactor SHRAPNEL Coins/small change a SHREWDIE A smart or quick witted person/a scam SHRIMP Small/well below average size/tiny a SHRINK A psychiatrist a SHRINKING VIOLET A timid person SHUNT Get rid of SHUSH Be quiet SHUT UP Shut your mouth/be quiet SHUT YOUR BLAB Shut your mouth/stop your gossiping SHUT YOUR GAP Shut your mouth SHUT YOUR MOUTH, THE BUS IS COMING = (desc.)someones big mouth SHY OF THE NECCESSARY Short of cash a SHYSTER Deceitful person SICK AND TIRED Fed up a SICKIE A day off work (sick or not!) SICK TO DEATH Tired of/fed up with/out of patience a SIDEKICK A crony/an associate SIDEWALK SOUFFLE Someone who jumps from a tall building SIGH OF RELIEF Relieved SIGHT UNSEEN Without inspection SIGNED, SEALED AND DELIVERED The deal is done SIGN OFF Abandon/cease involvment SIGN ON Become involved/form an alliance SIK ONTO Incite an attack on someone SILENCE IS GOLDEN Its better to be silent SILLY AS A DUCK Harmlessly dumb SILLY AS A TWO BOB WATCH Silly person or idea SILLYBUGGERS Silly behaviour or responses THE SILLY SEASON Holidays/festive times a SILVERBACK One hundred pounds note(old currency) SILVERTAIL Upperclas/rich SIN BIN Youths fitted out panel van SINCE ADAM WAS A BOY For a very long time SING Admit/talk freely SING A DIFFERENT TUNE Sudden change of mind SINK To drink/stop/undermine SINK A COUPLE/FEW Have a couple of drinks SINK IN Become aware/comprehend SINK THE BOOT IN Kick/uneccessary harshness or violence SINK THE FANG IN Attack SINK THE SLIPPER Kick/rub salt into the wound SINK THE SAUSAGE/SAV Have sex SINK YOUR TEETH INTO IT Become heavilly involved SIN SUCKER Priest SISSY Effeminate or weak person SIT IN Be a spectator only SIT IT OUT To bide your time/to wait SIT ON Hold back SIT ON THE FENCE Be neutral SIT OUT Play no part/be there at the end SIT PAT Stay firm a SITTER A certainty/also an easy task SIT TIGHT Stay where you are a SITTING DUCK An easy target SITTING ON YOUR HANDS Doing nothing/inactive SITTING PRETTY In a comfortable position is SIX OF ONE,HALF DOZEN THE OTHER = Either/the same/cant decide at SIXES AND SEVENS Undecided/confused SIX FEET UNDER Dead and buried SIZE IT UP To evaluate something to SKATE ON THIN ICE To do something risky SKEDADDLE Leave with haste SKELETON IN THE CLOSET Past indiscretion a SKERRICK A very tiny piece or part SKEW WHIFF Out of balance/not working smoothly a SKID LID A crash helmet hit the SKIDS Put the brakes on put the SKIDS ON Apply the brakes SKIM To take small amounts of money SKIMPT Short of money SKIM THE CREAM OFF Take the best or easiest part SKIN Take from SKIN AND BONE Very thin a SKIN FULL Too much to drink/drunk the SKINNY The bare facts/straight to the point SKINT Short of money SKIP Run away/disappear SKIPPIES What some immigrants call Dinki Di Aussies SKIRT Women SKITE Show off/boast SKITSO Split personality/paranoid SKOL Drink (all) quickly a SLAB Morgue accomodation a SLAB Thick slice/a carton of cans a SLACK-ARSE An extremely lazy unco-operative person a SLACKER A loafer/cant be relied on/lazy person SLAG A bad reputation/no class/a whore SLAM Drink without pause/in one gulp SLAM (verbal) Critise SLAM INTO Collide with/hit/punch SLAMMED Well beaten/jumped on/critised the SLAMMER Gaol (Jail)/an enclosure SLAP BANG Absolutely/exactly SLAPDASH Careless/thoughtless/sloppy SLAPSTICK Very animated and loud comedy SLAP WITH .... Hit with ..... a SLAP IN THE FACE A disappointment/an insult a SLAP ON THE BACK Congratulations/encouragement have a SLAP UP... Lavish/in great celebratory style to SLAPUP Do quickly rather than properly a SLANGING MATCH An abusive exchange SLASHING Beautiful/desirable a SLAVE DRIVER A hard taskmaster to SLAY THEM Successfuly entertain to SLEEP IT OFF Sleep till alcohol wears off to SLEEP ON IT Think about it a SLEEPOUT The enclosed part of a verandah SLEEZE Low moral activity SLEPT LIKE A BABY Slept soundly SLEPT LIKE A LOG Slept soundly SLICK Smooth talker/oily character a SLIME A despicable person a SLING A bribe SLING MUD Cast aspersions at SLING OFF AT Deride/make fun of SLIP To go/quietly leave SLIP INTO To don/commence/hurry up a SLIP OF THE TONGUE A mix up of statement or words to SLIP OVER Go to/come to SLIP UP Make a mistake/err SLIPPED A MICKEY Given a stupifying drink/ a bad deal SLIPPED INTO Attack the SLIPPER The boot SLIPPERY (Charactor) Elusive/unpredictable/cunning/a trickster SLIPRAILS Gate rails that slide a SLOB Untidy, sloppy or unkempt person a SLOG Aussie soldier a SLOG A drawn out effort to SLOG To hit/a wild hitout a SLOMO A slow or stupid person a SLOPE Oriental or Asian person SLOPS Poor quality alcohol/flat beer SLOSHED Drunk SLOT IN Assimilate/become part of/fit in a SLOUCH A lazy idle person SLOW OFF THE MARK Poor comprehension SLOW ON THE UPTAKE Poor comprehension to SLUG Hit/a blow/a high levy or charge a SLUG A measure of alcohol/a drink SLUGGED A monetary charge/a blow a SLUGGER Steady and durable/tough to SLUM IT To experience sub standard conditions SLY GROG Illegal liquor a SMACKER A dollar/your mouth to SMACK OF To indicate/infer/seem SMALL FORTUNE A lot of money SMALL FRY A child/insignificant SMALL MINDED Narrow mind/have no insight SMALL POTATOES Insignificant things SMALL WORLD exclamation...of possibility SMARMY False politeness/slimy SMART ALEC A half smart braggart SMART COOKIE A clever person the SMART MONEY Informed wager or purchase SMASHED Drunk/beaten up SMASHING Exceptional/attractive/beautiful SMELL A RAT Suspect something a SMIDGEON Smallest quantity SMITHEREENS Manyt tiny pieces SMOKED Killed/got rid of SMOKED OUT Exposed a SMOKESCREEN A ruse/a distraction/a facade SMOKO A short rest or refreshment break a SMOKEY A secret/disguised/hidden/arguable SMOOCH Kiss SMOODGE To patronise SMOOTH AS ANYTHING Uncomplicated SMOOTH AS SILK The smoothest to SMUDGE Squash/crush SNACKEROOS Random meals SNAFFLE Grab/dubiously acquire SNAG A sausage/(also a problem or a catch) SNAIL PACE Extremely slow SNAKE IN THE GRASS Furtive/untrustworthy person SNAKE JUICE Strong drink SNAKEY Angry/offended a SNAP Easy to SNAP HIS HEAD OFF React angrily SNAP INTO IT Get busy SNAP OUT OF IT Wake up/come back to reality SNAPPY Cranky/beligerant SNAPPY DRESSER Extra noticable to flashy dresser a SNARL ON Down on/not happy with SNATCH Female/vagina SNAZZY Attractive/admirable a SNEEZO Disgusting person SNEEZE AT Scorn a SNIFF A sample/a hint/a small chance SNIFTER Excellent SNIFTY Good a SNIP A haircut SNIPPED Circumcised or spayed SNITCH Betray/expose SNIVEL DRIVEL Cowardly excuses SNOOKERED Exhausted/beaten/checkmated SNOOTY Snobby/aloof a SNORT A small drink (spirits etc) SNOTTED Overwhelmed/done away with SNOUT Nose SNOUT IN THE TROUGH Illegal acquisition of funds to SNOW To dupe a SNOWDROPPER Clothesline underwear thief SNOWED UNDER Overwhelmed a SNOW JOB Duped/a cover up SNOW WHITE Pure/innocent/beyond reproach SNOWY Nickname for fair haired (or any)male SNOZ Nose SNOZZLE Nose SNUCK Crept/sneaked/arrived unheralded to SNUFF IT Die/stop/cease operating SNUG AS A BUG (IN A RUG) Very comfortable a SOAK A regular drinker/a drunkard a SOAP Unhygenic person to SOCK Hit/whack to SOCK AWAY Save/hoard SO FAR SO GOOD OK so far SOFT ON Treats favourably SOFTLY SOFTLY A concilliatry or careful approach SOFT PEDDLE Lessen the impact/tone down SOLD A PUP Fooled/convinced otherwise SOLDIER ON Keep going SOLDIER SETTLEMENT An ex soldiers property grant SOLD OUT Betrayed SO LONG Good bye SOME COME ON Verbal or physical "enlightenment" SOMETHING BREWING A happening is iminent SOMETHING OUT OF THE BAG Exceptional/stands out SOMETHING THE CAT DRAGGED IN Untidy/dishevelled SOMETHING TO FALL BACK ON Savings/a reserve cache a SONG AND DANCE An uproar about little SOUND OFF Complain loudly SOOK Oversensitive or weak person SOOL ON Encourage/incite to attack SORE Offended SORRY STATE OF AFFAIRS Poor form a SORT A female/"sheila" SORT OF Similar to SORT OUT To force an agreement or compliance SOS Call for help SO SO Mediocre or average SOUNDLY BEATEN Easily beaten to SOUND OUT Get an opinion SOUP Murky water/surfwave wash SOUPED UP Greatly increased power SOUR GRAPES Jealousy/envy SOUTH Down SOUTHERLY BUSTER Sudden strong wind or storm SOUTHERN AURORA Train service/Terra Australis lights SOUTHERN CROSS Star constellation on OZ flag SOUTHPAW Left handed/out of step to SOW YOUR OATS Sexual and other excesses of youth SOZZLED Inebriated/drunk a SPAG An Italion a SPACKO A restricted person a SPADE Coloured person a SPADE IS A SPADE (desc.) Tell it the way it is SPAG Itallion/spaghetti SPAG BOG Italion food a SPANNER IN THE WORKS A spoiling action/cause trouble SPARE THE ROD Dont punishment even when warranted SPARKIE Electrician SPARKING ON ALL FOURS Fit and well and ready for action SPARKS Tension/(also)hormones SPARKS Electrician SPARRING PARTNER One who gives stimulating argument at SPARROWS Dawn/first thing/early a SPAT Minor disagreement SPAT THE DUMMY Lost temper/a rash, negative action SPAZ Uncoordinated and illogical/stupid a SPAZZO Drunk or disfunctional S. P. BOOKIE Illegal SP bookmaker (offtrack) SPEAK OF THE DEVIL! Said when the subject person arrives a SPEED MERCHANT Someone who drives too fast SPEEDO'S Swimming costumes a SPEEDSTER Someone who drives fast SPEED TRAP Police surveyed stretch of road SPEND A PENNY Use the bathroom or toilet SPEND LIKE WATER Waste money/spend big SPEW Throw up/vomit SPEWING Angry SPIEL Sales pitch/firm opinion SPIFFY Trendy/appealing to SPIFLICATE Beat up/make unsteady SPIFLICATED Drunk/groggy SPIKE Add stupifying ingredients SPILL IT Tell all/to disclose SPILL THE BEANS Disclose/admit/tell/repeat SPILL YOUR GUTS Tell all/a detailed disclosure a SPIN Go for a drive or ride SPIN A slanted view/sales pitch SPINEBASHER Lazy inactive person SPIT A few drops of rain SPIT AND POLISH Effort/spic 'n span SPIT CHIPS Very angry SPIT IT OUT Say it/tell me/explain SPIT THE DUMMY Lose temper or make negative decision SPITTING CHIPS Really upset or angry SPITTING IMAGE A duplicate/very much alike SPLASH OUT A spending spree/impulsive purchase SPLASH THE BOOTS Have a piddle/urinate SPLICED Married SPLIT Leave/exit/flee SPLIT Share SPLIT DECISION A closely voted decision SPLIT HAIRS Argue the smallest points SPLOSHED Drunk to SPOIL Pamper to SPOIL FOR Eager SPOILSPORT Spoils the fun of others SPONDOOLY Money/wealth a SPONGER One who lives off others SPORT Nickname (unknown real name!) a SPOT A small part/place/to sight/$100 to SPOT Loan ("Spot me $20?")/to observe SPOT ON Correct/exactly/I agree! a SPOUT Male penis to SPOUT Make a statement a SPRAY A verbal tirade SPREAD IT THICK Embellish the details/exagerate SPRIGHTLY Lively SPRING Release/rescue/find/expose/catch a SPRING CHICKEN A youngster/naive/inexperienced to SPRING IT ON SOMEONE To surprise SPRING TO LIFE Sudden action SPRUIK Talk loudly/push an opinion SPRUNG Exposed/caught out + bailed out/freed SPUD Potato SPUNK Male semin/male drive/macho a SPUNK Handsome or attractive male SPUN OUT Lost control/panicked/distraught to be SQUARE To be honest/fair/trusted a SQUARE A dowdy person/uncool/not "with it" SQUARED AWAY Saved up/hidden away SQUARE OFF Apologise/sort things out SQUARED OFF Faced off/stood ready to engage SQUARE MEAL A satisfying, healthy, filling meal SQUARE UP Apologise/make peace SQUARE WITH Kept up with/kept promise SQUATTER Early grazier or staion owner to SQUAWK Voice complaint SQUEAKY WHEEL A constant complainer SQUEAL Betray a confidence SQUEEZE Female romantic partner a SQUIB A coward/to renege SQUILLIONS Lots/many/a huge amount of money a SQUINT To look (also an Asian person) SQUIRREL AWAY To hoard away SQUISH Squash/squeeze SQUIRT Small/of short stature a SQUIZ A look or peek at a STAB A guess a STAB IN THE BACK A betrayal/treachery a STAB IN THE DARK A wild guess a STACK A great deal of/plenty/many to STACK Crash STACKED Built up/crash/an engineered vote to STACK IT ON Embellish the facts/exagerate to STACK ON To start something a STALLION SHORT OF A STUD Useless STACK UP Do as expected/to be genuine a STALK Penis a STAND AROUND An inactive person/an extra a STAND BACK One uncommitted or unreliable STAND DOWN Cease aggression/relax a STANDER A survivor/a truth/an erection STAND FAST To be resolute STAND IN In lieu of/a lookalike a STAND OFF A stalemate STAND OFFISH Aloof STAND ON YOUR DIG Be resolute STAND ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET Be independant STAND OUT To be plainly visible/pronounced STANDOVER MAN Bully STAND PAT Require nothing else STAND UP To state one's mind STAND UP Not meet with as arranged to STAND YOU IN GOOD STEAD Something useful for later STARCH Courage/formality STARED DAGGERS Looked at with aggravation STARED DOWN Looked at with contempt a STAR ITEM A most important thing STARKERS Nude/undressed STARRY EYED Impractical/a dreamer STARTERS ORDERS Under instructions START FROM SCRATCH From the beginning STARTERS For a start/for one thing START THE BALL ROLLING Begin STASH Hoard/stockpile/to hide away a STASH A treasure/a stockpile a STATION Outback grazing property/a ranch a STATION HAND Station worker (cowboy, cook etc.) a STEAL An opportunistic bargain/ STEAL A MARCH Early start/beat to the punch (lit.) STEAM Cheap wine STEAMED UP Angry my STEED My car/motorbike/boat etc (horse) a STEP FORWARD A positive action STEP IN Intervene to STEP IN IT Make a wrong move STEP ON IT Hurry/go faster a STERNER A disgusting person (an arsehole) a STEW Confusing situation/disorganised STEW Boil mentally/mull over angrily STEWED Drunk STICK Stay/persevere with cop/take/STICK To be teased/be goaded/be jibed at STICK AT IT Continue your efforts/persevere a STICKING POINT An unresolved contention a STICK IN THE MUD Unadventurous/set in their ways STICK IT Keep it! a STICKLER To have a fetish for... it STICKS IN YOUR CRAW A lingering objection it STICKS IN YOUR THROAT Something you find hard to accept STICKS OUT LIKE DOGS BALLS Prominent/obvious to STICK TO Remain resolute/be loyal it will STICK TO YOUR RIBS Good wholesome filling food to STICK UP FOR Defend a STICKY BEAK A busybody/inquisitive person a STICKY END Unpleasant or violent death STICK YOUR BIB IN Interfere/become involved STICK YOUR NECK OUT Risky or hasty support or statements STICKY WICKET Delicate or embarrasing situation STIFF Bad luck/formal/strong(drink) a STIFF A dead body/penis erection STIFF BICKIES Bad luck/too bad! STIFF CHEDDAR Bad luck/too bad! STILL KICKING Alive/not dead yet! STILL WATERS Quiet person or peaceful place STILL WATERS RUN DEEP Quiet people are deep thinkers a STINK A bitter complaint/trouble STINGY Mean and miserly a STINK A scandal/commotion/argument a STINKER An unpleasant person or situation STINKING Grossly/extremely/unpleasantly STINT Time served in something STIR Jail/Gaol a STIR An upset/commotion/surprise a STIRRER A villainous person or troublemaker STIR THE POSSUM Raise ire/create mayhem STIR UP Re kindle/propagate trouble STITCHED UP Deceived/hoodwinked/tied up STOCK Sheep/cattle/horses (general) a STOCKWHIP Roundup whip STOKED Excited/happy/pleased STOCKYARDS Cattle yards STOKED Elated/extremely satisfied STOMPED Badly beaten/walked over/kicked down STONE BROKE No money at all STONE COLD Unconscious/dead STONED Drunk STONED OUT Drugged a STONES THROW A short distance STONKERED Baffled/foiled/exhausted/drunk STONE THE CROWS (an exclamation) STONEWALL Withhold/change the subject STONKERED Exhausted/at a loss/dead STONY BROKE No money STOOD DOWN Resigned/retrenched STOOD TO Stopped STOOD UP Prior arranged meeting not kept STOOKERED Exhausted/broken to STOP ONE Take a hit, punch, bullet etc STOP THE CAMERAS Stop looking STOP THE CLOCK Hold everything STOP THE ROT Reverse a bad trend STOP THE TRAFFIC Just a moment/get attention STORE BOUGHT Normal make STORKED Had sex/pregnant a STORM IN A TEACUP much ado about little STOUCHE ....see "stoush" STOUSH A punch up/fight/heavy argument STRAIGHT Normal orientation/honest/heterosexual a STRAIGHT BAT A parry/calmness/defensive/non commital STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH From the "source" STRAIGHT FROM THE JOCKEYS MOUTH From the "source" the STRAIGHT & NARROW The honest, civilsed, legal way STRAIGHT UP Honest and open STRANGLE A DARKIE To defecate STRAPPED Short of..../little in reserve STRAPPING Large and fit/impressive STRAP UP To qualify/be capable STREAKY Adequate but imperfect STREETS AHEAD The best by far a STREETWALKER A prostitute STREETWISE Aware of life on the streets STRETCH Nickname for tall people/term in prison the STRENGTH OF IT The point conveyed/the detail STREWTH Exclamation STRIDES Trousers/pants/stages of progression STRIFE Big trouble STRIKE A BLOW Make an effort of support/to labor to STRIKE A CHORD Seem familiar STRIKE A LIGHT (exclamation) STRIKE ME ARRAY (exclamation) STRIKE ME LUCKY (exclamation) to STRIKE PAYDIRT Find success/riches STRINE Oz slang or pronunciation STRING UP Hanged/hold up to ridicule STRIP Uniform colours/an area/undress STRING ALONG Led to believe otherwise/to hoodwink STRING ALONG Go along with/accompany to have STRINGS ATTACHED To be conditional to STRONG ARM Force/strongly pursue STROPPY Ill tempered/on edge STRUCK A BLOW Made an effort STRUCK A MORTAL BLOW Delivered a serious blow a STRUGGLER The working class STRUGGLE STREET Where money is scarce & pleasures few STRUGGLE VALLEY Down there with the workers STRUNG OUT Stressed STRUNG UP Hung/held out to ridicule STRUTH Exclamation (OZ) STUBBIES Shorts a STUBBY A 375ml bottle of beer STUCK Needing help/set ways STUCK Stabbed/jabbed STUCK WITH Burdened by/loyal to STUCK UP Conceited/snobby to STUFF To render inoperable STUFF AROUND Waste time doing little STUFFED Exhausted a STUFFED SHIRT Pompous person a STUFF UP A bungle/complete mess a STUMBLEBUM Clumsy person STUMPED To have no answer STUMPS The finish, end, death to STUMP UP To pay for STUMPY Short and thick STUNG Drunk/cost/overcharged a STUNNER Beautiful STYMIED Exhausted/foiled a SUCKHOLE One who flatters or grovels SUCKED IN Fooled/deceived/swindled a SUCKER Easily deceived or naive person SUCK IT IN Accept and get on with it it SUCKS It stinks/its terrible to SUCK UP To ingratiate yourself to someone SUDS Beer SUGAR Affectionate female nickname/a kiss/money SUITS Authoritarian types wearing suits SUNDOWNER He arrives after the hard work is done/tramp SUNNIES Sunglasses SUN SHOWER Rain without it being overcast SUP Drink SUPER DUPER The biggest and best SURE AS EGGS Nothing could be more certain SURE COP Certain profit SURE THING Certain winner/a whore SURFY Beach activated person SUSS Suspect SUSS OUT Investigate/enquire a SWAG A great deal of/many SWAG Blanket roll containing all possessions/lots SWAGGIE Lives "on the road"(U.S="hobo") SWAGMAN On the road drifter with no home(U.S=hobo) to SWALLOW Believe/be convinced of something SWALLOWED A WATERMELON Pregnant to SWAMP Overpower SWANK Posh/expensive/high class SWEAT Work/worry SWEAT IT Anxiously await an occurrence or result to SWEAT ON Anxiously await a certain occurrence SWEET Yes/good/agreed SWEET COP An easy job/fair enough SWEET F.A. Nothing SWEETIE Someone endearing/an affectionate nickname SWEET ON Fond of/likes a SWEETENER A bribe/bonus/incentive to SWEET TALK To flatter for personal gain SWEPT UNDER THE CARPET Covered up/concealed a SWIFTIE A ruse/a clever scam a SWIG A drink SWIMMERS swimming costumes to go SWIMMINGLY Smoothly/in a controlled manner SWING Throw a punch/hang/to manipulate to SWING BY Go to/call in/visit SWINGER Non aligned/trendy/in tune person SWIPE Take/steal/punch take a SWIPE at Strike at/criticised SWISH High class/upmarket/evident quality SWITCHED ON Alert/aware/active/keen SWORD Penis SWORE BLACK AND BLUE Had absolute belief SWY Game of two-up/two... SYDNEY OR THE BUSH All or nothing/a long odds bet SYPHON THE PYTHON Urinate (male) the SYSTEM The rules Continued ozspeak. t-z file

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