OZspeak D-H

DACKS Trousers a DAD AND DAVE Shave DADDY OF THEM ALL The biggest one of all (of anything) a DAG Excretia (as caught in the rear end of a sheep) DAGGY Extremely bad taste a DAGO Hairy or darkskinned/swarthy DAILY YAWN Usual boredom DAKS Pants/trousers/shorts the DAMAGE The proce asked or paid DAMAGED GOODS Compromised/not as original a DAME Female/woman DAMNED Cursed DAMNED IF YOU DO, DAMNED IF YOU DONT A cant win situation. DAMPER Bush prepared bread a DAMP SQUID A failure DANCE Fight DANCE TO A TUNE Be controlled by someone or thing DANDER Ire/temper a DANDY Well dressed (but not respected!) just DANDY Great/terrific (also as a negative) DANGLE THE DONGLE Urinat DANGLE THE DONKEY Urinate DARKEST DAYS Worst period DARKEST BEFORE THE DAWN Worse when not considered a DASHER Flamboyant/fearless DARWIN STUBBIE Large (2litre) bottle of beer to DATE Accompany/a mutual encounter your DATE Your Anus DATE ROLL Toilet paper roll DAVEY JONES LOCKER The ocean deep DEAD AS A DODO Well and truly dead DEAD AS A DOORNAIL Dead beyond question DEAD AS A MEAT AXE Dead some more DEADBEAT A disinterested unemployable person a DEAD CERT An absolute (?) certainty a DEAD EYE DICK Good marksman,anticipation or reasoning DEAD GIVEAWAY Glaringly exposed DEAD HORSE Tomato sauce/a useless argument DEAD ISSUE No longer an issue a DEAD LOSS Worthless person or fruitless pursuit DEADLY Not to be trifled with/dangerous a DEADLY TREADLY Quick cycle (push bike) a DEAD MARINE Empty beer or wine bottle a DEAD RINGER Same as/a duplicate/anew DEAD SET Gauranteed accurate a DEAF EAR Pretend not to hear or see the DEAL A verbal compromise offer DEATH AND DESTRUCTION Bad times/bad news DEATH AND TAXES The inevitable on DEATH'S DOORSTEP Very ill/sick/poor DECK The ground or floor/to knock down DECKED Knocked down or over DECKED OUT Dressed up/fitted out a DEENER OR TWO A fair amount of money DEEP POCKETS Mean person/reluctant to spend money to DEMOLISH Overcome/consume a DEMON/DEMONS Enforcers/police/a fanatic DER How really stupid! a DERBY A tribal or local tussle/a speed race DERK Brainless idiot DERRO A nut case/dropout DESPO A desperate person DEVIL MAY CARE Thoughtless/cavalier DIAL Your face DIBBLE DABBLE A small interest in..../small bet DICEY Risky/dangerous DICK Penis/stupid/thoughtless DICKHEAD No brain DICKY Unreliable/faulty to DIDDLE Overcharge/rob (also "Penis) DID Vanquished/beaten/had sex with DIDGE Authentic/true DID HIS BLOCK Lost his temper DID HIS LOLLY Went berserk DIDNT HAVE TIME TO SCRATCH MYSELF = I was too busy DIDNT KNOW IF HE WAS ARTHUR OR MARTHA -- Was confused DIDNT TOUCH THE SIDES The first one (thirsty drinker!) DIDN"T TROUBLE THE JUDGE Clearly beaten (no photo needed) to DIE Stop/slow/give up(near the finnish) the DIFF The difference a DIG A turn at/an embarrassing remark DIG Mate/friend/Oz soldier/ DIG DEEP Give generously DIGERIDOO Aboriginal ceremonial instrument DIGGER Aussie soldier the DIGGINGS The past/old ground/(also a mine) DIG IN Help yourself (to food etc.) to eat the DIGIT Raised middle finger! DIGITS Fingers DIGS Where you live or are mostly to DIG UP Acquire/find/discover a DIKE A lesbian DILL A person of low intelligence/a fool DILLY BAG Bag to carry goodies or foodstuff to DILLY DALLY To linger/waste time/lack action DIMWIT Not very bright mentally DING Your bottom/also-small vehicle accident DINGALING Stupid or wildly odd person DINGBAT Wildly naive/a strange person DING-DONG An odd person/a frantic action DINGO A cowardly sneaky person/native dog a DINGO'S BREAKFAST Nothing ("A good look around!") DINK To double ride or pillion DINKI DI The real thing/ Australian DINKUM True DINNER Lunch time! DIP Cattle or sheep chemical dip DIP Swim/surf/immerse DIP OUT Miss out DIPPY Odd/strange DIPSTICK A nut case/dimwit/not with it/a loser DIPSHIT A crazy or dangerous person DIPSY DOODLE To totter/trip/stumble/also=a weirdo DIP THE WICK Have sex DIRTY ON Mad at/upset/dislikes a DISH Very attractive female DISHED UP Offered/given/implied DISH IT OUT Inflict pain or embarrassment the DITCH The ocean between Oz and New Zealand to DITCH Dispose of/sever a relationship a DITZ A nobody DITZY Unorganised/not up with things a DIVE A hovel/slum/neglected & dirty DIVVY UP Split the proceeds/share out DIXIE A bucket the DIZZY LIMIT The ultimate extent to DO Vanquish/beat/have sex with DO A BUNK Run away/disappear DO A U-EE Make a u-turn/go the opposite way DOB Betray/point the finger at DOB IN To betray/expose DOBBER One who betrays another to DOCTOR Add to/adjust/spike drinks/disguise DOCTOR IT UP Temporary repair/disguise a DODGE A questionable scheme or action a DODGER A circular or a pamphlet DODGY Questionable/flawed DODO Not with it/stupid/an idiot DOE - EYED In love DOESN"T GROW ON TREES Its hard to get/rare DOESN'T KNOW IF HE'S ARTHUR OR MARTHA= He's confused/ DOESNT STACK UP Doesnt sound right/sounds suspicious a DOG Useless/a lemon/ugly/bad (not canine!) to DOG To betray the DOG AND BONE The phone a DOGGER Buys unwanted horses for dog food DOG IN THE MANGER Unwelcome or cowardly or bad behaviour a DOGMAN A good time friend a DOGS BREAKFAST A mess a DOGS EYE A meat pie DO IN Put paid to/kill DOING IT TOUGH Struggling DOLE Unemployment benefits DOLE BLUDGER Person preferring welfare to a job a DOLE-EE Anything or anyone that wont work a DOLL Attractive woman to DOLLY-UP Hide flaws or faults/a cover up DOLLED UP Smartly dressed and presented DOME Your head DONE Vanquished/beaten/had sex with DONE A BUNK Fled DONE AND DUSTED Over and forgotten/finished DONE A RUNNER Ran from responsibility a DONE DEAL All arranged and agreed to DONE LIKE A DINNER Comprehensively beaten/trounced DONE OVER Thoroughly duped or beaten DONE TO A TURN Prepared perfectly DONE UP Well presented/repaired to DONG To strike on top of the head a DONGA Temporary very basic living quarters a DONGER A club or stick/penis a DONK A motor/engine DONKEYS YEARS A long time a DONNYBROOK A brawl/fight DONT CRAMP MY STYLE dont interfere/3 is a crowd/go away DONT HAVE YOURSELF ON Dont delude yourself/dont be so sure DONT MINCE YOUR WORDS Get straight to the point DONT QUIT YOUR DAY JOB You have no talent here a DOODAD A handy item/ a tool DOODADS Extras a DOODAR Something you cant name a DOO-DAH Something you have no name for a DOODLE Penis to DOODLE Randomly scribble/hang around a DOOVER Anything generally a DOOZIE Huge/of gigantic proportion a DORK Clumsy, awkward ungainly person a DOROTHY DIX A hard luck story DOSH Money DOSSER Lazy person (see Sundowner) DOUBLE DUTCH Hard to understand/gibberish a DOUBLE EDGED SWORD Something serving two purposes a DOUBLE WHAMMY A follow up setback/double trouble DOUBTING THOMAS Someone who doubts everything DOUGH Money DOUGHY (dough-ee) A second hand (used) cigarette DOWN Deflated/sad/out of sorts/to knock down DOWN A FEW Have a few drinks a DOWNER A disappointment DOWN IN THE DUMPS Unhappy mood DOWN ON Against/vengeful toward DOWN ONE Drink a beer DOWN PAT Fully understood/mastered/perfected DOWN THE CHUTE Bankrupted/exposed/discredited DOWN THE GURGLER Wasted DOWN THE HATCH Swallow/drink DOWN THE ROAD later on/in the future DOWN THE TRACK Later in time DOWN THE TUBE Lost/wasted/gone just DOWN THE WAY Not far away/close by DOWN TO THE LINE Competitive all the way DOWN TO THE WIRE A closely contested finish DOWN TOWN The city centre/the CBD DOWN TRODDEN Unfairly treated DOWN UNDER Australia(HOME to Aussies)and NZ DO YOUR BLOCK Become cranky/lose your temper DRAC Ugly/forbidding/low class/no form DRAFT Prepare and class (usually cattle) a DRAG Boring/undesirable/a race to DRAG ON Occur slowly/to imbibe or inhale from a DRAG QUEEN Male dressed as a female DRAG THE CHAIN Slow paced/lazy DRAIN THE DRAGON Urinate DRAIN THE LIZARD Urinate DRAMA Trouble DRAMA QUEEN A panicky, complaining person DRASTIC ACTION Urgent remedy to DRAW A LONG BOW To expand on/to imagine further to DRAW A SHORT BOW To judge quickly/jump to conclusions to DRAW STUMPS To bring things to a close DRAW THE SHORT STRAW Get the booby prize or hardest task DRAW THE LINE Wont accept a DRAY A cart (usually horsedrawn) DREAM REALITY Strange but true DREDGE UP Intense search and find a DREG Lowlife person DRESS DOWN Berate DRESSED TO KILL Dressed to impress the opposite sex DRESSED UP TO THE NINES Well dressed/formally dressed DRESSED UP LIKE A POX DOCTORS CLERK = Formally dressed/stuffy dresser DRIBS AND DRABS A trickle/in small amounts DRIED UP Stopped supply or occurance the DRIES Thirsty the DRIFT What is implied/the meaning to DRILL IT A perfect performance the DRINK Any body of water DRINK WITH THE FLIES To drink alone a DRIP Stupid or naive person DRIVEN INTO THE GROUND Worked to exhaustion a DRONGO Mundane/boring/naive/weird a DROP A drink/rain to DROP Discard/disassociate from to DROP Knock down to DROP Give birth/announce/let slip DROP BY Call on DROPDEAD Describing irresistible/worth dying for a DROPKICK Failure/a no hoper/a loser to DROPKICK To get rid of DROPPED Knocked down/knocked out/released DROPPED HIS BUNDLE Panicked/lost his temper DROPPED THE BALL Made a mistake DROP YOUR BUNDLE Lose your cool/lose control/panic DROP YOUR GUTS Pass wind DROVER Mounted station hand(USA=cowboy?) a DROVERS DOG could Anyone could/it's easy the DRUM Information/good advice/the facts DRUM UP Produce (real or imagined) DRY Thirsty/tell jokes with a deadpan face a DRY ARGUMENT Unproductive-useless talk/ DRY AS A BONE Drought affected/thirsty DRY AS A CHIP In need of a drink DRY AS A POMMIE TOWEL Thirsty a DRY ARGUMENT A waste of time/not worth consideration a DRY RUN A practice run/a fruitless attempt a DRY GULLY A poor move or selection a DRY PATCH A bad run of luck DRY UP Keep quiet/shut up a DRUMMER The slowest person/last to finish the D.T's Delirium Tantrums/drunk & out of your mind a DUBBO A dense person DUCK...(down,over,away etc) Go..... DUCK Go/temporary absence/avoid DUCKS AND DRAKES Dodging the issue/dishonest dealing DUCKS DINNER Liquid (only)meal DUCK SHOVE Put off a decision/pass on the blame DUD Doesn't work as it should/a failure DUDDED Fooled/robbed/been had a DUDDER A conman DUDS Trousers/Pants/Slacks your DUFF Your bottom, backside etc a DUFFER An ageing or eccentric person DUFFER Thief (livestock) /also a fool DUKES Fists DUMB AS AN OX Really dumb a DUMB CLUCK Naive inane person DUMBO Backward or naive person DUMMY Pretend /feign/non thinking person DUMMYDON Land of the stupid a DUMMY SPIT A loss of ones temper/a negative action a DUMP A wreck/a mess/also excrement DUMP DOWN Incessant rain DUMPED IN IT Put at a disadvantage DUMPED ON Made to look bad/made fun of/berated DUMPEE Shopper who deserts goods in trolly a DUMPER Quick breaking large wave DUMP ON Criticize/make light of/berate DUNCE Stupid/uneducated DUNG Droppings, cow mainly a DUNGER A shit of a person DUNG PUNCHER Male queer DUNNO Dont know DUNNY Outside toilet(now = any toilet) a DUNNY BUDGIE A blowfly DURRY Used up cigarette DUSTED Shaken or beaten/finished/dead a DUST UP An altercation/a fight DUTCH UNCLE Unknown relation DUTCH COURAGE Bravado derived from alcohol DYED IN THE WOOL Habitual/customary/set ways EAGER BEAVER Willing the day the EAGLE SHITS Pay day! EAR BASH To talk excessively to EAR-BASHER Someone who talks a lot EAR MARK Put aside for a purpose to have your EARS LOWERED To have or have had a haircut an EAR TO THE GROUND Listen to opinion or rumblings EASIER SAID THAN DONE Hard to do EAST Right EASY AS PIE Easy as.... EASY COME, EASY GO Easy to come by, less wory to lose EASY ON To deal lightly with/not so much EASY ON THE EYE Attractive EASY ON THE OPTICS Attractive to EAT To overcome easily EATEN ALIVE Overwhelmed by experience to EAT FACE Kiss EATS LIKE A HORSE Consumes a lot EDUCATED GUESS Evidently EGGED ON Encouraged/swayed by EGGHEAD A nerd or an idiot ELBOW GREASE Effort an ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM An obvious obstacle EMPIRE BUILDERS Public servants/power hungry people EMU BOBBING Picking up cigaret butts(also litter) END OF STORY Inarguable/no further discussion the END OF THE ROAD The end of usefulness/the finish/death ENOUGH ALREADY Stop ENZEDDER A New Zealander ERK Disgusting thing or person ESKY Portable ice cooler(for beer mostly!) EUCHRED Exhausted/broken/cornered EUREKA Found it/got it (a surprise) EVERY MAN AND HIS DOG Everyone EVERY TRICK IN THE BOOK All possible means EVIL TWIN Compares with EXPERTS AGREE Generally accepted as facts EXTEND A HAND Offer friendship or peace EXXY High priced/expensive EYEBALLED Glared at/threatening look an EYEFULL A long look at off your FACE Drunk FACELESS Those behind the scenes FACE THE MUSIC Take your punishment FACT OF LIFE Usually refers to lifes ironies FACTS OF LIFE Usually refers to sex FACE UP Accept the outcome a FAG A cigaret/"queer or gay person" FAINT HEARTED Not fully committed/easily put off FAIR AND SQUARE Honestly/without unfair assistance FAIR COP Understandable punishment FAIR CRACK OF THE WHIP Be fair FAIR DINKUM Really means it/honest/genuine FAIR ENOUGH Sounds OK FAIR GO Fair consideration/being just FAIR SUCK OF THE SAV Fair share/faur go a FAIRY A feminine male a FALL GUY Person "set up" to take the blame to FALL OFF THE PERCH Die FALL ON DEAF EARS Not heeded or listened to FALL ON YOU OWN SWORD A victim of your own hand or standards FALSEHOOD Untrue belief the FAMILY JEWELS Male genitalia in the FAMILY WAY Pregnant a FANDOOGLE A useful thing/something impressive to FANG Bite/eat (also to beg) a FANGER Someon with large or protruding teeth FANGS Teeth FANNY Vagina a FAR CRY FROM A long way from/very different to FARMORAMA Fruit shop/roadside vegetable stall FAR OUT Incredible/amazing FART ARSE AROUND Waste precious time FAST AND LOOSE Insatiably bad morals/relaxed FAST GLASS Car with electric windows a FAST ONE An attempt to hoodwink or cheat FAT CHANCE Long odds/not much hope FAT SLOB Really obese FAVOR US WITH A SONG Give us a song FAVOURITE SON Person most liked/local hero FAZED Deeply concerned/paranoid/astounded FEAR AND LOATHING Worry a FEATHER IN YOUR CAP A memorable achievement FEATHER ONES OWN NEST Personal or selfish accumulation FEDS Police FED UP Had enough/patience exhausted FELLA Fellow/man FELL FOR IT Was taken in FELL IN A HEAP Lost momentum/a sudden relapse FELL OFF THE BACK OF A TRUCK Of doubtful legitimacy/stolen goods FELLOW TRAVELLER Person similarly affected or placed FENCE Dealer in stolen goods FERRAL Uncontrollable or wild person the FERRET Penis to FESS UP Confess/own up/admit to FEW AND FAR BETWEEN Not very often a FEW TOO MANY Imbibe too much alcohol FIB A lie FIBBER Someone who tells lies FIELD THIS ONE Ponder this/deal with this FIFTY TO THE DOZEN Fast/rapid FIGHTS LIKE A THRASHING MACHINE Vigorous pugilist FILLS THE BILL Best qualified FILTHY Angry/aggravated FILTHY LUCRE Money to FIND YOUR TONGUE Have your say a FINE KETTLE OF FISH A problem situation FINE WEATHER FRIEND A friend, till things get tough to FINGER Expose/betray/point to FINGER POINTING Accusing/blaming FIRED UP Focused/keen/impatient to FIRE UP Start/agitate/excite/make keen FIRST CAB OFF THE RANK First availble opening/next FIRST FLEETER Genuine Aussie FIRST IN BEST DRESSED First person has their choice FIRST TIMER A new face/a stranger FISH AND CHIPCATESSAN Fish and chip shop a FISH OUT OF WATER Uncertain/untrained/amateur FISHATORIUM The fish markets FISTYCUFFS A fight or brawl FITS THE BILL Qualifies FITTED Framed FITS THE BILL Suits the requirement or occasion FIVES Fingers FIVE FINGER DISCOUNT Stolen FIVE WILL GET YOU TEN Implies a very good chance or bet FIX UP Satisfy a FIZGIG Betrayal by a friend FIZZYBAIT Dynamite for fishing 'FORE Y' COULD SAY JACK ROBINSON = Fast/quick FOUREYES Weare of spectacles FLACK Abuse/inuendo/accusations/trouble FLAG To signal/to mark/to store FLAG Slow down/tire FLAGS Indicates/marks/hails FLAKE Shark meat a FLAKE Naive or weird person to FLAKE Sleep/drop from exhaustion/pass out FLAKE OUT Pass out FLAME Current love/girlfriend/boyfriend a FLAP A commotion/confusion/near panic FLAP Talk prattle FLAPPERS Ears/lips FLASH Extravagant/gaudy/fancy FLASH Quick nude exposure FLASH AS RAT WITH A GOLD TOOTH Well dressed and groomed FLASH IN THE PAN Once off/a fluke FLAT AS A STRAP Perfectly flat FLAT AS A TACK Full speed FLAT CHAT Maximum pace/top speed FLATFOOT Policeman (walking the beat) FLAT OUT Absolutely/loafing (also top speed) FLAT OUT LIKE A LIZARD DRINKING Very busy FLAT STRAP Full speed/as fast as you can go FLATTEN Beat up FLATTENED LIKE A TACK Quickly beaten FLEECE Rob/take everything FLESH AND BLOOD Family FLEW THE COOP Disappeared/fled the FLICK Dispose of/reject FLICK IT ON Sell for quick profit the FLICKS The movies FLIP Turn over/the reverse/also "stupid" FLIT Leave secretely/flee from duties a FLOATER Something unreliable/a stool (shit!) FLOG Sell/promote/beat up FLOGGING A DEAD HORSE Pursuing a dead issue FLOORED Amazed/taken aback/also "KO'd" a FLOOSIE A promiscuous female FLOP Set down/sit/lay/also a "failure" FLOPPIES Breasts FLOSSY A female (endearment) to FLUFF Pass wind/"fart"/also "fail" a bit of FLUFF A female bum FLUFF Adolescent facial hair a FLUTTER A gamble/bet FLY BY NIGHT Something furtive, unreliable FLYING DOCTOR The Royal Fying Doctor (Outback) to FLY IN THE FACE OF To be contradictory a FLY IN THE OINTMENT A non team member/ FLY OFF Lose patience/lose temper FLY OFF THE HANDLE Become irritable and lose perspective FLY THE COUP Leave home/abscond/run away/flee FOB OFF Wave away/dismiss FOLDING STUFF Paper money FOLLOW SUIT Do the same/to ape/copy FOOD FOR THOUGHT Something to think about FOOT IN MOUTH Faux pas/a verbal slip up FOOTSLOGGERS Soldiers/workers FOOT THE BILL Pay for FOOTY Football FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES It seemed/was intended A FOREIGNER Private job done "at work" FOREIGN ORDER Private project done in the workplace the FORK The crutch/genitals area FORK OUT To pay for/a payment FORK UP Come up with/give/pay FOR THE BIRDS Silly FORTY WINKS A short sleep FOSSICK Search for gold or gems/look for FOSSILS Old people FOUL UP A mistake to be FOUND OUT Exposed/seen as being dishonest FOUREYES Person wearing spectacles FOX Pretend FRAMED Made to look guilty FRAME UP Passed on blame a FRANGER A condom FRAZZLED Burned/electrocuted FREAK OUT Fright/panic/to faint FRECKLE Anus FREEBIE Something for nothing FREEZE Stop/dont move a FRENCH LEATHER A condom a FRENCHIE A condom FRESH AS A DAISY Really fresh a FRESHIE Freshwater crocodile FREUDIAN SLIP Mention in poor taste FRIEND IN NEED A generous, trusting friend a FRILL NECK Lizard/a well dressed male FRITZ A nickname for a German/a salad meat FROG A Frenchman FROG AND TOAD Road FROM SCRATCH From the beginning or start FROM THE YEAR DOT From the very beginning a FRONT A masquerade or disguise/an audacity to FRONT To arrive FRONT UP Come forward/appear/answer for/go to a FRUIT CAKE A mixed up person/an idiot a FRUIT FLY Someone regarded as a pest FRUIT FOR THE SIDEBOARD Easy money a FRUIT LOOP A nut case/weird person FRUMP Dowdy and no sense of humour FUDGE Overstep the mark/creep forward FUGLY Exceptionally ugly FULL Drunk FULL AS A BOOT Drunk FULL AS A FAIRIES PHONE BOOK Of dubious quantity FULL AS A FART Drunk FULL AS A GOOG Drunk FULL AS A TICK Engorged with booze/drunk FULL BORE Flat out/absolutely committed the FULL BOTTLE Everything/clever/fully aware/sane FULL DECK Up with things/open and honest FUL FEATHER Looking good or well FULL OF IT Someone who lies FULL OF SHIT A liar FULL OF THEMSELVES Vain FULL OF WIND All talk but nothing else FULL ON Thoroughly engrossed/great FULL PELT Top speed FULL POINTS Praise/recognition/applause FULL STEAM AHEAD Full speed ahead FULL STICK Top speed/excellent FUN AND GAMES Chaos FUNGUS Body or facial hair FUN IN THE SUN Summer holiday the FUNNY FARM The loony bin FUR BURGER Vagina a FURPHY A waste of time/a rumour FULL AS A BOOT Drunk a FULL BOTTLE Complete briefing or understanding not the FULL BOTTLE Stupid/not very bright FULL UP Tired of FUNNY Peculiar/odd the FUNNY FARM The lunatic asylum/a strange place a FURPHY A rumour or misconception FUZZ Whiskers/hair/stubble/police a FUZZY WUZZY New Guinea native(WW2 "Jungle Angels") GAB Talk/chatter (also "mouth") GAFA (GAFFA) Great Aussie F**K All a GAG Joke to GAG Heave or dry retch GAH GAH Lovestruck/preoccupied/overawed(silly) GALAH Noisy, rowdy & thoughtless person a GALOOT Awkward/clumsy/also clownish person GAME Brave/willing the GAME IS UP The plot or scam is exposed GAMMY Sore/ill/deformed GANDER Peek/look/observe/ogle GANG BANG Female who has multi sex partners go GANGBUSTERS To forge ahead at unstoppable pace GANGEROUS Horrible/disgusting GAP Mouth GARBAGE GUTS Someone who eats sweets or junk food GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT Rubbish makes rubbish GARBO Garbage collector your GAP Your mouth a GAS Good/exciting a GASBAG A prattler/incessant talker GASH Females GASPER Cigaret a GAT A gun GATOR GAP Big mouth to GAWK To ogle/stare GAY Happy/party like G'DAY Hello GEAR Clothes/tools/belongings GEE'D UP Excited/a confidence boost a GEEK Studious type to GEEK To look, stare, peek a GEEZER An unidentified person GEN Information or detail GENDER BENDER Gay GENTLE AS A LAMB Very gentle and sensitive to GET Comprehend GET Go away/leave this place GET A GRIP Don't panic/calm down/get real to GET A GUERNSEY To be selected (on the team) GET A JUMPER To be selected GET A LIFE Dont be so narrow minded or naive GET A MOVE ON Hurry up GET A START To be selected GET A WRIGGLE ON Hurry up to GET CRACKING To apply yourself to the task at hand GET DOWN Get involved/join in/get real GET DOWN TO BRASS TACKS Get to the essence of the matter to GET FRESH To be over smart or over familiar the GET-GO The necessary/the needed/the start GET IN FOR YOUR CHOP Claim your share to GET IT Understand GET IT ON Start it up/start a fight or action to GET LAID Have sex GET LOST Go away/leave to GET LUCKY To have sex To GET OFF YOUR BIKE Become aggressive GET ON THIS Look at this GETS ON MY GOAT Makes me mad to GET OFF THE GROUND To startup/get going/commence GET OUT You're kidding me! GET OVER IT Move on/stop dwelling on it GET SHOT OF IT Get rid, to reject or tire of it GET STUCK INTO IT Do it with enthusiasm GETS UP YOUR NOSE Annoys/infuriates to GET THE DRIFT Do you comprehend/understand? GET THE NOD Be selected/chosen GET THE SACK Be retrenched GETTING ON Ageing/progressing/being sociable are you GETTING ANY? How is your sex life? a GET TO An intense ponderance and conclusion GET UNDER someones NECK Anticipate their moves/annoy them GET UP To win GETUP A persons inner drive a GETUP Fancy outfit or disguise GETUP AND GO Enthusiasm and energy GET UP TO What you do GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR Value equals the amount paid to GET YOUR END IN (male) Have sex GET YOUR GEAR OFF Get undressed GET YOUR GOAT UP Get irate GET YOUR IRISH UP Make you angry GET YOUR JUICES RUNNING Being excited/an adrenelin rush GHOST OF A CHANCE Not given any chance/very long odds GIBBERS Rocks/stony country GIFT OF THE GAB Persuasive smooth talker a GIG Person who imitates or goes too far a GIG A paid performance GIGGLE SUIT Uniform GILD THE LILY Exagerate GING A kids shangai a GIN Aboriginal woman GINGER Anus/rear end/feels very tender GIN JOCKEY Whiteman who fancies black women GIST The meaning/that which is indicated a/the GIVE A gaurantee/a promise/ones word GIVE A HAND Help GIVE A DAMN Care GIVE AND TAKE Equality GIVE A PLUG Praise to GIVE A TOSS To give consideration/to care GIVE CURRY Berate GIVE IT A BASH Try it GIVE IT A BURL Try it out/test it/make an attempt to GIVE IT A CRACK To attempt/try/endeavour to GIVE IT A GO Make an attempt/try it GIVE IT A SHOT Try it/attempt GIVE IT A SLOG Try it/attempt GIVE IT A SPIN Take it for a drive/test it GIVE IT AWAY Abandon it GIVE IT A WHIRL Try it GIVE IT A WRAP Recommend it GIVE IT HEAPS Push it hard or to its limit/abuse it GIVE IT THE HERBS Speed it up GIVE ME A BELL Phone me/contact me GIVE ME A BREAK Leave me alone GIVE ME A GO Be fair GIVE ME A TINGLE Phone me GIVEN A BLAST Berated GIVEN TO ..... Has the habit of... GIVE THE GAME AWAY Make room for someone else/retire GIVE THE FERRET A RUN Have sex GIVE THEM CURRY Add contempt to their beating GIVE THEM STICK Be cheeky to them GIVES ME THE CREEPS Makes my skin crawl GIVES ME A RUSH Makes my adrenaline pump GIVES ME THE WILLIES Makes me uncomfortable/scares me to GIVE THE FERRET A RUN To have sex. GIVE THE GAME AWAY Withdraw/stop/expose the plot GIVE UP Surrender/to betray GIVE UP THE GHOST To withdraw/surrender/die to GIVE YOUR TONGUE AN OUTING Have your say a GIZMO Something odd/a "whats its name!" the GIZZARD The guts or5 torso GLAD RAGS Special occasion outfit GLAMOUR PUSS Someone flouting their own beauty to GLASS Knock out/stun?strike with a glass GLASS JAW Weak jaw (as in boxing) GNASHERS Teeth GO Fight GO ALL OUT Maximum effort or speed GO APE Be mad/silly/oblivious/(apelike!) a GOAT A fool GOAT COUNTRY Steep, barren or overgrown land GOB Mouth GO BANANAS Go silly to GO BEGGING An unnoticed or unused opportunity GOBBED Cast dispersions upon/ate a GOBFULL A tonguelashing to GOB OFF Speak without thinking/talk rot GOBS Sloppy/lumpy/large servings/lots of GOBSMACKED Speechless/lost for words/stunned GO BUSH Leave town/disappear GO BUST Become bankrupt or destitute GO CROOK Complain GOD HELP US We are in deep trouble GOD KNOWS I dont know to GO DOWN IN A SCREAMING HEAP To be badly beaten or injured GO DUTCH Pay for your own GO EASY Be lenient a GOER Works well/usefull he/she etc GOES Says it GOES WITHOUT SAYING It follows/it happened as expected GOES DOWN WELL Its agreeably received GOES LIKE A CHARM Works perfectly GOES LIKE THE CLAPPERS Is exceedingly fast GOES WITHOUT SAYING Needless to say/it follows GO FOR Agree with/keen on/make an attempt GO FOR A BURL Go for a test drive GO FOR A ROW Be in serious trouble GO FOR A SPIN Go for a (short) drive GO FOR BROKE Go for it all GO FOR IT Attack it flat out/Just do it GO FOR THE DOCTOR Go for the whip/give it your all GO FOR THE JUGULAR Hit their weak spot to finish them off GO FOR YOUR LIFE An invitation to commence or encourage a GO GETTER Pushy or enterprising person the BOBBLEBOX The television set GOGGLES Spectacles GO HOSTILE Become violent a GO IN A fight or argument a GOING CONCERN A successful operation a GOING OVER A thorough checkover GOINGS ON Strange behaviours GOLD DIGGER Someone who puts money before feelings GOLDEN HAIRED BOY Favoured person GOLDEN HAND SHAKE A bribe/superation or redundancy payout GOLDEN TOUCH Lucky GOLDEN HANDSHAKE Retirement day the GOLDEN RULE That which one must not break a GOLDMINE Any very profital pursuit a GOLLY Spit GONE Without hope/mad/finished GONE AMISS Missing GONE BONKERS Got or went Mad GONE FOR ALL MONEY Hopelessly placed GONE IRISH Gone mad/irrational GONE TO THE DOGS Has dilapidated badly GONE TO THE PACK Gone bad/lost pride/neglected GONE WALKABOUT Left without explanation/incognito a GONG An award/medal/salutation the GONG Dismissal/rejection/to be berated a GONNER Someone fearing the worst to GO NORTH Improve/upward movement a GOOBY Lung or nasal excretion GOOD AS GOLD All is well GOOD FOR....(a loan/a help etc) What you can expect GOOD FOR YOU Well done or said GOOD HEAVENS ABOVE Exclamation GOODNESS GRACIOUS Exclamation a GOOD INNINGS A long tenure/a long life a GOOD KNOCK A long tenure/a long life GOOD NICK In good order and condition the GOOD OIL The right advice or information GOOD ONE Well done or said GOOD ON YOU Well done or said GOOD GEAR Anything thats considered good a GOOD KNOCK A long tenure or life in GOOD NICK Good condition GOODNIGHT COUNTRY Unexplored, rarely visited areas GOODO OK/fine/good the GOOD OIL Inside information/right advice GOOD ON THE FANG Eats well/loves food GOOD ON THE TOOTH Eats a lot GOODONYER Well done/congratulations a GOOD SET OF NUMBERS Theoretically its good/beautiful girl GOOD SORT Pretty girl or woman a GOOD TROT A good run of luck a GOOD TURN A favour or act of charity GOOD TIME CHARLIE Good times only friend a GOOD WICKET A good situation a GOODY GOODY A person of extremely good virtue GOOFED OF Acted stupidly GO OFF Become rank/rage or enraged enraged a GOOG Egg?strange person GOOGLIE Unpredictable/awkward GOOGLIE EYES Big round, attractive, rolling eyes a GOOGY-EGG An egg a GOOGY CACKLE An egg a GOOLIE Dribble/spit/phlegm or other nastie GO OFF Tire of GO OFF React/explode/become agitated to GO OFF HALF COCKED Respond too hastily GOOKS North Vietnamese fighters GO ON! Really!/Is that right! a GOON Bully/bodygaurd/mindless follower a GOONY A flagon of wine GOONDIE Primitive shelter GO ONE BETTER Outdo/improve a GOOSE A silly person GOOSE CLUB Organisers of charity chook raffles GOOSED Fooled GOOSED UP Act stupidly/make a silly mistake to GO OUT OF YOUR WAY Make a special effort GO OUT WITH Accompany/a relationship with GO OVER THE CLIFF FOR Wholehearted support regardless a GORILLA A large threatening person to GO ROUND Participate with little effort GO SOUTH Go downwards the GOSPEL The truth ...GOT A CHEEK Brazen/forward GOT A DEATH-ADDER IN HIS POCKET A reluctance to spend or contribute GOT AT Swayed/bribed/threatened GOT BALLS Strength and purpose/brave GOT BUCKLEY'S No Hope GOTCHA Fooled you GO THE BIFF Ability or will to fight to GO THE EXTRA MILE Persevere/put in extra effort GO THE GROPE To inapropriately touch GO THE GROWL Attempt to touch female genital GO THE KNUCKLE Fight GO THE WHOLE HOG Try for the lot GOT ... BY THE SHORT AND CURLIES = To have sway over has GOT HIS EYE IN Is on target/can see clearly GOT HIS IRISH UP Made him mad/stirred him to action GOT IT DOWN PAT Mastered it/learned it off by heart GO THROUGH Brush aside/beat GO THROUH FIRE & WATER Go to great and any lengths its GOT LEGS The idea/suggestion has possibilities you GOT ME I dont know/I am at a loss GO TO PUTTY Become infatuated or compassionate to GO TO THE PACK Let oneself go/to become delapidated GO TO THE WALL Fail/become bankrupt GO TO WATER Back away from/sudden compassion GOT SOMETHING FOR HIS CORNER Got more than he bargained for GOT THE GAME BY THE THROAT A master GOT THE MESSAGE Understood GOT THE NOD Awarded the decision GOT THE SAVVY Has the understanding GOT THE WOG Sick GOT THE WOOD ON HIM Can subdue:control him/worked him out been GOT TO Swayed/bribed GOT TO FLY Must go now its GOT WHISKERS Very old GO YOU HALVES(Y) Share it with you a GOZZER In cricket..a duck/out without scoring a GRAB To try to secure/try for recgnition a GRAB BAG A multitude of offers or options with a GRAIN OF SALT With suspicion/it may not be correct GRAPES Haemorrhoids the GRAPE VINE Normal communications or gossip to GRAFT OUT Work hard at a GRASP An understanding or inkling of ... GRASP THE NETTLE Deal with hard situations GRASS Marihuana GRASSED Dropped/put down to GRASS IT Drop it the GRAVEYARD SHIFT Night worker ("PM through to AM) GRAZIER Cattle breeder (see also... a "cockie") GREASE Bribe GREASE A PALM Pay off (bribe) a GREASE BALL A swarthy person a GREASE MONKEY A mechanical maintenance worker GREASE THE PATH Make things easier (bribe) up the GREASY POLE An impossible to fix situation the GREAT AUSSIE SALUTE Wave flies away! GREAT GOBS Large sloppy or lumpy portions GREAT GUNS Extremely well GREAT HURL Throw up/vomit GREAT SCOTT (exclamation) its all GREEK TO ME I dont understand it look GREEN AROUND THE GILLS Look pale or sickly GREEN GROCERS Fruiterer/fruitshop GREENIES Conservationists a GREEN LIGHT The OK GREENS Fruit and vegetables GREEN THUMB Can make things grow/adept gardener GREEN WITH ENVY Totally envious GREY MATTER Brains/intelligence the GREY BRIGADE Retirees GRILL Intense questioning GRIEF Trouble/worry/a threat the GRIM REAPER Deaths messanger a GRIND Hard work/boring sex GRIND TO A HALT Roll to a stop a GRIP Understanding/self control GRIPE Complain/whinge GRIT Courage/bravery/endurance GRIT YOUR TEETH Endure a GRIZ Anything heavily fat laden GRIZZER Sausage or other fatty food offering GRIZZLE Complain incessantly GROG Beer/alcoholic drink GROG ON A drinking session/keep drinking a GROMMET A young surfer GROPE Girlfriend (my,his,your grope GROPE Grab or pinch female's private parts a GROT Dirty, untidy person GROTTY Small/soiled/darkened/dull GROUNDBREAKING Innovative/new GROUNDED Confined to barracks/barred from the GROUND FLOOR The beginning or start GROUND RULES The custom a GROUPIE Female followers of male stars GROUSE Excellent/great to GROW A LEG Become inspired/perform better the GROWL Vagina GROWLER Vagina to GROW ON Become accepted a GRUB A grotty, untidy or unclean person GRUB Uproot/eke out/(also)food GRUBBY Soiled/dirty a GRUMBLBUM Continual complainant GRUNDIES Undergarments/undies GRUNT Strength/power a GUERNSEY A belief/sig of a team player GUFF Small detail/boring data/nonsense to GUILD THE LILLY To exagerate value or virtues a GULLY A dry creek bed/small creek GUMBOOTS Wellingtons/waterproof boots/a condom GUMPTION Pluck and enterprise a GUMSUCKER An Aussie from the state of Victoria GUM UP Foul up and slow down and or stop GUN ........ Experienced/expert/the best GUNDY A shelter GUNG HO Extreme GUN HAPPY Loves guns/resorts to guns GUNK Abraided dust, goo and or sludge a GUNNER Someone who is 1always "going to" GUNNING FOR Hunting for GUN SHEARER Top shearer GUNYAH Aboriginal lean-to shelter the GURGLER The drain down the GURGLER Failure/wasted GUSH Babblings of praise a GUSSIE A homosexual/effeminate inclined a GUTFULL Enough/to reach a limit GUTLESS Weak GUTLESS WONDER Boastful coward GUTS Greedy/also "stomach"&"bravery" spill your GUTS Tell all/make your feelings known to GUTS IT OUT Persevere/carry on regardless GUTSY Strong, daring or plucky a GUY A male (a "bloke") GUZZLE Drink greedily or quickly GYPPED Robbed or shortchanged a GYPPO An Egyptian a HACK Tired looking/worn look/aso "taxi" to HACK To alter/change the original HACKING COUGH Deep throated cough to HACK IT Reluctantly accept HAD Fooled HAD A BARNEY Bad argument/Fist fight HAD A BELLY FULL Had enough/a drunk HAD A RUSH Acted without proper thought HAD A TURN A setback in health HAD HIS CHIPS He died HAD IT Broken/tired of it/no hope left HAD THE CLACKER Worn out/tired/exhausted HAD THE CLAW Not as good as it once was HAD THE GONG Broken/exhausted/beaten/disheartened HAD THE RICHARD Rundown/wornout/broken HAD THE ROGER Rundown/Wornout/broken HAD YOUR EARS LOWERED Had a haircut HAIR OF THE DOG Strong alcoholic drink HAIRY Unsurely/uncertain/roughly/risky HAIRY FAIRY Haphazard/wild HALF A MO Just one minute HALF BAKED Misinformed/naive/crazy HALF COCKED Without full consideration or facts HALF STUNG Affected by liquor HALF YOUR LUCK Envious congratulations HALLELUJAH HAWKER Religious wowsers (7th day adventists) HALLOWED TURF Sacred ground a HAM A bad actor a HAMBONE A novice attempt to look professional HAMMER Hit heavilly/thrash/beat up HAMMER AND TONG Hard and fast/great gusto & effort HAMMERED Badly beaten/dishevelled/drunk HAMMER OUT Thrash out (a solution) HAMMY Poor acting a HAND Help/helper a HANDFUL OF THUMBS Clumsy HANDLE A name/manage/take care of/cope he can HANDLE himself He's proficient/he can fight! HANDME DOWN Inherited/passed on HANDY To have "know how"/be useful/close to HANG ABOUT Stay close/stand around HANG A LEFT(right etc.) Turn to the left (right etc.) HANG AROUND Hover/stay close/waste time HANG DOG LOOK Unhappy look/the "losers" look HANGER ON A bludger/one who feeds off another HANGERS Male testicles or female breasts HANG IN Be patient/persevere/keep at it HANG ON Stay there/just a moment/wait HANG ONE ON Start an argument/fight unexpectadly HANG OUT Generally wait around HANG OUT TO DRY To make an example of a HANG OVER The aftermath pains of excess HANG UP Stop listening/go into a trance TO HANG UP YOUR BOOTS Cease participation/retire HANKY PANKY Foreplay/questionable behaviour HAPPY AS A BASTARD ON FATHERS DAY = Unhappy/unaware HAPPY AS A PIG IN SHIT Happy to the extreme HAPPY AS LARRY Satisfied HAPPY AS A PIG IN SHIT Real happy HAPPY GO LUCKY Uncomplicatedly happy HARBOR A GRUDGE Want revenge HARD AS NAILS Tough a HARD CASE Obstinate person/set in their ways your HARD-EARNED Money, wages or rewards earned HARD HEADED Obstinate/set in their ways HARD LINES Hard times/bad luck the HARD WORD Pressure to grant a favour HARD UP Poor/struggling HARD YAKKA Hard work the HARD YARDS The grounwork for success HARPIC Someone "clean around the bend"/mad the HARRY LIME The time HAS A DEATH ADDER IN THE POCKET Wont spend money HAS A TICKET Has a diploma, a pass/is qualified HAS BALLS Manly/brave/fearless/cheeky HASH Basic food HASNT A CLUE Has no idea whats happening HASNT A PENNY TO BLEESS HIMSELF Poorest of poor/has nothing HASNT THE BRAINS TO GIVE HIMSELF A HEADACHE = Really dumb HAS THE BULL BY THE HORNS Is doing it the hard way/is wrong HAS THE GAME BY THE THROAT Handles it very easily/Does it so well HAVE A BASH Try HAVE A CRACK Try HAVE A CRACK AT Tease/admonish/try HAVE A GO Try HAVE A GO AT Tease/admonish/try HAVE A LASH Try HAVE A LEAK Urinate the HAVE NOTS The poor or meagre class to HAVE A PIECE OF Severely reprimand HAVE A STAB Guess to HAVE A WAY WITH To be adept at HAVE (SOMEONE) ON Mislead/joke with the HAVES The rich or comfortably so (To)HAVE THE WOG A cold/feel sick to HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO = To want it all HAVING A BALL Having a good time HAVING A BOG In the toilet HAVING A DIG Make embarrasing remarks HAVING A GO AT Make embarrasing remarks HAVING SAID THAT, LET ME SAY THIS. Political time waster to HAWK THE FORK Be a prostitute/sell sex a HAYSEED Country type person HAYWIRE Crazy/unstable HEAD Go/get in front of HEADED Went in front of or to the lead HEAD FOR THE HILLS Flee/look for obscurity HEAD IN THE CLOUDS High aspirations/unrealistic/elated HEAD OVER HEELS Madly the HEADS UP THE current facts/the true picture/warn a HEAD TURNER Eyecatching a HEAP A poor product HEAPED ON Badly done by HEAPS Plenty/lots - (or plural of heap!) a HEART STARTER An early morning drink HEART'S CONTENT Satisfied HEART"S NOT IN IT Reluctant/not fully committed HEARTSTRINGS Emotions HEAT Police/authority (also pressure) HEATWAVE Hot HEAVE Pull/throw away/dry retch or vomit the HEAVE HO Rejection/the brush off HEAVENS ABOVE Exclamation HEAVEN HELP No one on earth will be able to help HEAVEN KNOWS No one on earth knows HEAVEN SENT The greatest of help a HEAVY A bully or violent person HEAVY Intense/complicated/dangerous/stirring HEAVY GOING Difficult progression the HEEBIE JEEBIES Nervouse/worried/unsettled a HEIFER (Heffa) Young female HEIST Steal/holdup/burgle HELL FOR LEATHER Full speed HELL WEST AND CROOKED Far and wide/everywhere/by any means a HEN A woman HENS PARTY Girls only - but male entertainers OK! HENS PEN Hotel lounge or any womens area got HERBS Has power or strength HERE AND THERE Sometimes/at the odd time HERE'S LEAD IN YOUR PENCIL A toast to male potency HEP With it/up to date/cool! a HERD SHORT OF A PADDOCK Mentally deficient HE TURNED AROUND.... Saying (No one actually turns!) HI A general greeting HIDDEN AGENDA Secret motif HIGGLEDY PIGGLEDY Without order/untidy on a HIGH A state of excitement and or serenity HIGH An induced state of serenity HIGH AND DRY Alone HIGH AS A KITE Drunk/an induced state of serenity HIGH BROW A pretence of being upper class HIGHER UPS Influential people on his/her/your HIGH HORSE An indignant mood or attitude HIGHLY INFLAMED Explosive(situation) HIGH ON THE HOG Over indulgent/excessive HIGHTAIL IT Leave quickly HIKE Travel/move on a HIKE A long distance the HIP POCKET NERVE Decisions based on affordability HIS HOME IS HIS CASTLE He is king in his house a HIT Popular/make an impact HIT AND MISS Unreliable/irregular/(also "urinate") HIT A SNAG Developed or discovered a problem HITCHED Married/committed a HITMAN One who plays the hardest HIT ME Deal me/tell me/give me HIT ON Try to seduce or be suggestive to HITS BACK Responds/offers defence or good reason HIT THE ANCHORS Apply the brakes HIT THE BAR Do everything but succeed HIT THE BITUMEN Move on/leave ("hit the road") HIT THE BOG TRAIL Talk rubbish HIT THE BOTTLE Drink (alone &) heavilly HIT THE BUTTON To activate HIT THE CRAP Talk shit/babble HIT THE DECK Appear/start/become active HIT THE GROG Drink beer HIT THE GROUND Was punched to the ground HIT THE GROUND RUNNING Being prepared prior HIT THE HAY Go to bed HIT THE HUSTINGS To summon support HIT THE KELLOCKS Jump on the brakes HIT THE LINE Finished HIT THE METHO Drink spirits HIT THE BACK OF THE NET Be rewarded HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD A perfect understanding HIT THE POST To narrowly fail HIT THE PICKETS Escaped/fled afar HIT THE ROAD Go away/move on HIT THE ROOF Become angry HIT THE SACK Go to sleep or bed HIT THE SAUCE Drinlk heavy liquor HIT THE SPOT Feels better/correct/satisfied HIT THE STREETS Become public knowledge HIT THE TOE Run/flee/abscond/break bail (scram) HIT THE TRACK Leave/departed HIT THE WALL Mental block or condition HIT UP A bill or charge HIT UP Tried/had a go at/participated HIT WITH Advised of or served with to HIT YOUR STRAPS Deliver your best performance HOBBLED Restricted/married HOB NOB Put on airs/keep snobby company HOGWASH Too hard to believe/rubbish! HOICK Throw/dispose of HOLD A CANDLE TO Compare to HOLDING Has some cash HOLD ONTO YOUR HAT Get set for a surprise or action HOLD THE FORT To look after things (temporarily?) HOLD THE PHONE Just a minute! to HOLD WATER Be believable HOLD YOUR HORSES Stop HOLD YOUR TONGUE Keep silent a HOLE A dump/substandard place HOLED OUT Failed/the run ceased or completed HOLE IN THE ROOF Car sunroof/House skylight HOLE UP Hide HOLIER THAN THOU Hypocritical HOLLOW LEGS A great alcohol capacity HOLS Holidays HOME AND HOSED Presumed to be unbeatable (as good as) HOME FOR ALL MONEY Looks the winner HOME ON A PIGS BACK Made it/won/easy HOMESTEAD Graziers (remote) home & buildings HOMO Homsexual HONKER Nose HOOCH Cheap wine, spirits or beer to HOOF IT To go "on foot"/walk HOO-HAH Much ado about nothing HOOK Punch HOOK, LINE AND SINKER Fell for it HOOK UP WITH Join/meet a HOON A rowdy hooligan type a HOOP Horse jockey HOOROO Goodbye/see you later HOOT Money/sound the carhorn or a phonering a HOOT Enriching experience/fun time HOOTER Nose/car horn HOOTERS Breasts HOOVES Feet HOP IT Go awaylleave HOP OVER Travel to/leap HOP TO IT Hurry up/get busy a HORN A penis erection a HORNETS NEST A whole lot of trouble to HORSE AROUND To dodge the issue/be flippant HORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR Not what it appears to be a HORSES HOOF (Poof) Queer/effeminate male to HOSE To vanquish easily (embarrassingly) a HOSTESS (current) Female flight attendant HOT Illegaly acquired/ALSO attractive HOT COCK Nonsense HOT FOOT IT Hurry/run quickly a HOT POTATO Contentious issue/unpopular necessity the HOTS Attracted to/keen on/to strongly fancy HOT TO TROT Keen to proceed HOT TOTTY Young woman HOT UNDER THE COLLAR Angry/frustrated in HOT WATER In trouble HOUSEY Game (bingo) HOW ARE YOU TRAVELLING Are you OK HOW ARE YOU HOLDING Can you spare any..money, food etc. HOW'D YOU BE Imagine that a HOWL A lot of fun a HOWLER Something very pleasing HOWLING Heavilly supported/a great success HOVEL Abode needing huge repairs HOW ARE YOU HOLDING Do you have money HOWS THE TIME What time is it HOWS YOUR FORM Are you lucky or are you lucky! HOWZAT Cricket - "is he out?" to give a HOY Make contact/call out HUE AND CRY Confused or indignant outcry HUGE Good/popular/appealing a HUMDINGER Great/real good HUMP Carry/weigh down/a raised bump to HUMP Sexual engagement HUMPY A shelter/a crude bush hut HUMPY BASHER House builder/renovator etc HUMUNGUS Large size or amount HUNGER FOR To want intensely HUNG JURY Not all can agree HUNG ON Pre-occupied with HUNG ONE ON Threw a tantrum HUNG ONE ON HIM/HER Threw a punch HUNG ON EVERY WORD Listened intently HUNG OUT Exposed HUNG OUT TO DRY Blamed/betrayed/used as a "patsie" HUNG UP Addicted/craving a HUNK Handsome male (by female opinion) HUNKY DORY OK/good HURL Throw up/vomit HURLY BURLY Busy area/fast paced HURRY UP Warned/shook up/push along HURTLE Hurry/speed HUSH MONEY Bribe (to keep quiet) to HUSH UP A cover up/to keep secret/also be quiet Continued ozspeak.i-m file

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