There always will be a formal and correct way to write the English
       language, but I firmly believe this strict adherence to specific
       rules does not and should not be applied or expected so rigidly of
       the spoken word.  The day we all speak English without our various
       accents, will be the day we all live within the same square kilometre
       of one another - and that will never happen or be possible.

       The day anyone can deny that pronunciations vary by interpretation
       and by geographic influences will be the day that conjecture itself
       is dead.

       Bearing this in mind, I have put together the following, which is my
       observance of the (strange?) language of Oz. Someone may even agree
       with me here!

       Slang is a language that rolls up its sleeves, spits on its
       hands and goes to work. It makes no apology for the fact that
       a spade can be a spade with another name - and sets out to describe
       the "spade" as colorfully as possible, that the uninitiated are
       at first confused, eager to understand, then amused and caught
       up by its complexity and humour.

       Australian (OZ) slang seems steeped in the  tradition of the original
       convict-stock larrikinism that developed for hiding true meanings from
       rotating English overseers and was obviously given humorous influence
       by the 'scallywag' Irish, who were at the time, a large proportion of
       those banished to "these here antipodes".

       The traditions of our slang was carried on from then, well into the
       20th century, by succeeding generations whose genes were seemingly
       impregnated with their forefathers flamboyance and disregard for the
       pomp and veneer others cherish with zealous fervour.

       It's no wonder so many people who visit our country are intrigued
       by the local 'lingo'.      I know I still am .

       How did we develop this originality with our speech ?  Could it have
       been our geographic isolation, that only started to shrink recently
       with media expansion in the mid 1900's  onwards.... and is it really
       unique to us?

       Well, overseas people do regard Ozspeak as 'quaint' to say the least,
       but its everyday use by locals is rapidly disappearing as the latest
       media influences indoctrinate our youth  - who seem to prefer to
       mimic overseas trends anyway, rather than cling to their very own
       roots and originality.

       So much so, that later generations may see it as a long gone era of
       our history - and not as Australiana slang worthy of being preserved.

       Let me assure anyone reading this, that my youth too was bombarded by
       imported media, but our influencing generation wasn't - and that's
       why we grew up with a full understanding of the genuine linguistics
       of "Down Under".

       Being fiercely proud of my country and my being an Australian it came
       to me as second nature and to be worn as a badge of honour.  Although
       I concede this fervent inner nature is dying a slow death.

       I look around and see that many young people are not using the Oz
       euphemisms as freely as we used to when we were growing up, so the
       list I have gathered here will contain many not known to them .

       There are too many to list really. They will always be unearthed as
        you pass through OZ, mainly the country areas for the older and
        dryer sayings - and the cities/inner suburbs  for later more up
        to date "cracks".  Personally I feel the "outback" sayings are the
        more genuine of OZ origin, because they dont take kindly to outside
        influences and prefer their own brand of everything.

        So to me, country people are less likely to be 'corrupted' by the
        overseas trends that pervade our "frontline" cities, where change
        and anything new is readily acceptable and can become the 'norm'.

        I hasten to add - that although I was exposed to these words, sayings
        and terms in my formative years - I have no illusion that all began
        here or were exclusive to Oz, even though it can be proven that many
        did and were.

        And so,  after all that,  I finally begin my recount and impressions
        of my early (wacky....) OZ.

        One of my favourites is, when an OZ male is enjoying himself immensely
        and, not being one to show too much of his feelings for fear of
        appearing to be a little sissy (that's for girls to do!), may turn to
        a friend or someone near him - perhaps with a wry smile - and say
                   "You WOULDN'T BE DEAD FOR QUIDS, WOULD YOU'"

       And the OZ male wouldn't for one moment think of saying aloud that
       another male was "mad" or those words.  He would
       only remark "he's a few sheep short in the top paddock" or something
       similar, like  "Ten bob in the quid" or "Fifty cents in the dollar".

       Country people especially tend to liken their description of all they
       are describing or relating with another event they consider is a good
       likeness of it.   Perhaps they do this for your better appreciation
       of its reality, but whatever reason, the results are usually hilarious
       to hear.

       An example of Aussie male description of thirst or heat would be....
       "Dry as a drovers wit".

       At other times they will tender the slang (shorter) words,  fully
       expecting your complete understanding of what they are trying to
       convey to you.

       Many people may not realise the complexity or dryness of Ozspeak at
       first, but after some exposure and assimilation into the spirit of
       what its all about, most acquire a taste for it and the dryish humour
       it ultimately delivers.

       For instance:  In Oz, we do not have full blown Barbeques.  We have
       "a bit of a barbecue".

       Then again, Oz people do everything by bits. A bit of a feed, a bit
       of fun, a bit of an argument, a bit of a cuddle, a bit of a think,
       a bit of a run, etc. etc.

       The flexibility of ozlingo can be astounding to the uninitiated who
       encounter it for the first time.  "A bit of a blue" a fight) can be
       anything from an argumentative tiff, to a solid acreage sized five
       thousand man brawl!  "Just down the road" in outback Australia ,
       where distances to anywhere are usually enormous, could mean anything
       up to 500 kilometres.

       Also, Oz people have a unique way of drinking beer - and you'll
       understand the first time you observe a bloke (man) turn to his
       mate and invite him to join him for a "quiet" beer.

       Or an Oz bloke "tonguing" (thirsting) for a beer who turns to his
       host and says "Got anything cold in the fridge mate?"
       I've lived here all my life and I know everything in a refrigerator
       is (or should be) cold - yet that question still sits OK with me!

       Again I draw on memory for sayings of the 1950's and start with the
       favoured (including some oxymoron) sayings from my era:

            Armchair Expert
            Cold comfort
            Fresh Garbage
            Great sadness
            Sound of Silence
            Dream Reality
            Clear As Mud
            Near Hit
            Military Intelligence
            Perfectly Wrong
            Icy Hot
            Same Difference
            Sun Shower
            Terribly Good
            Terribly Happy
            Pretty Ugly
            Pretty bad
            Pretty Rotten
            Real false
            Real Phony
            Cold as Hell
            Government Worker
            Small Fortune
            Living Dead    etc.

       There were many plain 'English' words we used in the 50's that
       aptly described whatever we referred to in essence, and everyone
       instantly knew what you were talking about. i.e. if you were dumb you
       were dumb, if you were deaf you were deaf. Also, if you had pimples
       then that's what you had. But say it today and its insulting. Its like
       the English language in its truest essence is forbidden to us. And who
       better to ban it than us.  Nowhere else on this planet is there a
       nation of people hell bent on pleasing everyone else to the extent
       they are willing to change their language for them (like in OZ!).

       Yes sir....the Aussie is so busy preserving everyone else's heritage
       and roots that he starts to forget his own.

       No sense - but stacks of feeling!

       Years ago, to satisfy our own dry sense of humour, we were busy
       thinking up slang words for everything imaginable so the "blue
       bloods and "toffee noses" wouldn't understand us. Many of these today
       are considered 'politically incorrect' because a lot of people with
       clout in our community have decided that we are not to indulge in our
       "heritage language" as freely as before, whatever the reason of its
       origin or intent.  Many chucklers we used are now considered offensive
       and are frowned upon by our laws - though no one seems to personally
       know anyone some of it offends!

       For instance, I cant call anyone a wog or call them blacks anymore,
       lest I am fined or hauled up before some "Board" of thought police
       type people, hell bent on making an impression on a world they are
       completely out of touch with anyway.  But a migrant can call himself
       a wog (ie. the group "Wogs out of Work") and make a lot of money out
       of it - and coloured people can demand I refer to them as anything but
       the colour they obviously are.  But he can call me white all day!

       Sort of a reverse racist activity (!), yet we ( rapidly becoming
       poor white trash of Asia) are not only expected to bear this anomaly
       we actually seem to willingly revel in trying to convince ourselves
       that its all very necessary!

       We are not allowed to tell jokes about the physically handicapped
       without heavy retribution, but a handicapped comic (ie. Steady Eddy)
       can do it with impunity and earn a very nice living from it, without
       risk of being fined or having any similar competition.

       Ask yourself, if its as tasteless to say as the "authorities" tell
       us it is, how come a handicapped comedian is allowed to use it in
       his act or a new Australian group is allowed to profit from using
       what is when we say it ......."offensive material"?

       Aborigines claim that aboriginal designs, artifacts, inventions and
       culture must not be used, created or printed by the general ("white")
       society unless they are paid royalty monies each time because they
       claim it as exclusively aboriginal.   And we blithely seem to agree.
       Yet we say nothing of the use these same people put our designs,
       artifacts, inventions and culture to - or that as much as these same
       people claim desires to return to their old ways, the great majority
       prefer to dwell within our society and claim social welfare from a
       system they contribute practically nothing to.

       And since when, can truth and fact statements be deemed racial?

       Again, how can it be a crime to call blacks "black", but they can
       call whites "white" till the cows come home .......... and I must
       not complain - by laws framed by a white majority (?).

       Not that I am personally agravated by what I am.    You see.......
       I AM white... and I suffer no shame from that fact 

       But a black man has never been challenged, charged or convicted for
       calling another black man black. 

       (Haven't we ALL missed something here?)

       What are we driving at in essence, does anyone know?    Are we hell
       bent on making it hard for ourselves and is it our convict heritage
       that gives us an inferiority complex and makes us think we dont
       deserve all the equality, justice and freedom of speech we went 
       through many wars on foreign soils to preserve.

       And if everyone else has realised the real thrust that all this is
       designed to achieve, I can assure you - I haven't.

       Are "they" trying to turn us into a bunch of mindless bastards
       with no sense of humour to alleviate their boredom.  If "they" achieve
       "their" objectives "they" will have solved the locals' overpopulation
       problem at the same time because I've no doubt 90% of us will shoot
       ourselves in pursuit of something more interesting!

       Never again (it seems) will we  allow ourselves to be the larrikins
       we had developed a penchant for during our short history remote from
       the accepted "civilised" world of Europe. The amusing terms that we
       were once rich with.  The nicknames and terms we used to amuse
       ourselves with.....yes, even the "brunts" laughed with us, just as
       they saw we laughed at ourselves as well.

       Like the following:

                Spag .............Italian
                Wop ...............Italian
                I-tie .............Italian
                Sausage sucker....European
                Septic Tank.......Yank
                Pom...... ........English

       And we had those silly names we had for imported products & cars:
                Kraut wagon.......German car (esp. Volkswagon)
                Rice Burner........Japanese cars
                Nip buggy..........Japanese cars
                Saki sipper........Japanese motor bike
                Yank tank..........American cars
                Bun buggy..........English cars
                Froghoppers........French car (Citroen)
                Wop wagon .........Italian car (Fiat)

       And now we've convinced ourselves these are all terribly wrong.....

       I dont remember seeing a red headed man called "blue" getting upset
       at his nickname. I had mates called 'slim' who were overweight and
       slim mates called 'porky' or 'fats'. Goog, Horse, Donkey, Ferret,
       Schnoz, Beaky, Squinty, Gutsa, Hunchy, Fat boy, Dirty Dick, Teary,
       Pongo, Lurch..... all blokes I knew when I was younger....and not one
       of them flew off the handle or wanted to sue when called by their

       Now we are being forced into change by those irreverent to our
       heritage, as they vigorously push upon us the heritage of others.
       Maybe we're not alone here either - most of the world seems to be
       catching this "politically correct" bug of bowing and scraping to
       the "downtrodden" or the formerly "wronged".

       Funnily enough, I detect far more division now than before all this
       carry on which is a lot of hoo-ha designed to line the pockets of
       the few in whose best interests it is to keep the "ball" rolling,
       while we-the-masses pay dearly.


       Here's a rundown on State nicknames: (Christ - hope I'm not sued!)

          STATE                     Short     Nickname         Other
       Western Australia              W A    Sandgropers      Westralians
       South Australia                S A    Croweaters       Magpies
       Tasmania                       Tas    Devils           Apple-Islanders
       Victoria                       Vic    Cabbages         Yarras
       New South Wales              N S W    Sydneysiders      Cockroaches
       Queensland                     Qld    Banana Benders   Toads
       Northern Territory             N T    Cowboys          Topenders
       Australian Capital Territory A C T    Bluetails        Snobs

       And you'll notice that none of the states have withdrawn from our
       Federal association, claimed massive compensation, demanded lots of
       apologies OR declared war on one another because of these nicknames.

       Pretty dumb lot eh!  Learned to laugh at ourselves and we enjoy it!

       Our language IS rapidly changing in other directions as well......
       and below  are some samples of "more acceptable" changes to words 
       and phrases (that weren't even considered insulting to start with)

       the establishment        city hall
       blind                    visually challenged
       deaf                     aurally challenged
       dumb/mute                vocally challenged
       ugly                     aesthetically challenged
       cop                      police officer
       pollies                  politicians
       beat around the bush     politically correct
       psychopath               socially misaligned
       bald                     follicularly deficient
       the mick                 Irish catholic priest
       the old man/boss         employer
       black                    indigenous
       retarded                 mentally challenged
       janitor                  sanitation engineer
       quack                    medical practitioner
       dish washer              utensil sanitizer
       garbage man or garbo     garbologist

       Many of the labels from the 50's are now passť.  Here is a small
       sample of the socially acceptable terms of the early 90's:

        50's                 80's                        90's
        ----                 ----                        ----
        deaf               hearing impaired           aurally challenged
        dumb               speech impaired            vocally challenged
        blind              sight impaired             visually challenged
        retarded           mentally handicapped       mentally challenged
        queer              homosexual/gay             bisexually inclined
        fat                big boned                  alternative body image

       The Aussie pronunciation, though not as rampant as in the 50's, is
       still out there and can be heard in most public places.

       To a certain section of society, this 'home accent' is repugnant.

       I personally think it is well to remember it as our heritage and these
       same "heavily accented"(?) people are descendants of those called upon
       and readily prepared in the past to defend and do this country proud
       ...they are the raw, non pretentious, at the ready" Aussies whose
       forebears made this country..... 

       We may have found the Greeks, Italians, Maltese and others hard to
       fathom out in the 50's and 60's, but look at their grown up kids out
       there now.  Go to Melbourne, for instance, where it is said dwells
       the largest Greek community outside Athens and Greece itself. They
       are proud of their heritage and staunch Aussies to boot.

       You'd never pick them now.  Your best mate's parents could be
       yesterdays "reffo's" - yet if you haven't met them you'd never know
       looking at your mate. Or the girlfriend either.

       Their parents suffered this new country for their kids - and Australia
       is now the winner along with them.

       Those kids have developed along the same lines as us with their humour
       and you dont hear any complaints from that direction today, like you
       do occasionally from the more recent arrivals or those who seek to
       benefit in some way or impose their personal will.

       The worst our postwar settlers kids have suffered is to talk and act
       like us in general and share this country with us.  For that we have
       no reason to apologise.

       OZlingo may sound 'quaint' to some ,but it arouses many fond memories
       for me and fills me with a rather strange feeling of pride when I hear
       what I feel is the original and genuine aussie accent.

       Sure we dropped some letters and lazily dumped in sounds that were
       not correct. We all knew what was meant. The English had their own
       varied accents, but we had just one... mainly.

       Better still we could all understand one another, unlike the English
       "county" accents and the varied U.S. mountain and southern accents
       that many other of their own countrymen seemed to struggle with.

       If you roll the word off in correct English and then try the OZ slang
       equivalent, in many cases its actually easier and quicker to say.

       Some of our slang words are more apt sounding than the original and
       sadly, the target for most change. Some has even been adopted into
       official dictionarys. 

       There are many more in use,  but below are a few words we seem to
       have adapted to our OZlingo, because we decided that the pommy
       language could be a whole lot easier for us to speak our way.

       Though Pommy bashing has always been a sport to us, we just didn't
       want to talk like one.  That seemed Ok

       Americans will see the same motives embedded in their early history
       that led them to make many changes purely to be different to the

       Like coffee instead of tea, driving on the other side of the road,
       cars having hoods instead of bonnets and trunks instead of boots,
       dollars instead of pounds, cents instead of pennies, different
       weights and measures and spellings of words etc.

       They were a little harder on the poms than we were,  but we all
       realise that was yesterday and dont require apology or payment for
       it like some obviously do here.

       Although we seem to "bash" the Poms for "old times sake" - albeit 
       fondly, as we are from their stock... you dont see them taking out
       court writs to stop us either, so the "stiff upper lips" show their
       genuine acceptance of free speech and their belief in humour too. 

       (Remember, these lists are an illustration and not complete.......) 

        AD            HAD
        AIRSELF       OURSELF
        AN EE         AND HE
        ANN IT        AND IT
        APPEN'N       HAPPENING
        AR'NAY        AREN'T THEY
        ARKS          ASK
        AV            HAVE
        AV'NT         HAVEN'T
        AY            HEY

        BAW'W         BALL
        BEERYON       BILLION
        BOCCLE        BOTTLE
        BRUVVER       BROTHER

        CAW'W         CALL
        CLOZE         CLOTHES
        CUMMEN        COMING
        CUZ           COUSIN

        DOE' N        DONT
        DOH'W'Z       DOLLARS
        DUNNAY        DONT THEY
        DUNNO         DONT KNOW

        EAR           EAR/HERE/HEAR
        EE            HE
        EE AINT       HE ISN'T
        EE LL         HE WILL...
        ENNY          ANY OR 'AND HE'
        EN'SHE        AND SHE ....
        EN'THEY       AND THEY (ETC.) ...
        EH            BEG YOUR PARDON/EXCUSE ME

        FARVER        FATHER
        FAY-YUH       FAILURE
        FELLA         FELLOW
        FITH          FIFTH
        FINK          THINK
        FINKEN        THINKING
        FIRTEEN       THIRTEEN
        FIRTY         THIRTY
        FOYNE          FINE
        FOUSAND       THOUSAND
        FREE          THREE
        FUL'UH        FELLOW

        G'DONYA       GOOD ON YOU
        GIMMEE        GIVE ME ...
        GIZ           GIVE ME or GIVE US...
        GOES          SAID/SPOKE
        GO'N          GOING
        GUNNA         GOING TO...

        HE-YUH        HERE

        IMMEE         IN MY
        IS            HIS

        JAV           DO YOU HAVE...
        JEW_LERY      JEWELRY
        JOAN          DO YOU OWN ...
        'JA SEE        DID YOU SEE ...
        'JA WONT       DO YOU WANT


        ME            ME/MY....
        MEMBER        REMEMBER
        METER OUT     METE OUT
        MIH-Y'N       MILLION
        MOIN          MINE
        M'SELF        MYSELF
        M'            MY... (M'self, M'wife, M'kids, M'job, etc.)
        MUSSA         MUST HAVE...
        MUVVER        MOTHER

        'N            AND
        NILLY         NEARLY

        OFFEN         OFTEN
        O'NEE         ONLY...
        OW            HOW
        OWZ           HOW IS...
        OWZAT         HOW'S THAT

        PACIFIC       SPECIFIC
        PAGODA        PERGOLA


        SAYV'NS       SAVINGS
        SCUMMEN       IT'S COMING
        SEEN          SEEN or SAW
        SISTUH         SISTER
        STAN          STAND

        TH'Z          THERE IS or THERE HAS
        TOYER         TYRE/TIRE
        T'SUP         WHATS UP

        UNDRED        HUNDRED
        UNG-Y'N       ONION
        URRY          HURRY
        UVVER         OTHER

        VAT           THAT
        VISS          THIS

        WAS           WAS or WERE
        WENT          SAID/SPOKE
        WEAR'ZEE      WHERE IS HE...
        WEAR'ZIT      WHERE IS IT...
        WIV           WITH
        WOD AR YA     WHAT ARE YOU
        WON           WANT
        WONNA         WANT TO...
        WOSS'AT       WHATS THAT
        WOSS'ISS      WHATS THIS
        WOSS'UP       WHATS UP
        WOT           WHAT
        WOTTLE        WHAT WILL...
        W'Z           WAS
        Y'            YOU  (Y'KNOW,Y'DO,Y'SAID etc.)
        Y'            YOUR (Y'CAR,Y'MATE,Y'SELF etc.)
        YAIR          YES
        YEN           YES AND
        YEP           YES
        YEWS          YOU (PLURAL!)
        Y'LL          YOU WILL
        Y'O           YOU KNOW

         Generally, Aussies drop the H at the beginning of a word, G's
   and Y at the end and T in the middle and end. The becomes de, my is me
   Y subs for L etc. Add ons and slightly different pronunciations occur
   depending on the original settlement influence and remoteness at the
   time it originated.  There are many 'local only' sayings governed by
   area impact or events, but Aussies usually understand all other Aussies
   in open conversation.  We may not be a nation over-influenced by
   reverence for anyone in particular, but we dont condone anything less
   than a fair go for anyone that tries to do the right thing.

   Here are a few more oddities of OZ:

                             PROPER NAMES

        BRISBANE              =BRISB'N

        COMPTON (Road) QLD    = CROMPTON


        MELBOURNE             =MELB'N

        TOOWONG QLD           =T'WONG

        YATALA  QLD           = Y'T-AR-LUH
        YATALA  S.A.          = YAT-UH-LUH

                               LOCAL SLANG  (Brisbane)

         BRECKY             BREAKFAST MEAL
         BRIZZY             BRISBANE
         CHRISSY            CHRISTMAS
         MARTY              TOMATO
         PINE               PINEAPPLE
         ECKA               EXHIBITION SHOW/GROUNDS

                          Some lingo appendages

         EH               ( Dropped at the end of sentences. Suspect its
                           for impact or to check if you're still listening!
                          ** If used alone = call for attention or objection
                           depending on the tone)

         NO WORRIES(?)    ( Everything will be OK/Will that be OK
         NO PROBLEM(?)    ** Can be used even after describing a personal
                            disaster or hearing of one!)

         HE TURNED AROUND  precursor to "and said/and went/and"... etc.
         I TURNED AROUND  ( no one gets to turn around but this term is
                           particularly endemic in country areas )
                          ** Used prior to explaining what someone said

         RIGHT?           (Used at the end of statements during a
                            conversation.  Probably to see if you still
                            follow what's been said (or agree!).
                          ** Used before anything is stated = a threat that
                             action will follow

         SEE              ( Dropped anywhere in a sentence - similar EH )

         SHE              ( describes any gender or thing )

         SHE'LL BE RIGHT  ( all will be OK - similar NO WORRIES )

         Y' KNOW          ( dropped anywhere in a sentence - whether you
                            know or not ! - similar EH, SEE and TURNED
                           ** definite world wide use!!!

         YOU'RE NOT WRONG (I agree/you are right/its true)
                           **the fewest words is not always the Oz way!

                           OVERSEAS SIMILARITIES
                              *  NEW ZEALAND
                   SIX         SEX or SUX
                   FIFTY       FEFTY or FUFTY
                   CABIN       KEBBIN
                   CAN'T       KENT
                   CARE        KEER
                   PACKING     PECKIN
                   BAGS        BEGS
                   BLACK       BLECK
                   HAVE        H'EV

                              * SOUTH AFRICA
                   BLACK       BLECK
                   CAN'T       CAW'N'T
                   HAD         'AD
                   HAVE        'AVE
                   HE          EE


       CAN'T       ENGLISH = CAR'NT
                   AMERICAN = CAN 'T
                   S/AFRICA = CAW'NT

         As an example  - and although many consider that Australia has
   been "Americanised", the following very incomplete list of examples
   shows there is a long way to go for this to be absolutely true.

AMERICAN                     Aussie
----------                   ------
absorbent cotton             cotton wool
airplane                     aeroplane
alley                        lane
aluminum                     aluminium
apartment/condo              unit/flat
asphalt                      bitumen
attorney                     lawyer
bar                          pub
Barbie                       Barbeque
bartender                    barmaid/barman
bathroom                     toilet
billion (million million)    billion (thousand million)
bulletin board               notice board
bum (sl. vagrant)            derro/tramp
bun                          roll (breadroll)
cab                          taxi
call (telephone)             ring
can (metal container)        tin
can                          clink
candy                        lollies
cantaloupe                   rockmelon
cast off                     second hand
centennial                   centenary
cigar store                  tobacconist
check                        cheque
cinder (unsealed road)       dirt\metal
city hall                    town hall
check                        cheque
checkers (game)              draughts
clerk (CLIRK)                clerk (CLARK)
closet (clothes closet)      robe
clothes pins                 clothes pegs
cookie                       biscuit
college                       high school
coveralls                    overalls
crackers                     biscuits
crap (sl. rubbish)           bull
curb                         kerb
dating                       going out with/going steady
drapes                       curtains
dead on (sl.)                spot on
diaper                       nappy
diner                        cafe/takeaway
disbarred                    struck off
dock (for ships/boats)       quay
dresser                      wardrobe
drug store                   chemist
dude                         dandy
dumped on                    shit on
efficiency apartment         bed-sitter
elevator                     lift
fall                         autumn
faucet                       tap
fender (of a car)            mudguard
fire department              fire brigade
fired                        sacked
first floor                  ground floor
flashlight                   torch
flip flops                   thongs
for rent                     to let
freight train                goods train
french fries/fries           chips
gasbagging                   chattering
gasoline (or gas)            petrol
garbage dump                 tip
good for you                 good on you
gotten                       got
go to pieces                 go to the pack
grunt (soldier)              slog
hock                         pawn
hood                         bonnet
installment plan             hire-purchase
intermission                 interval
janitor                      caretaker
jello                        jelly
jelly                        jam
keep watch                   keep nit
ketchup                      tomato sauce
knock up (get pregnant)      duff
lawyer                       solicitor
line                         que
local taxes                  council rates
locomotive                   engine
long distance (telephone)    trunk/std/isd
loony                        screwy
luggage                      bags
mail                         post
mailman                      postman
mincemeat                    mince
mom (mother)                 mum
municipal judge              magistrate
necking                      parking
nuclear (new kew luh)        nuclear (new clear)
newsstand                    paper stand
outlet                       power point
pacifier                     dummy
pal (sl. friend)             mate
pharmacist                   chemist
phone booth                  phone box
picked up (arrested)         pinched
pick - up                    utility
pinky                        little finger
pop                          soft drink
prison guard                 warder
railroad car                 railway carriage
realtor                      real estate agent
root                         barrack
root beer                    ginger beer
rubber boots/rubbers         gum boots/galoshes
rumble seat (car)            dickey seat
safecracker                  safebreaker
sauce                        gravy
sawed                        sawn
scallion                     spring onion
schedule (SKED-JULE)         schedule (SHED-JULE)
Scotch tape                  cellotape
scratch pad                  scribbler
second floor                 first floor
shrimp                       prawn
sidewalk                     footpath
show up (sl. arrive)         show/lob
slot machine                 poker machine (pokie)
Soda/pop                     soft drink
stand (law court)            dock
stockholder                  shareholder
stool pigeon (sl. informer)  dobber
store (general/convenience)  shop
suspenders                   braces
Sweater                      jumper/pullover
takeout (food)               takeaways
theme park                   carnival
traffic circle/rotary        roundabout
trailer(camper)              caravan
trash                        garbage
trench coat                  overcoat
truck (motor truck)          lorry
trunk (of a car)             boot
traffic circle               roundabout
TV (sl.)                     telly (sl.)
undershirt                   singlet
pickup                       ute
vacation                     holiday
vest                         waistcoat
vise (tool, clamp)           vice
washroom/bathroom            toilet
weeners                      cocktail frankfurts/cheerios
windshield                   windscreen
witness stand                witness box
wrench                       spanner
yield sign                   stop sign
z (zee)                      z (zed)
zip code                    post code

     Apart from the above is the accent trap that  exists for the travelling
     relaxed tourist no matter where he comes from or is passing through.
     I'm not the one to speak from experience because I've hardly been
     anywhere ............but I do read quite a bit .........and the best
     example is the following travellers recount ............

       In American restaurants I was asked by the  waitress  "...and would
       you like soup or salad with that?"
       To me it sounded like    "...would you like super salad with that?"
       This  set my imagination off, wondering what a "super salad" might
       be - and together with not wanting to appear ignorant, I instinctively
       replied "Yes please"..........much to the chagrin of the waitress
       who expected a quite different reply.

     And that's what we here in Oz would call "A bit of a difference!"

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©Ted Middleton 2000.

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