OZspeak N-P
       NACKERED                        Exhausted
       NAIL                            Catch out/to beat/expose
       a NAIL                          A cigarette
       NAIL BITING                     Suspenseful
       NAILED                          Caught out/well beaten
       to NAIL IT                      To perform perfectly
       NAIL ONE                        A perfect performance
       the NAKED TRUTH                 The open & bare truth
       NAMBY - PAMBY                   Mummies boy/effeminate ways
       a NANA                          Banana
       a NANCY BOY                     Mummies boy/effeminate male
       a NARK                          A spoiler/a bad sport/an informer
       NASHO                           National serviceman conscript
       NASTY PIECE OF WORK             Dangerouse thing
       NATTER                          Talk or discussion
       NATTIEST                        Very cleverest/fascinatingly good
       NATTY                           Clever/impressive/Fascinating
       a NAUGHTY                       Sex
       NEAR MISS                       Close call
       NEAT                            Clever
       NEAT AS A PIN                   Very tidy
       NECESSARY EVIL                  Required
       NECK                            Cuddle and kiss
       NECK AND CROP                   Completely
       NECK A TINNIE                   Drink a can (of beer)
       my/your NECK OF THE WOODS       Where I/you/we/they are right now
       NECTOR OF THE GODS              Any fancied drink
       the NEDDIES                     The horses or races
       to NEEDLE                       Goad/chide
       NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK            One amongst a great many
       a NEDDY                         A horse
       to NEED YOUR HEAD READ          Be foolish
       my NEIGHBOUR                    Anyone within 100 kilometres
       NEITHER FISH NOR FOWL           Not one thing or the other
       NELLY                           Cheap wine
       NERD                            Typical sterotype odd person
       NEVER A DULL MOMENT             Always interesting or fun
       the NEVER NEVER                 Extreme outback country of Australia
       NEVER SAY DIE                   Dont give up\keep going or trying
       NEW CHUM                        A recently arrived pommie
       NEW FANGLED                     A unfamiliar invention, method or discovery
       NICE ONE                        Good move/cynical = "thanks for nothing!"
       NICK..(off,out,over..)          Go.....
       NICK                            Steal/scratch/cheap/a state or condition
       NICKERS                         Female panties
       NICK OFF                        On your way
       NIFTY                           Clever and useful
       NIGGLE                          Small constant worry
       NINCOMPOOP                      No brains
       a NING NONG                     Naively stupid
       a NINNY                         A weak or easily put off person
       NIP                             Japanese
       NIP                             Borrow
       NIP AND TUCK                    Adjustment
       NIP IT IN THE BUD               Put an end to it
       NIPPED IN THE BUD               Ended before fully realised or grown
       A NIPPER                        Child
       NIPPY                           Quick
       a NIT                           A stupid person
       NIT PICK                        Be negative
       NITS                            Headlice
       the NITTY GRITTY                The workings/the very basics
       NITWIT                          Stupid person
       NIX                             Zero/nothing
       NOAH'S ARK                      Shark
       a NOB                           A small part/one who has influence
       NOBBLE                          Impede 
       NO BONES                        No argument/no doubt
       NO CHANCE                       Not likely
       a NOD                           A short sleep
       the NOD                         Approval/selection/the OK
       NO DICE                         Not likely/failure
       NODDY                           Agrees with anyone/sleepy
       NO DICE                         Not likely/failure
       NO DRAMA                        Don't worry 
       NO EFFORT SPARED                Tried everything
       NO FEAR                         Not possible/absolutely not
       NO FLIES ON HIM                 He's not silly/he knows whats going on
       NOGGY'S                         Vietnamese
       NOGGIN                          Your head/a measure or glass of beer
       NO GREAT SHAKES                 Not what you'd expect/not real good
       NO HOPER                        A good for nothing
       NO LEGS                         No stamina/no substance/exhaustion
       NO LOVE LOST                    Neither has respect for the other
       NO MANS LAND                    Useless or too remote country
       NONE OF YOUR LIP                Dont be cheeky
       NONE THE WISER                  Found nothing more
       NONE THE WORSE FOR WEAR         OK/uninjured/unbroken
       a NONG                          Uneducated or dumb person
       your NOODLE                     Your head
       a NOOK                          Sex
       NO PAIN NO GAIN                 No effort or risk, no wages or reward
       NO POT TO PISS IN               Extremely poor
       NO PROBLEM                      Its OK/its not a problem
       NORKS                           Breasts
       NORTH                           Up
       NORTH AND SOUTH                 Mouth
       NOSE AROUND                     Be inquisiutive        
       the NOSEBAG                     A meal/eating
       NOSED THE BOTTOM                Desperate/tried anything
       NOSE TO THE GRINDSTONE          Work hard
       NOSEY                           Disrespect the privacy of others
       NOSH                            Eat/dine/food
       NO SHIT                         Really?
       NO SHIT                         No fiddling/no messing around
       NO SOONER DID/HAD/WAS           As soon as
       NO SOONER SAID THAN DONE        Its that easy to do/Your wish is mine
       NO STONE UNTURNED               Thorough search
       NO SWEAT                        No problem/easy
       NOT A SAUSAGE                   Nothing/nil/zilch/nada/none
       NOT BAD                         OK/good/acceptable
       NOT BAD AT ALL                  Excellent
       NOT BAD ON THE OPTICS           Appealing/Attractive
       NOTHING FOR THAT                That doesn't interest me at all
       NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN       Absolutely nothing new
       NOTHING UP TOP                  Stupid
       NOT IN A MILLION YEARS          Never
       NOT IN MY BACK YARD             It wont happen here
       NOT IN THE HUNT                 Has no clue or chance of succeeding
       NOT IN THE LEAST                No/not at all/untrue
       NOT IN THE RACE                 No chance of success
       NOT MUCH CHOP                   Of little importance or value
       NOT ON                          Not acceptable/wrong/impossible
       NOT ON YOUR NELLIE              Not likely
       NOT PLAYING WITH A FULL DECK    Not up with it/not honest/crazy
       >>> NOT ROBINSON CRUSO          ... not alone
       NOT THE FULL BOTTLE             Not very intelligent/stupid
       NOT THE FULL QUID               Not very clever/stupid
       NOTHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUT     Ordinary/mundane/lacklustre
       NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT        Better now
       NOT TO BE OUTDONE               Not to be beaten
       NOT TOO FLASH                   Not too good/unwell
       NOT TOO SHABBY                  Pretty good/acceptable
       NOT WHAT ITS CRACKED UP TO BE   Not as good as it's said to be
       NOT WITHIN A BULLS ROAR         Nowhere near/not even close
       NOT WITHIN COO-EE               Nowhere near/not even close
       NOT WORTH A BUMPER              Useless/worthless
       NOT WORTH A CRACKER             Useless/worthless
       NOT WORTH A CRUMPET             Worthless
       NOT WORTH A NOB OF GOATSHIT     Useless/no value at all/beyond repair
       NOUSE                           Knowledge/experience
       NO WORRIES                      Good/agreed/it will be OK
       NUDDY                           Nude
       a NUDGE                         Sex
       to NUDGE                        Prompt/remind/steer
       NUDGING                         Close to/not quite
       NUGGETS                         Revered items
       NUGGETY                         Stoutly built
       a NULLA NULLA                   Aboriginal club
       NUMBER CRUNCHING                Making statistic figures suit
       NUMBER ONE                      Ones self/the best/above all
       NUMBSKULL                       Low intellect/stupid
       NUMB UP                         Confess/acclimatise
       NUNGA                           Aboriginal
       NUNGERS                         Breasts
       a NUT                           A crazy person
       the NUT                         Your head/intelligence
       to NUT OUT                      Solve
       NUTS                            Crazy/also = testicles
       NUTS AND BOLTS                  The workings/the basics
       a NUTTER                        Silly person, thought or or action
       NUTTY AS A FRUITCAKE            Silly
       NYOONGAH                        Aboriginal

       OBSTROPOLOUS                    Contrary/Argumentive (obstreperous)
       OCKER (pron...OKKA)             Australiana/an Aussie battler
       ODDBALL                         Unusual
       OFF                             Bad/ill/sick/disgusting/askew/rancid
       OFF COLOUR                      An unwell feeling/uncomfortable
       OFFER A HAND                    Offer help/offer friendship or peace
       to OFFER OUT                    To challenge/demand satisfaction
       OFF HIS BIKE                    Angry
       OFF HIS FACE                    Enraged/Intensly worried/drunk
       OFF HIS PAN                     Enraged/worried
       OFF HIS ROCKER                  Nuts/crazy/incensed
       OFF HIS TREE                    Out of his mind
       OFF LIK A BRIDES NIGHTY         Left very quickly
       OFF LIKE A BUCKET OF PRAWNS     Away quickly/stormed away
       OFFSIDER                        Accomplice/assistant
       OFF THE BEATEN TRACK            Away from the usual routes
       OFF THE BLOCKS                  From the start
       OFF THE BOIL                    Below peak performance
       OFF THE CUFF                    An estimate/a guess
       OFF THE HOOK                    Ex stock/readymade
       OFF THE HOOK                    Cleared/exonerated/released from doubt
       OFF THE MARK                    Not on target/a wrong assumption
       OFF THE PACE                    Slower than others/behind schedule
       OFF THE PLANET                  Not thinking straight or logically
       OFF THE RAILS                   Gone wrong/away from normal
       OFF THE STATION                 Not attuned to the situation
       OFF THE WAGON                   Restarted the habit
       OFF THE WALL                    Not the truth
       OFF THEY WENT                   They left
       OFF WITH THE PIXIES             In dreamland
       OFF YOUR QUOIT                  Stand up
       OFF YOUR ROCKER                 Crazy
       to OIL                          Make a situation or task easier/explain
       Oiled                           Intoxicated/well connected
       OK                              All is well
       OLD BASTARD                     Term of endearment for friend
       the OLD BOY                     Father/boss (also penis)
       the OLD COUNTRY                 England
       the OLD DART                    England
       OLD FELLER                      Penis
       the OLD GIRL                    Wife
       an OLD HAND                     Experienced person
       OLD HAT                         Old fashioned/well known
       the OLDIES                      Parents/old people
       OLD FLAME                       Ex lover
       the OLD LADY                    Mother
       the OLD MAN                     Husband/my father/the boss
       where OLD MEETS NEW             The border/middle/centre
       OLDER AND WISER                 Worldly/experienced/
       OLD WOMAN                       Fumbling, slow, indecisive person
       the OLD WOMAN                   Wife/my mother
       an OLIVE BRANCH                 A peace offering/an appeasement
       what's he ON ABOUT?             What's he implying?/what's his agenda?
       ON A GOOD WICKET                Is doing well/has a good income
       ON A KNIFE EDGE                 At a critical point/extremely close
       ON A PROMISE                    A feeling you may get sex
       ON A ROLL                       Continuing good luck or good form
       ONCE IN A BLUE MOON             Not very often
       the ONCE OVER                   A quick look at/to examine
       ON DECK                         On duty/available
       ONE ARMED BANDIT                A gaming (poker) machine
       ONE BORN EVERY MINUTE           (rel. to) a fool/idiot
       ON EDGE                         Nervouse/excitedly expectant
       ONE EYED                        To show favour/unfair
       ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE           Extreme age
       ONE FOR THE ROAD                One last drink
       ONE IN A MILLION                Unique/stands out
       ONE IN THE CHAMBER              Pregnant(also = a fanatic)
       ONE OUT                         Face to face and one on one
       ON FIRE                         In good form/extremely fortunate
       ON FOR YOUNG AND OLD            Bedlam/complete disorder/turmoil
       ON HIS GAME                     In good form
       ON HIS HAMMER                   Closely following/in pursuit       
       ON HOLD                         Temporarily stopped
       an ONION                        Female with multiple sex partners
       your ONION                      Head
       ONKAPARINGAS                    Fingers
       ONLY GAME IN TOWN               (rel to) popular activity
       ONLY TO BE MET.....             Sudden reversal
       ON ME                           I will pay for it (my shout!)
       ON MY PLATE                     Needing my attention/in mind
       ON PACE                         On schedule/abreast of
       ON SONG                         On target/as planned or expected
       ON TAP                          Available
       ON THE BACKBURNER               Temporarily stored away
       ON THE BALL                     Alert
       ON THE BANDWAGON                To run just with the winners
       ON THE BIKE                     On the run/fleeing
       ON THE BLINK                    Broken down/stopped/non existant
       ON THE BOIL                     Having successes/performing well
       ON THE BORDER                   Neither side
       ON THE BUGLE                    Unpleasant/bad smell
       ON THE CARDS                    Likely/expected
       ON THE CARPET                   In trouble for/accused/berated over
       ON THE EDGE                     Nervous/edgy/risky feeling
       ON THE FANG                     Eating
       ON THE FENCE                    Non aligned
       ON THE FIDDLE                   Taking bribes/stealing
       ON THE FLY                      Effortlessly/with apparent ease
       ON THE FRONT BURNER             Of top priority
       ON THE GO                       Busy/on the move/proceeding
       ON THE HOP                      Busy
       ON THE KNOCKER                  Promptly/exactly/on time/correct
       ON THE LAMB                     In hiding
       ON THE LEVEL                    Honest/sincere
       ON THE LINE                     A risk/frank speech
       ON THE MAKE                     Wanting something
       ON THE MAP                      To make known/to publicly identify
       ON THE MARK                     Correct
       ON THE MAT                      In trouble for/accused/berated over
       ON THE MONEY                    Correct in all respects
       ON THE MOVE                     Stirring/starting/gathering momentum
       ON THE NEVER NEVER              On hire purchase(never borrow, never)
       ON THE NOSE                     A bad aroma
       ON THE OUTER                    Unpopular
       ON THE OTHER HAND               Otherwise
       ON THE PACE                     Abreast of things/in sync
       ON THE PISS                     Drinking alcohol
       ON THE RAN TAN                  On the prowl/looking for satisfaction
       ON THE REBOUND                  Straight from one love to another
       ON THE RIGHT PATH               Correct thoughts or actions
       ON THE ROPES                    Cornered/unsteady/near down and out
       ON THE RUN                      On the backfoot/fleeing
ON THE SAME PAGE Similar in essence, thought etc/Alike ON THE SHELF Available/unused ON THE SLATE On account/on credit ON THE SLIDE Degrading/losing impact/ageing ON THE SPOT Present/embarassed/has to respond ON THE SQUARE Honest/sincere ON THE STRENGTH OF IT Judging by the reports or evidence ON THE TAKE Open to a bribe or easy money ON THE TOTE Hedging their bets/uncommitted ON THE TOWN Celebrating\partying ON THE TRUMPET Unpleasant ON THE TURPS Drinking alcohol ON THE TIP OF YOUR TONGUE Slow recall ON THE TURPS Drinking alcohol ON THE UP Honest/trustworthy/also "improving" ON THE UP AND UP To be genuine and well meaning ON THE WAGON A teetotaller ON THE WALLABY Travelling/on the track or road ON THE WRONG END OF THE STICK The worst of the deal/unfairly done by ONTO IT Watching it/aware of it ON TRACK As planned or expected ONYER (Good on you)Congratulations/good work ON YOUR BIKE Get out of here/scram ON YOUR EAR Drunk ON YOUR PAT MALONE On your own/by yourself/alone ON YOUR NELLIE Alone OODLES Plenty OO-ROO Goodbye/see you later O.P's Other peoples ("my favorite brand!") OP SHOP Second hand or charity shop OPEN SLATHER Anything goes/no rules apply the OPTICS The eyes ORANGES Half time/at the break (sports) ORRIGHT? Is it, will it be, it is.....alright OTHER FISH TO FRY Other priorities OUT AND ABOUT Socialising/mixing in/not here OUTBACK Inland Australia OUTHOUSE A yard (outside)toilet OUT OF HAND Not as it should be/lose control OUT OF IT Not aware/drunk/drug affected OUT OF SIGHT Superior/in front by far/brilliant OUT OF SORTS Disillusioned/unhappy/feeling unwell OUT OF THE BAG A surprise tactic OUT OF THE BLUE Surprisingly/unexpectedly OUT OF THE BOX Special/unique/extraordinary OUT OF THE FRYING PAN INTO THE FIRE=Out of one trouble and into worse OUT OF THE LOOP Not thinking clearly/Uninformed OUT OF THE WOODS Thinking clearly/better informed OUT OF WHACK Not working/impaired OUT OF YOUR TREE Not thinking properly/mad OUT ON A LIMB In an isolated dangerous situation OUT TO IT Unconscious OVER IT Lost interest/cured OVERLAND Rolling stock grazing (6 miles a day!) an OVERLANDER Stockman who controls the cattle the OVERLANDER Melbourne-Adelaide train service OVER THE EDGE Too far and no return OVER THE FENCE Unreasonable OVER THE HILL Out of date/old/past your prime OVER THE MOON Happy beyond expectation OVER THE ODDS Exorbitant OVER THE TOP Excessive/extreme OVER (your/his their) HEAD Went unnoticed/not comprehended an OWN GOAL A self inflicted disadvantage or wound OZ Australia OZZIE Australiana OZISM Australianism a PACKAPOOH TICKET An untidy disorganised mess a PACKET Big expense/a lot of money to PACK Carry/wear/be capable of the PACK The group PACKING Carrying,wearing or possessing PACKING DEATH Extremely frightened or nervous PACKING THEM Extremely agitated/stirred up/nervy PACK IT IN To opt out/stop PACKING THEM Frightened/startled/worried/offended PACK IT IN Cease/stop/give it up P'S AND Q'S Manners/local custom to PACK A WALLOP Be powerful/strong/influential PACKED TIGHTER Crowded PACKING Carrying PACKING THEM Fearful/scared/(also)very angry PACK IT IN To give up/stop trying PACK IT UP Stop/cease doing to PACK UP Stop/break down PAD House/territory PADDED Overpriced PADDING AROUND Staying at home PADDLE Walk PADDLES Feet the PADDY WAGGON Police prisoner van to PAD OUT Embellish a story PAID Believed/acknowleged as a fact PAID HIS DUES Paid his respect PAID HIS RESPECTS Paid his dues PAID OUT ON Ribbed/exposed (jokingly) a PAIN Irksome person or matter PAIN AND SUFFERING Worry PAIN IN THE ARSE/NECK Needless aggravation to PAINT THE TOWN RED To celebrate/party with abandon PAL Mate/friend PALLY Friendly PALM OFF Get rid of/dismiss/deny/transfer PALM THE JUDGE Cheat/very lucky PALSY WALSY Intimate (homosexual) friends the PANIC BUTTON Time to start worrying a PANIC MERCHANT A nervous person PAN OUT Be a success/to work as expected a PANSY An effeminate male a PANTS MAN A ladies man to PAPER OVER To attempt to conceal or play down PARALETIC Stupifyingly drunk PAR FOR THE COURSE Usual PARROT To repeat what is said/a cockatoo PART AND PARCEL Essential to PARTY ANIMAL A fun lover PARTY POOPER A no fun person PASH/PASHO/PASHING Kissing PASS Give up your turn/to qualify PASS AWAY Die PASS MUSTER Pass inspection/meet with approval PASS ON Go/die PASS THE BUCK Blame someone else to protect yourself PASS THE HAT AROUND Take up a collection PASS THE TIME Talk or socialise to PASS WITH FLYING COLOURS To qualify easily a PASTING A beating or scolding a PASTMASTER Being known for.../is experienced at PASTORALIST Grazier/larger landholder to PATCH UP To make up or repair on his PAT MALONE On his own a PAT ON THE BACK An encouragement on your PAT MALONE Alone a PATSY A scapegoat PATTER OF LITTLE FEET (desc.) children a PAV A Pavlove = brittle Oz creamy cake PAVEMENT PIZZA Vomit PAW Hand or handled to PAY Acknowlege as a fact PAY A VISIT Done to punish someone PAYBACK Revenge/dues PAYDIRT Reward for efforts the PAY OFF The reward to PAYOFF Bribe to PAY OUT ON To berate to PAY THE PIPER Suffer the consequences PAY THROUGH THE NOSE Pay more than neccessary PDQ "Pretty darned quick" PEACH Great/wonderful/nice PEAK HOUR Most busy period a PEANUT Brainless person the PEANUT FARM The mental asylum the PEANUT GALLERY The public gallery or audience a PEARL A standout/a one off a PEARLER Good/teriffic (see Purler) went PEAR SHAPED Didnt happen as planned your PEARLIES Your teeth a PEA IN A POD A perfect fit or position a PECKER Penis a PECK A quick kiss/a kiss on the cheek to PEEL THE ONION Reveal what is hidden/expose a PEEPING TOM A prying person into others' privacy PEG BACK Make ground on/catch up with PEG AWAY Be persistant PEGGED Worked out/assessed PEG IT Stop/die PEG OUT Stop/die PEGS Legs/teeth a PEG TO HANG IT ON A reason a PELICAN Naive, silly or awkward person to PENCIL IT IN Note/consider/add to a PENNY DREADFUL Cheap books, love stories etc the PENNY DROPPED Sudden realisation a PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS Asking someone what they're thinking a PENNY PINCHER A miserly person a PENNY SHORT OF A DEENER A screw loose mentally a PEN PUSHER An office worker a PEP PILL A stimulating pill or a drug PEPPY Spirited/responsive/quick PEP UP To revitalise PERCOLATE To operate or run smoothly PERCY Penis PERK Vomit/throw up/ a PERK A dubious payment or privelege PERK UP Feel better PERFECTLY CLEAR Evident PERSONIFIED Typical PERV Admiring, lustful stare or ogle a PERVE A pervert or molester PET AVERSION Most disliked the PETER The cash register or money stash PETER OUT Fade away PET GRIEVANCE Foremost complaint PET HATE Most Hated PET SUBJECT Favorite topic PHOTO Close decision PHYSICAL JERKS Fitness excercises PICANINNY Aboriginal child to PICK Find fault/scratch at food/initiate PICK AND CHOOSE Fussy selection toPICK To challenge PICK IT UP Increased appreciation or speed a PICKLE A delicate situation a PICK UP Woman of easy virtue/a fancied buy PICKED UP Arrested/taken/went with willingly PICKED UP Felt better/accelerated PICKETS Fence posts/Teeth PICK THE EYES OUT OF.... Select the best on offer to PICK YOUR BRAINS Ask you a question/Learn from you A PICNIC SHORT OF A BARBIE A mental pygmy the PICTURES The picture theatre or movies PIDDLE Urinate PIDDLY Small and uninteresting/tiny a PIDGEON PAIR Both the same/complementing to each a PIECE A Female a PIECE OF ones MIND Scathing criticism direct to a PIECE OF CAKE Something easy to do a PIECE OF PISS An easy task a PIECE OF SHIT A nasty,selfish,thoughtless person a PIECE OF WORK A specific type of person PIE EATER Someone whos mind isn't on the job PIE IN THE SKY An illusionary belief PIFFLE Nonsense PIG Policeman/someone with foul habits a PIGGY BANK A small (emergency) stash of money PIG HEADED Obstinate PIG IN A POKE Wild guess to PIG IT To live primitively or in squallor PIG LATIN Play language/adding letters to words PIG OUT Eat out/eat takeaway food/eat lots PIG ROOT (gen.) Horse bucking stiffly PIGS No way! PIGS ARSE I'm opposed/no way PIGS BLOODY ARSE Extremely opposed PIGS BUM Not likely/no way a PIKER Someone who hangs back/a coward PILE IT ON Exaggerate (act or speak) a PILE UP A car crash(s)/an impact the PILL The football PILLAR OF SOCIETY Good citizen PILL HAPPY Pops pills PILL POPPER Overdoes it on pills a PIMP One who informs on or solicits for to PINCH Steal/arrest PINCHED Stolen/arrested PINCH ME Is this a dream? PIN DOWN To find/to solve to PIN ones EARS BACK To push hard/added effort to PING Select/identify/charge/accuse/blame PING IT IN Accurate, fast throw (of ball etc) PIN DOWN To understand something/to meet with a PINHEAD A fool a PINK EAR A receptive or naive listener a PINK FIT A highly emotional state of mind a PINKIE Little finger or latent communist the PINK SLIP Dissmissed/unconcerned PINKY IN A KNOT Worry needlessly/jump the conclusions PIN MONEY A small expense PINNED HIS EARS BACK Threw caution to the winds your PINS Your legs PINUP Glamorous the PIP Despondent to PIP To defeat narrowly PIPE DOWN Be quiet/stop talking a PIPE DREAM An impossible desire the PIPE LINE A line of communication PIPE UP To speak up/talk aloud PIPING HOT Very hot/close to/in vogue PIPPED Beaten by the smallest of margins PIPPED ON THE POST Passed at the last moment the PIPS A bad temper a PIPSQUEEK Small loud person PISS Alcoholic drinks to PISS ALL OVER To easily defeat/to standover PISS AND PICKHANDLES The whole lot/extreme all PISS AND WIND All noise and no action PISSANT Insignificant/unimportant to PISS AROUND Stall/waste time PISS DOWN Heavy rain PISSED Drunk/angry PISSED AS A PARROT Drunk PISSED OFF Annoyed PISSED ON Treated badly or unfairly PISS HEAD A stupid or drunk person a PISS HORN An early morning erection/"morning Glory" PISS IN THE WIND Do something futile to PISS IN YOUR POCKET To be servile to you to PISS oneself LAUGHING Laugh uncontrolably PISS OFF Go away to PISS someone OFF Make someone upset PISS ON Show contempt for/continue drinking to PISS (onesself) Suffer a fright/uncontrolable laughter PISS POOR Extremely lacking/destitute a PISSPOT A drunkard/also=a bed night pot a PISS UP A drinking session a PISS WIT A stupid person PISSY Unimportant and insignificant the PITCH Spiel (also the playing field) PITCH IN Participate the PITS The lowest thing,place or feeling PITT STREET FARMER Novice farmer PIZZLE Urine (piss) a PIZZLING Berated/a beating/punished PLAIN SAILING Proceeding without any problem a PLANT An imposter or spy/a setup to PLANT Make a woman pregnant/to bed a female PLANTED ONE ON THE CHEEK Kissed them on the cheek PLANT IT Go faster/sit down PLATES OF MEAT Feet PLASTER Severely beat PLASTERED Inebriated/drunk/tipsy (also beaten) PLASTIC Anything artificial PLATES OF MEAT Feet PLAY BALL Co-operate PLAY BOTH ENDS AGAINST THE MIDDLE = Use the system/divide and conquer PLAY DOWN An attempt to minimise a situation PLAY FOR TIME To manoeuvre/deliberately waste time to PLAY INTO someones HANDS To do something to benefit an opponent PLAY IT BY EAR To act as things seem to need you to to PLAY IT WITH A STRAIGHT BAT To be cautious or defensive PLAY OUT Persist PLAY POSSUM Pretend otherwise/play dead PLAY THE DEVIL WITH Create havoc with/cause damage to PLAY WITH FIRE Something with dangerous consequences PLAY UP Gay abandom/something deceitful PLEASED AS PUNCH Extremely happy PLONK Cheap wine/set down PLONKO A drunk person addicted to wine the PLOT The scheme of things/what is expected PLUCK Courage (nothing to do with feathers) PLUG Shoot/have sex with PLUG ALONG Continue on a PLUGGER A hard working, reliable type PLUM Sought after/spot on/directly in line PLUM IN THE MOUTH Exagerated good speech PLUMP FOR Support/select a PLUNGE A large bet/a trend of fancy POCKET BILLIARDS Pocket self pleasure PODGY Overweight POETIC JUSTICE Deserved reward POINT BLANK Up close/blatantly POINT PERCY AT THE PORCELAIN Piddle POINT THE BONE To accuse/an aboriginal hex or curse POINT THE FINGER To accuse or inform on POINT THE PYTHON Urinate POINT THE SNAKE urinate POISON PEN Hurtful or nasty letter a POKE Sexual intercourse to POKE Punch or hit/swipe at POKE AROUND Investigate/enquire a POKE AT IT An attempt at POKE ones BIB IN Intrude/uninvited opinion or act POKE FUN AT Tease POKE MUCK AT Tell lies about POKER FACED Expressionless POKIES Poker machines POLISHED OFF Disposed of (ate, killed, beat etc) a POLLIE Politician POMMIE From England/Englishman PONG Bad smell/an overpowering aroma a PONY Twenty five pounds (old currency) a PONY 5oz glass of beer (NSW+) POOF Effiminate male POOFLE VALVE A persons absolute physical limiter POOFTER A Gay a POONCE Homosexual, efeminate/stupid POONED UP Dressed to impress POOP (OO as in book) Faeces/shit POOP CATCHERS Pants with elasticised bottoms POOPED (OO as in boot) Exhausted POOR BUT HONEST Well meaning POOR EXCUSE FOR A fraud a POP Each/for one POP Grandfather/an oldie to POP Kill POP....(out, down, over etc) Go.....(out, down, over etc) to POP ones CORK A sudden display of temper POP MUSIC Mass popular music a ....... POPPER Habitual ........ taker POP THE QUESTION Propose marriage P.O.Q. Go away (piss off quickly!) the PORCELAIN WAGGON The toilet to PORK To have sex with.... PORK BARRELING Telling big fat (padded) lies PORKER Pig/fat person PORKIES Lies PORK PIES Lies a PORKY A lie a PORKUP A Bungle/messup/a "stuffup" a PORKWIT An idiot PORN Pornographics to PORK Male having sex/make pregnant a PORT School case/suitcase (portmanteau) a POSER A person who struts or overacts a POSER Something to consider POSH Very upper class POSSUM NUTS Macadamia nuts a POSTIE A postman POT Marijuana/hit/shoot (also random) POT An engine cylinder/a large stomach POT Hit/sink/(a 10oz glass of beer in Qld) the POT The "purse", centre or kitty (wager) POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK The accuser does or has done the same POTTY Odd/strange/weird POUCH Female/have sex with/to put in pocket a POUND SHORT OF A QUID A mental defective! POUND THE PAVEMENT A thorough basic search POUR COLD WATER ON Deny/scorn/dismiss POUR OIL ON Refute any merit in an idea POUR OIL ON TROUBLED WATERS Calm a volatile situation POUR WATER ON Criticise an idea or proposal/dismiss POVERTY PACK Describes a basic model with no "extras" a POWDER PUFF Weak/ineffectual POWERING Operating strongly the POWERS THAT BE Those in charge or responsible the POWERS TO BE Those who will be in charge my POZZIE A coveted place or position P's AND Q's Manners/ PRANG A vehicle or similar accident a PRATT A smart "alec"/a "know-it-all" a PRAWN An ignoramus/ PREACHING TO THE CONVERTED Doing it the easy way PREGGO Pregnant PRETTY AS A PICTURE Cute PRETTY GOOD Really good PRETTY MUCH Nearly/about the same PRETTY NIPPY Quick a PRETTY PENNY A lot of money/expensive PRETTY SWISH Fancy/real good quality/impressive PRETTY WELL Just about PRETTY UGLY Really ugly (an oxymoron?) PREZZIE A present PRICEY Expensive a PRICK An upstart/obnoxious person/penis to PRICK ones EARS Listen with interest/eavesdrop to PRICK ones CONSCIENCE To cause feelings of remorse or guilt PRIDE OF PLACE The most important position PRIM AND PROPER Showing great virtue PRIMA DONNA Tempramental/petulant PRO Aligned with/professional/a prostitute your PROBOSKUS Your head PROBS Problems a PROD Sex/a loose woman/a reminder/a push PRONG Penis the PROOF OF THE PUDDING IS IN THE EATING = Experience is best PROPS Legs now the PROUD POSSESSOR (generally) The new owner the PROVERBIAL The inevitable/just deserts PUB A hotel a PUB CRAWL Drinking - from one hotel to the next PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE A person most dangerous to the public PUDD (pood) Penis the PUDDEN CLUB Pregnancy a PUG A boxer or fighter PUFF Stamina/breath PUFFED Out of breath PUFFED UP Inflated/exaggerated PUKE Throw up/vomit a PULL Male masturbation PULL Suppress an ability/take away PULL Power/assert/engage PULL A RABBIT OUT OF A HAT Create a surprise result to PULL DOWN Cast aspersions/bring into disrepute PULLED ON Imbibed or inhaled from to PULL ones FINGER OUT Become active/get busier/hurry PULL HIS LEG Jokingky tease or deceive PULL IN Earned amount/arrest/to fool PULL IT OFF Succeed/do something difficult PULL NO PUNCHES Hold nothing back/spare no feelings PULL OUT Withdrew from to PULL OUT ALL Use all and any means available PULL OUT OF A HOLE Saved from danger or embarassment PULL ones SOCKS UP Make a better effort PULL OVER THE COALS Taken to task PULL THE OTHER LEG You're joking/try fooling me again PULL THE OTHER ONE You're joking/try fooling me again PULL THE PIN Withdraw/cease/abandon/resign PULL THE PLUG Stop/leave PULL THE RUG OUT To undermine to PULL THE WOOL OVER YOUR EYES To mislead someone PULL THE WRONG REIGN Went in the wrong direction PULL TOGETHER Make a combined effort PULL THROUGH Survive/recover PULL TOGETHER Be a team/pool effort - resources PLL UP Finish/end up PULL UP STUMPS Move away/move on PULL ones WEIGHT To contribute fairly to PULL YOUR CHAIN To mislead you PULL YOUR FINGER OUT Get going/get serious PULL YOUR HEAD IN Mind your own business/keep quiet to PULL YOUR LEG To joke with/mislead PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER Regain your composure PULL YOUR SKULL IN Mind your own business/keep out of it PULL YOUR SOCKS UP Improve your performance PUMMELL Beat up/strike/hit to PUMP To ask questions/cross examine PUMPED Arenalin pumping/excited PUMPED UP Arenalin pumping/excited PUMPING Adrenalin rushing/excitement PUMP THE FLESH To campaign/meet people to PUMP UP To fill with confidence/to enthuse to PUNCH ABOVE YOUR WEIGHT Achieve more than reasonably expected PUNCHDRUNK Slow/stupified PUNCHED HIS LIGHTS OUT Knocked him senseless the PUNCHLINE The essence/the main part a PUNCHUP A fight PUNT Gamble/place a bet/chance it PURCHASE An amount of grip obtained PURE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW Purest of morals/100% wholesome a PURLER Excellent/best PURPLE PATCH Good times/lucky period or era a PUSH A local organisation, club or gang PUSH BIKE A bicycle PUSHING SHIT UPHILL Fighting a losing battle PUSH ON Continue/keep going a PUSHOVER Something or someone easily overcome to PUSH SHIT UPHILL To attempt a difficult task PUSH someone OVER THE EDGE Cause panic PUSH THE ENVELOPE Be demanding or try harder PUSH THE PANIC BUTTON Time for drastic action PUSH UP DAISIES The state of death PUSHY Forceful/demanding/lacking diplomacy PUSH YOUR OWN BARROW Think about yourself your PUSS Your face PUSSY Vagina/females PUSSYFOOT Hesitate and be uncertain/waste time PUT A DAMPER ON Spoil/thwart/make diparaging remarks to PUT A HANDLE ON IT To realise what it is PUT A LID ON IT Keep quiet/(also = a cover up) PUT A SOCK IN IT Shut your mouth/be quiet PUT AWAY To finish off/save/eat/imprison/defeat PUT IT ON Put on airs/to put on an act PUT IT OVER Be convincing PUT IT THERE Shake hands/I totally agree PUT DOWN Humiliate/consume/belittle A PUT DOWN A humiliation to PUT IN Contribute/betray/pass wind PUT ONE ACROSS To deceive or cheat PUT ONE ON To put on an act/throw a tantrum PUT ONE OVER To deceive or cheat PUT ones BEST FOOT FORWARD Try ones hardest/appear ones best PUT ones CARDS ON THE TABLE Declare intentions/reveal your agenda PUT ones FOOT IN IT To incriminate ones self PUT ones FOOT IN IT To blunder/make a mistake to PUT ones FOOT IN ones MOUTH To contradict oneself PUT ones FEET UP Rest/retire PUT ones FOOT DOWN Be firm/be resolute/speed up PUT ones HAND UP Volunteered/came to the fore PUT ones HEAD IN THE SAND To ignore an obvoius problem PUT ones HEADS TOGETHER Discuss things/plan/scheme PUT ones HEART INTO IT Try ones best to PUT ON THE TABLE To offer up for discussion PUT IN Contribute/pass wind/betray PUT IN A GOOD WORD Recommend/favorable mention PUT IN ones PLACE Bring someone back to earth PUT IN A QUIET ONE Have no excitement/a restful time PUT IN THE SLIPPER Kick your opponent/add to the woes PUT LEAD IN YOUR PENCIL Adds to male sexual performance PUT ones MONEY WHERE ones MOUTH IS = Show you are genuine...with money PUT ones NECK ON THE LINE Take a risk PUT someones NOSE OUT OF JOINT Humiliate /embarrass PUT OFF Taken aback/recoiled from PUT ON A pretence PUT ON A BLUE Start a fight,brawl etc. PUT ONE OVER Scammed/conned PUT ON THE JAM Tried to impress PUT OUT Inconvenienced/Upset PUT YOURSELF OUT To inconveniently accomodate PUT PAID TO Put an end to PUT STRAIGHT Advised of the facts/warned off PUTTER AROUND Fiddle with/to engage in aimlessly PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPR AND SMOKE IT = Take that! (a smug assertion) PUT ones THINKING CAP ON Consider carefully PUT THE ACID ON Create pressure/ask for a loan PUT THE BILLY ON Boil the water (for a cuppa) PUT THE BITE ON Ask for a loan PUT THE BOOT IN Foul play/take unfair advantage of PUT THE BREEZE UP Frighten/worry PUT THE CART BEFORE THE HORSE Confuse things/have wrong priorities PUT THE CLEANER THROUGH Make big changes to PUT THE CUE IN THE RACK Retire/succumb/withdraw PUT THE HEAT ON Create pressure PUT THE FANG IN Ask for a loan PUT THE HARD WORD ON Ask a woman for sex PUT THE HOOKS INTO To impose ones will on someone PUT THE LID ON Concealed/clamp down on PUT THE MOCKER ON To jinx/bring bad luck to to PUT THE RULER OVER Examine/assess PUT THE SCREWS ON Intimidate to achieve an end PUT THE SHITS UP Scare PUT THE SKIDS UNDER Undermine/bring down PUT THE SQUEEZE ON Pressure/demand/blackmail PUT THE WIND UP Frighten/scare off PUT THE WOOD IN THE HOLE Shut the door PUT THROUGH ones PACES A show of ones ability PUT THROUGH THE HOOPS A series of testing experiences/life PUTTING ME ON Joking/fooling around PUTTING ON THE RITZ A show of opulence PUT TO SHAME Made look mediocre PUT TO THE TEST Challenged/tested PUTTING ON THE DOG Dressing up/acting posh to PUT UP Supply/donate/accomodate a PUT UP A sham/a manufactured event PUT UP OR SHUT UP Prove it or keep quiet PUT UP TO Encouraged/suggest to/persuade PUT UP WITH Suffer/tolerate PUT someones WEIGHTS UP Show someone for what they are to PUT YOUR BIB IN Interfere/meddle to PUT YOUR FEET UP Rest/retire to PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN Be firm/be resolute/accelorate to PUT YOUR HAND UP Volunteer/come to the fore to PUT YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND To pretend to not see something to PUT YOUR HEADS TOGETHER Discuss/plan/scheme to PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT Try ones absolute best to PUT YOUR NAME ON IT To own it to PUT YOURSELF OUT To give extra effort or time Continued ozspeak.q-s file

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