OZspeak I-M

ICED Executed ICY HOT Stinging cold IDIOT BOX Television set I DIPS ME LID I take my hat off to..... IFFY Suspect/uncertain/unreliable IF PUSH COMES TO SHOVE As a last resort IF THE CAP FITS If the description applies ..... IF THE SHOE FITS If the description applies ..... IF WALLS COULD TALK I would like to know what was said IF YOU CANT BEAT 'EM, JOIN 'EM Be a winner IF YOU GET STUCK If you need help I'LL GO WITH THAT I agree/I accept that I'LL GIVE YOU THE DRUM Thats for certain/I promise you I'LL SAY I agree I'M ALRIGHT JACK Never mind you, I'm ok. I'M GOOD No thanks I'M OKAY, YOU'RE OKAY Everything's alright IN A BIND Upset/worried IN A FLAP Much ado about nothing/panic IN A FLASH Really quickly/quick as a flash... IN A NUTSHELL Essentially IN A SPIN Confused IN A TIZZY Confused state of mind IN DISNEYLAND Not in the real world INFLUENCE PEDDLING Threatening IN FOR A PENNY - IN FOR A POUND To go all the way/to do what is needed INKED Overcome/drunk/tatooed IN LEAPS AND BOUNDS Very quickly IN MY BOOK In my opinion IN NO TIME Immediately/quickly IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS Straight to the point/firmly IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR At the start IN ON THE ACT To join in/mimic/ IN OVER YOUR HEAD Its beyond your comprehension, ability INTRO Introduce INSIDE INFORMATION Info from the "source" IN SPADES In a much bigger way IN STIR In gaol(jail) INTERESTINGLY ENOUGH Its interesting to note IN THE BAG Achieved/in hand/a certainty IN THE CACK In trouble IN THE FLESH In person IN THE FRAME In the vicinity IN THE GRIP OF THE GRAPE Drunk/a "wino" IN THE HUNT With a chance IN THE LOOP Informed/aware/in the habit IN THE NICK OF TIME At the last moment IN THE PICTURE On the scene/understands the situation IN THE PINK Fit/in good health IN THE PIPELINE Planned/on the agenda IN THE PUDDIN' CLUB Pregnant IN THE SAME SQUARE Comparative IN THE SHIT In trouble IN THE SOUP In trouble IN THE STIR Involved/incarcerated IN THE SWIM In general/related to IN THE TREES Confused/lost touch IN THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE Suddenly IN THIS DAY AND AGE Now INTO IT Engrossed/enthusiastic involvement IRONS IN THE FIRE Alternatives or interests IRON OUT Knock down (also amicably settle) IS HE EVER Yes he is IS HE WHAT Yes he is an ITCH A yearning for IT CUTS BOTH WAYS It works out even/its fair that way IT GOES AGAINST MY GRAIN Its not my way/its offensive to me an i-TIE An Italion ITS A BOOMERANG Bring it back/its only on loan ITS A PIG Its dreadful, nowhere near good. ITS BEEN SAID Some people believe ITS SAID Its believed ITS SWEET Its OK/I can handle it IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO It takes 2 people (litigation etc) I'VE BEEN TO BALI TOO I've experienced that in a way IVORIES Piano keys/teeth JABBER Incoherent chatter JACK Tired of it JACK Selfish/alone a JACK AND JILL Bill/invoice a JACKASS A foolish person JACK DANCER Cancer to JACK OFF Masturbate JACKED OFF Really cranky JACK MALONE Alone JACKEROO Male station (ranch) hand JACKMAN Selfish person("I'm alright jack....") it's JAKE It's OK/all right JACKO Kookaburra/slang for "Jack" JACK OF ALL TRADES Unqualified but with broad knowledge JACK OF IT Had enough of it to JACK OFF Masturbate/behave stupidly JACK UP To refuse/raise (the ante or price) a JACKY An aboriginal male a JACKY HOWE A shirt with no sleeves JAG Hook by reflex or luck/a Jaguar car JAIL BAIT Youngish girl/underaged female JAKE OK/yes JALLOPY Young persons old car JAMBEROO A drinking session or celebration JAM IT Shove it where the sun doesn't shine! JAPANESE BLADDER Used often (wont hold water for long!) JARMIES Pyjamas JATZ CRACKERS Testicles to JAW Talk/a leisurely discussion a JAWBREAKER A long or hard to pronounce word a JAW DROPPER Very impressive JAW DROPPING Extremely impressive/surprising JAZZY Clever JELLY LEGS Intoxicated JEEPERS CREEPERS Exclamation a JERK A fool (also to masturbate) a JERRY Underbed pot - also German JERRYMANDER Making electoral boundaries to suit JIBBER Talk Nonsense JIBBER JABBER Unintelligible talk a JIFFY A very short period of time to JIG To dance/celebratory gyrations the JIG The game/the scam the JIG IS UP It's finished/it's over a JIGGER Something that's set up to assist something JIGGERED Broken/ruined/exhausted a JIGGLE Female masturbation JILLAROO Female (ranch) stationhand JINGLE Small money JOB Profession/line of work a JOB A bowel movement/shit/dung to JOB To beat up/punch/assault JOBBED Beaten up JOBS FOR THE BOYS Give jobs to family & friends JOCKS Male underwear JOE BLAKE Snake JOE BLOGGS An average person a JOE BLOW Someone unknown JOE GARDINERS Boots JOEY Young of Kangaroos/a "youngster" JOG Remind the JOHN The toilet (bathroom) JOHNNY HOPPER A (Copper)policeman JOINED AT THE STOMACH Having similar tastes a JOKER An unidentified person a JOINT A place/abode/area a JOINT A drugged cigarette JOIN THE CLUB Same as me/me too your JOLLIES Happy moments/satisfaction a JOURNO A journalist JOY Success JOY AND SORROW Ups and downs JOY STICK Penis the JUG Jail/prison JUGS Breasts/('tits') JUMBUCK A sheep a JUMP Sex to JUMP Be startled to JUMP ALL OVER Incessantly attack or harass JUMPED UP ..... Overstated/pretentious a JUMPER Usually a woolen sweater was JUMPING Was busy, active, fast, frantic JUMP THE GUN pre empt/rush in/be early JUMP THE RATTLER Catch the train JUMP TO IT Hurry up JUMP UP AND DOWN Passively complain/get nowhere JUNGLE JUICE Home made beer or strong concoctions JUNK MAIL Letterbox drop brochures/ads mail the JURY IS STILL OUT It's not certain/no one is sure JUST ABOUT Nearly/close JUST THE TICKET Perfect/exactly what is required a KANAKA Islander laborers KANGAROO Jump/straddle/jerky car start KANGAROO COURT Judgement before evidence some KANGAROOS LOOSE IN THE TOP PADDOCK Mentally unstable KARK IT Expire/die KEEN AS MUSTARD Fiercely committed to KEEP AN EAR OUT To listen for KEEP AN EAR TO THE GROUND Listen carefully KEEP AN EYE ON Watch/oversee/look for to KEEP AN EYE OUT Look out for/be vigilant KEEP IT UNDER YOUR BELT Keep it a secret/save it for later KEEP IT UNDER YOUR HAT Dont repeat it to anyone KEEP ME POSTED Let me know to KEEP MUM Dont repeat, keep it a secret KEEP NIT Stand watch/be the lookout KEEP ON KEEPING ON Stick with it KEEP OUT OF THE RAIN Stay out of trouble KEEP THE LID ON Conceal KEEP YOUR EARS PEELED Listen KEEP YOUR END UP Do your share/dont give in to KEEP YOUR EYE IN Maintain your skills/practice KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED Be on the lookout/Watch for KEEPING YOUR HAND IN Doing it just for practice KEEP YOUR HAT ON Calm down/show some patience KEEP YOUR HEAD ABOVE WATER Be even minded/survive KEEP YOUR SHIRT ON Display some patience/calm down KELPIE Sheep - cattle dog breed to KEN To understand 'KEN OATH Abbr. "F**ken oath" KERFUFFLE Much ado about little/troubles KERO Kerosine (paraffin) a KETTLE OF FISH A bewildering situation KHYBER Your backside KICK To give up/stop the KICK The "kitty"/centre/pot to KICK Up the ante/recover your KICK Your money/wallet/wad/savings to KICK A GOAL To make a gain/make a good decision a KICK ALONG A boost/an inspiration to KICK AN OWN GOAL A decision that works against you a KICKBACK Illicit commission or gift/a bribe to KICK BACK Relax/slow down KICK IN Donate/add to KICK IN Start up/commence/come into play the KICK OFF The start/beginning KICK ON Continue KICK OUT Celebrate or respond KICK THE BUCKET Cease operating/die to KID Delude/mislead KIDDING Joking/not serious to treat with KID GLOVES Handle gently KIDSTAKES Small bets or risk/rumours KILL 2 BIRDS WITH THE ONE STONE Fill several needs with one action KIND OF Nearly the same/a resmblance to KINDY Childrens kindergarten KING HIT A punch without warning KING'S ENGLISH Proper english KINGS RANSOME A large amount of money a KIP A Snooze/short sleep KISSER Your face the KISS OF DEATH To hex/cause bad luck/to condemn KISS THE CROSS Get knocked out KIT AND CABOODLE The whole lot/everything a KIWI New Zealand citizen KLUNK Clumsy, awkward person KNACK Adept/proficient/the know how KNACKERED Exhausted/broken/useless/finished KNACKERS Testicles KNEE HIGH TO A GRASSHOPPER Small KNEE-KNOCKER Clumsy or insensitive person a KNEE TREMBLER Male knee use to excite female KNOB Penis - also important person a KNOCK Sex/an "easy" female to KNOCK Criticise a KNOCKABOUT Multi talented/experienced/intinerant a KNOCKABOUT Worldly/streetwise/not yet settled to KNOCK A FEW BACK Consume drinks to KNOCK A FEW OVER Consume drinks to KNOCK AROUND Mistreat a KNOCK BACK A refusal or rejection KNOCK BACK Drink to KNOCK BACK A FEW Consume drinks a KNOCK DOWN An introduction to KNOCK DOWN Punch down/demolish/ an introduction KNOCKED Hit/bumped KNOCKED AROUND Mistreated/in poor condition KNOCKED DOWN A reduced offer KNOCKED OFF Stolen the KNOCKDOWN PRICE The accepted offered price KNOCKED OUT Bashed unconscious KNOCKED ABOUT Roughly treated/in poor condition KNOCKED ROTTEN Staggered KNOCKED SILLY Dazed KNOCKED UP Hastily assembled/thrown together KNOCKED UP Tired/exhausted(also. pregnant) a KNOCKER Someone who criticises KNOCKERS Breasts/testicles/also="critics") KNOCK HER OFF Have sex with her. KNOCK HIM OFF Defeat him. KNOCK IT To give a bad report. KNOCK IT OFF Stop it (also... steal it & kill it) KNOCK KNEED Ungainly a KNOCK OFF A replicated copy to KNOCK OFF Steal/discount/be intimate with/finish to KNOCK OFF Defeat/dethrone KNOCK ON Lose the plot/make a mistake KNOCK ON WOOD Hope for a KNOCKOUT Great looks/very attractive KNOCK SHOP A brothel to KNOCK UP Make pregnant/to assemble KNOCK YOURSELF OUT Indulge to your hearts content KNOW FULL WELL Well aware KNOW THE SCORE Know whats happening/going on KNOW WHICH SIDE YOUR BREAD IS BUTTERED ON = Know whats best for you KNOW YOUR ONIONS Know what you're saying or doing KNUCKLE Fight KNUCKLEBRAIN Stupid person KNUCKLE DOWN Get on with it/try harder/get serious KNUCKLEHAPPY Delights in fighting KNUCKLEHEAD Dim witted slow person KNUCKLE MERCHANT A person who enjoys fighting KNUCKLE ON Fight KNUCKLE OVER Force yourself to KNUCKLE PIED Punched KNUCKLE SANDWICH A fist KNUCKLE UNDER Be forced to KNUCKLE UP A fight K.O. Knockout/stop KOORI Aboriginal (S/E Australia) KOSHER OK the KYBOSH Put a stop to/to thwart/to hex a LABOUR OF LOVE An avid interest/a pleasurable project a LAD A joker LADY 6oz glass of beer LADY MUCK A woman putting on airs to LAG ON Inform on/betray LAID Had sex LAID BACK Casual air/relaxed demeanor LAID DOWN Gave up/ceased trying LAID INTO Frantically attack and beat LAID IT ON Put on a show/overact to impress LAIR Favourite hangout/a flashy showoff a LAME DUCK Restricted/a pretender/no real power to LAND Acquire/attain/to be given LANDED Acquired/delivered LANDED WITH Stuck with/caught with/accused of LAND THE MUSTARD To win money/acquire LAP UP Soak up/delight in LARGE AS LIFE AND TWICE AS UGLY Describing a huge surprise LARGER THAN LIFE Noticeable LARRIKIN Mischievous person give it a LASH Make an an attempt LASH OUT Become violent or extreme/retaliate LAST BUT NOT LEAST Not the least LAST GASP At the very last moment LAST LEGS Approaching use by date/nearing death the LAST STRAW That which became too much to bear LATCH ON TO Understand/to seize on/to join with LATEST OFFERING Newest excuse/latest release LAUGHING GEAR Mouth/lips/teeth LAV Toilet LAVVY Toilet LAW AND ORDER Peace of mind LAW OF THE JUNGLE No orderly peace/kill or be killed LAY-BY Pay off before acquiring(time payment) LAYING RUBBER Spin tyres/to travel in a car LAY INTO Attack/beat severely/punch/kick LAY OFF Cease pressuring/put out of work LAZY WESTERLY Doesn't go around, it goes through you! LEADING A WATER BAG Carrying a water bag LEAD UP What happened beforehand LEAK Urinate LEAST RESISTANCE The weakest point LEAVE FOR DEAD Surpasses/is superior/outclasses a LECKIE Electrician to be LED A MERRY DANCE Outpaced/led on/hoodwinked LED UP THE GARDEN PATH Being deceived a LEFT FOOTER Someone who doesnt fit in or agree LEFT FOR DEAD Left behind/abandoned LEFT HANGING Abandoned LEFT IN THE LURCH Abandoned LEFT ON THE SHELF Unmarried/old bachelor/old spinster LEFT RIGHT AND CENTRE From everywhere/all around LEFT STANDING Left behind LEGGY Long legs a LEG IN An advantage to LEG IT To go on foot/walk or run LEGLESS Drunk/unsteady/without excuse LEG OPENER Alcohol for a females. a LEG OVER Sex a LEG PULLER A prankster LEG ROPED Married/hampered LEGS Stamina or power a LEG UP A boost/assistance a LEMON Something jinxed/faulty/a sour person at LEMONS Half time/at the break LEND A HAND Assist a LENGTH Penis a LERK Dubious payment or benefit/a racket LERKS AND PERKS Benefits of position held LET HER RIP OK to commence LET IT GO Release or forget it/dont dwell on it LET ONE RIP Pass wind/fart LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE Dont embarrass LET THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG Spoil the surprise/expose a secret LET WELL ENOUGH ALONE Didn't continue/shied away LET UP Stop LEZZO Lesbian a Lick A small amount to LICK To overcome (person or problem) a LICK AND A PROMISE Superficial clean/hurried maintenance LICKITY SPLIT Quick/fast/full speed LICKING THE PAINT OFF THE FENCE = Destitute a LID A hat/a cover LIFE AFTER ..... What happens after..... danger to LIFE AND LIMB Physical threat LIFE IMITATES ART Life is a stage (play) to LIFT Procure/win - also to "steal" to LIFT THE LID Expose/reveal all LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL The goal is in sight/hope LIGHTEN UP Dont be so serious LIGHT FINGERED A thief/untrustworthy LIGHT ON Short of money LIGHTS Eyes/ consciousness KNOCKED HIS LIGHTS OUT Knocked hi unconscious LIGHT UP Become happy LIKE ...... Sort of ...... LIKE A BAT OUT OF HELL Pure speed LIKE A BLUE ARSED FLY Extremely busy LIKE A BOARDING HOUSE PUDDING Used to describe something boggy LIKE A BONDI TRAM Fast LIKE A BRICK SHITHOUSE Solid/tough LIKE A BULL AT A GATE Impatiently/without thinking/rush in LIKE A BULL IN A CHINA SHOP Extremely clumsy/terribly indelicate LIKE A BAT OUT OF HELL Extremely fast LIKE A CHOKED PRAWN Bulging eyes LIKE A CHOKED PRAWN Eyes bulging/gasping LIKE A CHOOK WITH ITS HEAD CHOPPED OFF = Panic mode/ran in circles LIKE A CORK IN A STORM Bobbing up and down LIKE A COP IN A HOLDUP Out of place LIKE A COUNTRY DUNNY All alone/stood out LIKE A CROW IN AN UPDRAFT Jumped LIKE A DOSE OF SALTS Made/make big changes LIKE A DROVERS DOG Thin LIKE A FLEA IN A CHURN Hopeless victim in a fight LIKE A HAIRY GOAT Rough LIKE A HALF SUCKED MANGO Describing the face of an ugly female LIKE HENS TEETH Very rare LIKE A JUDGE IN A BROTHEL Embarrassed/unusual LIKE A MALLEE BULL Upset/injured/indignant LIKE NOBODYS BUSINESS Frantically LIKE A PACKAPOO TICKET Messy/untidy LIKE A PORK CHOP AT A JEWS WEDDING = Out of place LIKE PISSING INTO THE WIND Futile/stupid LIKE A RAT UP A DRAINPIPE Quick movement LIKE ROCKING HORSE SHIT Scarce(very) LIKE SARDINES IN A CAN Crowded LIKE A SCRUB TURKEY Jittery/frightened etc. LIKE A SHAG ON A ROCK Alone eyes LIKE A SHELL ROADMAP Bloodshot eyes goes/went LIKE A SHOWER OF SHIT Enormously fast and powerful LIKE SMOKING IN A FUEL DEPOT Volatile LIKE A SOBER DRUNK Sudden realisation LIKE A SORE THUMB Stands out from anything similar LIKE A STUNNED MULLET Froze/surprised/unconscious LIKE TALKING TO A BRICK WALL No reasonable response LIKE THE CLAPPERS Frantically fast LIKE THE PLAGUE Very noticeable LIKE TITS ON A BULL No use whatsoever LIKE A THREE LEGGED HORSE Unstable LIKE WATER OFF A DUCKS BACK There was no effect LIKE WATER ON A DUCKS BACK There was no effect LIKE WAX Not likely/no LIKE A WOUNDED BULL Charges like/cant reason with him LILLYWHITE Beyond reproach/completely honest LIMBER UP Exercise to warm up/stretching a LIMPO An effiminate male LINEBALL Very even/see...."touch and go" a LINEMAN Surflifesaver feeding lifesavers rope LINGO Language LIP Verbal insolence or impertinence LIPFLAP Prattle/idle talk LIPPY Lipstick my/our LIPS ARE SEALED I/we will not say a word about it a LIQUID LAUGH To throw up/vomit LIQUID LUNCH Lunchtime drinks at work LITTER Indiscriminate mess/Multilpe birth. LITTLE BEGGAR Admired battler LITTLE BLACK BOOK Diary or address book LITTLE JOY No winning feeling the LITTLE MAN IN THE BOAT Clitoris LIVES IN A COCOON Is protected or sheltered from LIVES IN A GLASS HOUSE Has faults/has a past/shouldnt comment LIVING DANGEROUSLY Ignoring the risks LIVING DEAD Brainless/No sense of humour LIVING DOLL Beautiful LIVING HELL Constant pain and worry your LOAF Your head a LOAF SHORT OF A SANDWICH Mentally deficient LOB Arrive/settle in the LOCAL RAG Small local newspaper LOCK, STOCK AND BARREL The whole lot/everything LOCKUP Refuse to talk or elaborate the LOCKUP Jail LOFTY Nickname for a tall (or short!) person a LOG A person without any thought or worry LOLLY Easy or excess money a LOLLYLEGS Drumk LONDON TO A BRICK ON A certainity the LONG DROP Bush (dugout)toilet a LONG DRINK OF WATER Tall lean person LONG HANDLE A mighty swing/effort LONG HOP Long way/wrong way/jump at LONG IN THE TOOTH Aged/old LONG ODDS A slim chance the LONG PADDOCK The outback road verge (feed) LONGSHOT A slim chance/a guess a LONG STREAK Nicname: tall person(also short ones!) a LONGTIME BETWEEN DRINKS A longtime since last time LOO Toilet to LOOK BEAT Appear exhausted or flustered LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP Be careful LOOK FORWARD Plan LOLLYWATER Soft drink/weak liqour LOOK FORWARD TO Happy anticipation LOOKING FOR BLOOD Seeking revemge LOOKS LIKE A DOGS BREAKFAST Dishevelled, untidy or ugly person LOOK THE OTHER WAY Dont interfere/to ignore LOOK UP Call on, examine LOOK WHAT THE CAT DRAGGED IN Chastising greeting LOOPY Person of odd behaviour LOOT Money/profit to LOSE IT Lose composure/become infuriated to LOSE YOUR TONGUE To be speechless LOST HIS MARBLES Lost his reasoning/gone mad LOST IT Lost composure/lost track of matter LOST THE PLOT Forgot the plan/became infuriated LOUSY Mean/petty (also "an abundance of") a LOUEY A huge mistake or lie LOUNGE LIZARD Lazy person/a do nothing type LOVED AND LOST Tried and failed the LOWDOWN The frank details/opinion to LOWER THE BOOM Put an end to... a LOW FLYER A person with low expectations a LOW HEEL A despicable person LOW KEY A low profile/quiet approach LUBRA Aboriginal woman LUG To carry LUGS Ears a LULU Something huge or a lie LUMBERED Caught/charged/arrested/stuck(with) to be LUMBERED WITH To be encumbered with LUMBER UP Unexpected arrivaql/a menacing approach to LUMP Carry LUMPED Carried LUMP OF LARD Fat LUNGBUSTER Cigarette a(2,3,4,etc)LUNGER A (2,3,4...)cylinder engine a LURK A dishonest advantage LUSH Extravagent/an over indulgence MACKA Nickname for Mc... Mac...named mates MAD AS A CUT SNAKE Berserk/crazy MAD AS A HATTER Crazy/strange MAD AS A MEAT AXE Crazy/dangerous person MAD DASH Frenzied flight MADE Set for life/made a name for themself MADE A HOLE IN IT Accomplished a lot MADE HIS MARBLE GOOD Took full advantage MADE IT Was successful MADE OUT Had sex MADE UP Forgave and forgot MAD FRENZY Endless action MADE LIGHT WORK OF IT Finished it easily MAGGOT A despicable person MAGIC Absolutely perfect MAGPIE A chatterbox the MAIL The implied message/vital information MAIN DRAG Main road or street MAIN SQUEEZE Girlfriend/wife MAKE A BIG SPLASH Make an impression upon MAKE A FACE Grimmace/show disgust/show contempt MAKE A FIST OF IT To persevere/a dogged approach MAKE A GO OF IT Serious attempts to succeed MAKE A KILLING Succeed beyond belief/to win big MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT Be brief MAKE A MINT Earn a lot of money to MAKE A MOVE ON Make advances toward to MAKE AN APPLE TART To fart! MAKE A PASS An amorous advance MAKE A PLAY Made a move MAKE A POINT Emphasize a particular point MAKE A QUID Earn money MAKE A RUN FOR IT To flee MAKE A SCENE Start an embarassing commotion MAKE A SPLASH Be extravagant/bring attention MAKE A WELTER OF Overemphasise/indulge in to excess MAKE BOTH ENDS MEET Live within your means MAKE DO Get by with what you have MAKE ENDS MEET Live within your means MAKE IT COUNT Make an impression/be remembered MAKE GOOD Succeed MAKE MY DAY I dare you to offend me MAKE NO BONES ABOUT IT No mistake/no apologies MAKE PRETEND Act otherwise MAKE TRACKS Leave/go/travel/proceed MAKE UP () MIND Decide MAKE WHOOPEE Celebrate MALE CHAUVINIST A male being a male MALLEE Low growing outback eucalypt scrubland MAN-HOLE Vagina MAN HUNTER A female looking for a male MAN'S BEST FRIEND Dog MANY MOONS A long time MARCHING ORDERS A sending off/directions to leave an easy MARK Someone easy to impose on MARKEDLY DOWN Seeminly lower/low self esteem MARKEDLY UP Seemingly higher/better self esteem the MARIAH Multi person police waggon a MARY An aboriginal woman MATE A pal/...s = your group (not female!) MATES RATES Low rate of charges for friends MATILDA Swag/Bluey/blanket roll MATTED Scolded/censured a MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH Most important MAZUMA Gambling or spare money ME (car, brother etc) My (car, brother etc) MEALY MOUTH Slimy/sweet talker MEAT Substance/a penis MELLOW OUT Fade away your MELON Your head the MERRY-GO-ROUND Life and its normal percentages a MERV (Perv) Look over/admire/ogle a METHO A methylated spirits drinker a MEXICAN Anyone south of the border MIAH MIAH Primitive aboriginal shelter MICHAEL Vagina a MICK Irish/Catholic/Priest MICKEY Vagina a MICKEY FINN A drug laced drink MICKEY MOUSE OK/good/excellent(also=insignificant) MIDDLE GROUND Common/neutral/that which is agreed to MIDDLE IT An exactness MIDDY 10 oz (280ml) glass of beer MIDSTREAM Before finishing MIFFED Upset/disturbed/angered MILK BAR Old style takeaway MILKO Milkman MINCE WORDS Pleasant but not to the point MIND YOUR P's AND Q's Mind your manners or language MINGY Mean/miserable MIN MIN Fabled ghostly outback night lights MINTIE Luck a MIRROR People who say "I'll look into it" MISSED THE BUS Left behind/a lost opportunity MISS GOODY TWO-SHOES A pretender to perfection the MISSUS Wife MITT Your hand MIXED BAG Some good and some bad/a mixture to MIX IT To engage/fight back a Moe A moustache a MOB Herds of sheep, cattle or kangaroos the MOB The usual or average people or group MOB HYSTERIA Group frenzy MOB LAW Group hysteria judgement MOB RULE Group intimidation the MOCKER To wish a hex or jinx on.... MOCK UP A staged event MODS & CONS The latest in technology MOLLYCODDLE Overprotect a MOLLYDOOKER A lefthanded person MOMENT OF GLORY Most recognised time a MOMENT'S RESPITE A short rest MONDAY ITIS Reluctant return to work * MONEY (Oz) Chaff/hoot/brass/bikkies/oodle "the neccessary"/holdings/greens scrip/moolah/motza etc etc...... Denomination Pronounced/Slang
------------------------------------------------------------ FARTHING (Quarter of one Penny)......... HALFPENNY "A Haip-nee" PENNY (A Penny,tuppence etc) (pence) THREEPENCE "Throopence"/"A Tray"/"a Triz" SIXPENCE "A Zac" "A Tanner" "A Kick" SHILLING (12 pennies) "A Bob"/"A Deener" TWO SHILLINGS (One Florin) "Two Bob"/"A Swy" HALF CROWN (Two shilligs & sixpence) (Not in my time) A CROWN (Five Shillings) (Weren't around when I grew up) TEN SHILLING (NOTE) "Ten Bob"/"a buck" ONE POUND (NOTE) "A Quid" "A fiddeldy-did" FIVE POUND (NOTE) "A Fiver" "a spin" TEN POUND (NOTE) "A Tenner" "a spot" TWENTY POUND (NOTE) "A Twenty" "a brick" **The old standard of ONE GUINEA equalled ONE POUND, ONE SHILLING and was last struck as a gold coin in 1813 but the value was widely quoted and recognised when I was growing up (40-50's). An old standard for a doctors fees. Sort of a "super pound" reserved or demanded doctors mainly. end Money........................................................ MONEYBAGS Someone who has plenty of money MONEY FOR JAM Easy money/simple to do MONEY MAN Banker MONGREL Mixed breed/someone despicable MONIED Rich/upper class MONIKER Name or "known as" MONKEY AROUND Fool around/play jokes/interfere MONKEY SUIT A strange suit or uniform MONKEY SEE - MONKEY DO Imitator without intelligence to MONSTER To overwhelm with brute force MONTH OF SUNDAYS A long time MOOCH Linger aimlessly/generally do nothing MOOLAH Money MOOMBA Party to MOON To expose your bottom MOOSH The face MOP Head of hair MOPPED THE FLOOR WITH HIM Beat him badly and easily MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE More to it MORE THAN YOU COULD POKE A STICK AT = A great many/a multitude a MORNING GLORY a piss horn/an early morning erection MOTLEY MOB Varied lot/unlikely looking group MOTORMOUTH An incessant talker to MOTOR Hurry/go at pace a MOTZA Huge MOUCHE The face a MOUTHFUL Verbal abuse a MOUTHFUL OF CROCKERY Prominent teeth MOUTH OFF Talk too much/boasting MOVE OVER ROVER Lookout/make way MOVERS AND SHAKERS People that make things happen MOVING EXPERIENCE Memorable happening MOW THE BRIGALOW Shave (the face stubble) MOXY Essence/experience/fortitude MOZZIE Mosquito MUCK(ED) AROUND Fiddled/joked/waste of time/aimless MUCK IN Help with/assist MUCK UP To misbehave/a mistake MUD Cement mixture MUD GUTS A ("fatso") overweight person MUDDIES Mud crabs MUDDY Unclear/cast doubt MUDSLINGER A gossiping critic/also a bricklayer MUFF Female genital hair to MUFF IT Make a mistake/poor performance a MUG Naive person/also your face MUGGED Beaten and or robbed MUGGED UP Arrived/showed up MUGGY Hot and humid /sticky-sweaty weather MUG LAIR A transparent flashy person a MUG'S GAME A bad choice or pursuit/poor decision MUG SHOT Photo of a face the MULGA The "Outback"/the bush MULL Marihuana (for smoking) MULLARKY Thoughtless actions or responses a MULLIGRUB Of low trajectory/a low flat delivery MULL IT OVER To think/ponder a MULLIGRUB Low/along the ground/non bouncing MUM Don' repeat MUMBO JUMBO Unintelligible talk/ravings the MUNCHIES Endless hunger or snack cravings a MUNG Abbr. Mongrel MURRAY Torres Strait Aborigine MURRI Aboriginal (N/E Australia) MUSCATEER A "wino"/drunk on wine to have MUSCLE Power/influence MUSCLE IN Push in uninvited - enter with force MUSCLE UP Have intestnal fortitude/face up MUSO Musician MUSTER Cattle roundup/parade/gather up MUTT Dog MUTT EYES Fried eggs MUTTON DRESSED AS LAMB Old made (or trying to look) young MY ARSE Bullshit MY EYE Exclamation ... "Not Likely" MY OLD GIRL My wife/my mother MY OLD LADY My wife MY OLD MAN My husband/my father MYSTERIES Sausages MYSTERY BAGS Sausages MY TUPPENCE WORTH My opinion/my comment Continued ozspeak.n-p file

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