OZspeak A-C

The spoken word of OZ. The slang and sayings I remember from the era of my misspent youth. The sayings exclusive to us that we "knew"(?) were ours alone (?). And who would argue.....If you haven't heard it before, then it just has to be new and exclusive......... ..... hasn't it? WE were the centre of all that ever was or would ever be (?). I mean....who could ever have suspected that those oldies could possibly have known or heard something before we did. Totally out of the question to think of ......... 'cause we were so cool. This attitude is probably the reason why youth takes so long to grow up mentally I guess.......and I should know! (see all this in "The Book Of Youth" when its finally written!) So much for my generation and all parents doomed to follow! Knowing less now than when I was a teenager - I cant really be sure if the slang I grew up with was exclusive... all I am sure of is it was prevalent at the time and we clung to it with a gusto only youth could muster. There are many "more" sayings today than when I was a young strutting peacock, and there will be many "more" in another twenty years (should I live that long?).....and its not hard to accept now that they were probably there all the time, long before I "burst" onto the stage I now realise is "life". There will never be a complete compilation of any countries slang put together because of what becomes the "norm" in different towns and cities. I have several notations in this compilation, of slang from another area that was pointed out to me all those years ago, yet they were not common in my areas then. Slang used to come from lengthy "on the spot" face to face experience of those relating or hearing it. Today's rapidly changing technology and fast improving communications has changed that personal mode of access tremendously. Now I dont want to alienate anyone at this stage of my life in particular, but I am more than disappointed with the apparent unreserved acceptance by today's generation of overseas trends and fashions. Maybe we too were guilty of this without knowing it, I dont know, but the peak caps worn backwards, the huge hi-tech (?) and high priced gym shoes, the huge shorts (?) with the crutch hanging between their knees, the tee shirts etc. proclaiming their favourite teams are "all American number 68" or similar. Its as if a whole generation is "monkey see - monkey do" and cant work out an identity for themselves. Our youth seem content mimicking anything from anywhere that they are told is the fashion. Being original and proud to be an Aussie seems only to be the domain of our international sportsmen and women, who gladly and proudly seize every chance to show their Oz heritage to a world with increasing admiration for them and the "lucky country' they proudly represent. Even our "larrikinism" seems to be disappearing in our cities, and I dont count "yahooing" as an equivalent. I've never considered mimicking others was cool. I always thought being composed was the base element and originality capped it. Sure there were role models everywhere for the adolescent to copy, but it hit me many years ago that as cool as some overseas sayings seemed to me, the countries they originated from actually thought the Aussie sayings and accent were better. I was "lucky" 18 when this sobering thought hit me. I say "lucky" because firstly anyone who is a healthy eighteen is lucky, and secondly because I realised how well received Aussie "ozspeak" was by others overseas then. Some people never will. Paul Hogan pushed it and made a fortune, but it seems to escape many these days. Quite a few words in the following list are universal I'm sure - but so many too are uniquely Aussie and difficult for newcomers and many visitors to understand because of our "accent" (?) and the dry delivery we give it. Some slang words here have two entirely differing meanings for the same word, which seems to prove that some originated in wide-apart locations - yet were understood by the accent or the context. So the meaning being conveyed could depend mainly where in OZ it was spawned as well as the sentence it is used in. There are many others - I'm sure - that I may have encountered as I grew up and I will never remember them all. They come to me in dribs and drabs and memory flashes, TV viewing, hearing conversations, during conversations... and reading newspapers over the many years I took to compile this list. Fresh recountings are now far and few between. I don't warrant accuracy either in my recall or comparison to someone else's memory of these words or their meanings and I state that its not my intention to stir up indignation, insult or make anyone feel uncomfortable whatsoever Had I written this list of words 50 years prior or 100 years hence, or had I grown up in the outback or in another city of Australia then this list may well be sprinkled with many words quite different because of "tribal" development. When I was growing up in the late 40's - 50's and 60's,"filth" was just that and being "gay" was a happy feeling we wished on our family and friends. Sort of (kinda???) makes you think todays kids are illiterate or have a grasp of too few words.... always recognising the improving number of the clever, otherwise. Many of these slang words may have found their way into official recognition and dictionaries by now. A typical compilation called The MacQuarie Dictionary would be a place to find some listed now. Indeed, I'm happy with the following list that has "sprung to mind" over a very "L.o.n.g" period. This is not a hastily thrown together list - or one plagiarized by cut and paste from another source and author. "Yea verily"(?) this list has taken me many years to compile and is an ongoing work and will be, whilever my memory can still function and whilever it is "jogged" by whatever it is that gives me an ability to recall these "flashes". No.... "yea verily" is not Oz slang, nor is "hey nonny nonny"! or "mommy". But you knew that didn't you! With those few (?) words, I proceed ... (but remember - no list is ever complete) Word/ Saying General meaning ------------ --------------- ABO. (short for)Aboriginal a BEE IN YOUR BONNET A passionate display/zealous behaviour A BIT OF........ Usually used to describe a "lot of..." A BIT OF WHAT FOR To severely admonish or punish ACADEMICALS Educated people naive to harsh reality ACE Excellent ACE IN THE HOLE A concealed trump card ACE IT UP Stop it a CORKER The tops, best, extremely good your ACRE Your backside ACROSS THE BOARD Refers to a sameness or graph trends ACROSS THE DITCH Across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand ACT UP Misbehave ADD INSULT TO INJURY Make matters worse it ADDS UP It makes sense ADDS UP TO Points to the conclusion AERIAL PING PONG Aussie Rules Football A FEATHER IN YOUR CAP An achievement to be proud of AFLUTTER Excited AGAINST THE TIDE Contrary to/struggling AGGRO Aggravated A GIVEN Understood as fact or normal AGOTTS Marbles/testicles AGGRESSIVE AS A BULLANT Easily upset A GOOD..... At least..... AGRO Aggressive AHEAD OF THE CURVE Thoughtful/well executed A HEADS UP Pre event or vital information AINT Isn't AIRES AND GRACES Pompous, haughty behaviour AIRHEAD Odd thinking or stupid person an AIRSWING To swing at and miss completely AIRY FAIRY Wishful thinking or vague to AIR YOUR DIRTY LINEN IN PUBLIC = Openly reveal personal problems A KNOCK DOWN A personal introduction AKUBRA Aussie brimmed felt hat an ALCO An alcoholic/drunkard ALCOHOLIC CONSTIPATION Cant pass a hotel an ALF An idiot ALL BEER AND SKITTLES Mythical perfect life I'm ALL EARS I'm listening intensely ALL GREEK TO ME Cant understand any of it..... ALL GUNS BLAZING A desperate concerted effort ALL GUNS SMOKING Concerted or desperate effort ALL IN Exhausted ALL IN A DAYS WORK A normal or expected problem ALL MOUTH Talks but does nothing else ALL OVER HIM/HER LIKE A RASH Overwhelmed..../madly embraced ALL OUT Full speed/unbridled ALL PISS AND WIND All talk but no action an ALL ROUNDER Multi talented/general purpose ALL THE DUCKS LINED UP All requirements/fully organised ALL THE GO Popular/fashionable ALL THE TEA IN CHINA Very large amount, money or value ALL THE WAY Absolutely convinced, agreed ALL WORK AND NO PLAY A work-a-holic ALL YAK AND NO YAKKER All talk and no do the ALMIGHTY QUID Money above all else an ALSO RAN A losing participant AMATEUR HOUR Poor thinking or organising AMBER FLUID Beer AMBO Ambulance officer AMBULANCE CHASER Someone who thrives on others misery AMONGST IT Active/involved AN ALL OUT GO A violent fight with no rules AN AXE TO GRIND Seeks revenge ANCHORS Brakes A NIGHT OUT A period of time when all goes well ANKLE BITER A child AN OLD HAND A very experienced proficient person ANOTHER DAY - ANOTHER DOLLAR Philosophical view of work and life ANOTHERIE Same as before/another beer ANOTHER TACK A different approach ANTS PANTS Fashionable/the best/the answer to ANY BETTER AND I'D BE DANGEROUS I feel very good "ANYHOW...." Used to change subject of discussion ANZAC Australian and New Zealand Army Corps an APE Large overbearing type person to APE Mimic gone APESHIT Be stupid APPLES OK she'll be APPLES It will be OK ..... A POP ....... each APPLE ISLANDER Tasmanian APRICOTS Testicles A REAL ......... Genuinely ........ ARJIE BARJIE Much ado about nothing ARGUE THE TOSS Argue the facts/dispute a result an ARM AND A LEG At great cost or expense ARMCHAIR PARTICIPANT Non playing interference ARMCHAIR EXPERT Non participant/inexperienced advisor ARMED TO THE TEETH Heavily armed/carrying multi weapons an ARM WRESTLE A resistance/long difficult negotiations AROUND THE BEND Mad/silly AROUND THE BLOCK A large distance,time or experience. AROUND THE CORNER Close/about to happen AROUND THE MARK Close/near to/approximate AROUND THE TWIST Mad/silly ARSE Backside/also "good fortune/luck ARSE ABOUT Fiddle/play around ARSE ABOUT FACE Back the front ARSEHOLE Your anus/a low person ARSE INTO GEAR Move along/get going ARSE OVER HEAD/TURKEY/TIT Upside down/knocked or fell down ARSE UP Back the front/upended/fall over ARE YOU IN Are you with us in this ARSIE Lucky an ARSEWIPE Lowest of the low persons ART IMITATES LIFE Philosophical comparison ....ARTIST Inclined that way ARTSY-CRAFTSY Boutique/hand made/hand made ARVO Afternoon AS EASY AS FALLING OFF A LOG So easy AS FAR AS I CARE I dont care AS FAR AS I KNOW I understood AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED My opinion the ASKING The price/requirements/demands AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT Luckily A STEAL Very cheap 'ASTE IT UP Be quiet a STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION Something positive AS THE CROW FLIES Distance in a straight line AS WE SPEAK At this moment AT LAST Finally AT LOGGERHEADS Can't agree AT ONE ANOTHERS THROAT Can't get on together/cant agree AT SIXES AND SEVENS Uncertain/confused AT THE DEATH At the end AT THE END OF THE DAY The end result is/in the end AUSSIE Australian AUSTRAL Aussie AUSTRALIAN STATE ABBREVIATIONS NT Northern Territory NSW New South Wales Q/Qld Queensland SA South Australia Tas Tasmania V/Vic Victoria WA Western Australia AUSTRALIANA Australian history or flavour an AVO An avocado AWAKE Knowing A WAKE UP To realise or recognise a situation A WAKE UP CALL To recognise a warning sign A WALK IN THE PARK An easy assignment or task A.W.L. Absent withou leave/missing AWNING OVER THE JEWELS/TOYS Fat stomach/beer belly an AXE HANDLE Large measure (Usually backside!) AXLE GREASE Momentum B & S Blokes and sheilas a BABBLEFEST A meeting, committee etc. (much talk) a BABE An attractive young woman a BACK BLOCK A remote parcel of land a BACK BITER One who defames you behind your back BACK DOWN Change of stance on a matter/bow to a BACKER One who gives guarantees BACK FLIP A reversal of stated position a BACKHANDER A bribe BACK OF BEYOND Far away/a remote area BACK OF BOURKE Far out/remote BACK OUT Reneg/reverse a promise or agreement BACK PEDAL Retreat from stated position a BACKROOM WALTZ Police station discipline a BACK STABBER Treacherous person BACK TO MIND A memory recall BACKS TO THE WALL Trapped to BACK UP Stand back/relent give BACKUP Join with a BACKYARDER An amateur/an incompetent a BAD APPLE A bad person BAD BLOOD Ill feeling BAD EGG Bad person/bad influence BADGE OF HONOR Something displayed with pride BADGER Push for an answer/to annoy BAD MOUTH Criticise someone BAD SEED Bad influence a BAD TROT A bad run of luck a/old BAG Ugly/old woman to BAG Criticise/acquire/choose/to win BAGGED Criticised/acquired/won BAGGY ARSED Poorly dressed a BAG OF FRUIT A suit BAG OF WIND All talk and no do (I/we/etc) BAGS... To lay claim to/choose BAIL A gaurantee (also an animal restraint) BAILED Released for a bond BAILED OUT Withdrew/released/rescued BAIL UP Stop or corner/break down/lose patience a BALL A fun time/great enjoyment BALL AND CHAIN Wife/girlfriend a BALLBAG A follower/insignificant (?) BALLISTIC Incensed/angry BALLS Testicles/strength of character a BALLS UP A huge mistake or mix up a BALL TEARER An strong reason or argument BALONEY Verbal garbage BANANA BENDER An Aussie from the state of Queensland BANANAS Crazy the BANDWAGON A popular or easy cause to BANDY Give the impression of something to BANDY AROUND Spread a rumour BANG Sex a BANG A woman with loose morals BANG ON Correct BANG ON Ceaseles talk BANGED UP Pregnant/injured/exhausted (buggered!) BANGER A suasage/a bomb car/poor performer a BANGER SHORT OF A BARBIE Mentally deficient a BANG FOR THE BOYS Female with loose morals BANG ON Accurate/correct to BANG ON To rave/prattle/endlessly expound BANGS LIKE A DUNNY DOOR Has sex often/a nymphomaniac a BANJO A shovel BANK ON Rely on/a certainty BARBIE A barbeque/outdoor cookup BARACK FOR Cheer on/encourage a BARBIE A Barbecue BARF Throwup/vomit BAR FLY Alcoholic/drunk BARGE IN Push in/intrude BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE On the wrong track BARNEY An altercation BARRA Barramundi (fish) BARRACK FOR Cheer for/applauding support BARREL Beat up, knock down, push hard BARRELLING Rushing/careering/beating up a BARREL OF FAT A Hat went BASE OVER APEX Fell over a BASH To try or a trial/to attempt a ...... BASHER Speaks ill of ....... a BASKET CASE Mentally disturbed person/worried BASTARD Freely used to greet friend or foe(OZ) to BAT FOR To show support BATCHING Batchelor duties/alone BATHERS Swimming costume or apparel BATS IN THE BELFRY Too much (mental) action upstairs BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES Get ready, prepare for the worst a BATTLEAXE Mother in law/ugly woman BATTLE ROYAL A huge battle/fierce contest BATTLERS The working class or poor BATTY Mad/odd BAUPLE NUTS Macadamia nuts a BEACHER A wave you can surf right to the beach BEAK Nose a/the BEAK The judge or magistrate the BE ALL TO END ALL The very latest or the "only" one BEAM Backside a BEAN COUNTER Mathmatician/statastician/clerk etc BEAN Head BEANIE Knitted scalp hat BEANS Energy/frantic purpose BEAT Exhausted BEAT AROUND THE BUSH Not being straight to the point the BEATEN TRACK The path most travelled/usual BEAT IT Go away to BE AT ONE WITH NATURE A state of mind of relaxation BEATS ME I dont know BEAUT Good/great/OK a BEAUTY Good/great/OK to BEAT THE SYSTEM To win despite the odds against. BEEFED UP Overloaded/improved capability a BEE IN THE BONNET Paranoid/upset a BEE LINE The direct path toward BEEN AROUND THE BLOCK Experienced BEEN THERE, DONE THAT Cynical look at past experiences the BEES KNEES Just the right thing BEFORE YOU COULD SAY JACK ROBINSON It happened so quickly.... BEHIND THE EIGHT BALL In trouble BEHIND THE SCENES Involved, but not up front to BE IN IT To join in/participate give someone a BELL Ring/a phone call BELLS AND WHISTLES Extras a BELLYBUSTER Floppy pool or surf dive BELLY UP Expired/busted/bankrupt/dead BELTED THE TRIPE OUT OF..... Gave a sound beating to a BELTER An overpowering argument or action a BELTING A beating BELTING To move very quickly/hurriedly a BELTMAN Belt wearing surf lifesaver to BELT UP Stop Talking/be quiet a BENDER An alcoholic binge BEND OVER BACKWARDS Provide exceptional assistance to BEND YOUR BACK Give extra effort BENT STRAIGHT Influenced in the right direction went/was BERKO Berserk BERLEY Fish bait BESIDE HIMSELF Very angry, worried or frustrated BESIDE THE POINT Not relative to this argument BEST FOOT FORWARD Try to make a good impression BEST FORGOTTEN Not worth remembering BETTER HALF Wife/girlfriend BETTER LATE THAN NEVER I got here finally BETTER MOUSETRAP Anything that's an improvment BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE A "dammed if you do or dont" situation BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA Caught up/lost BETWEEN YOU AND I Confidentialy BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY Be wary BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA= Limbo/nowhere certain to go BETWEEN THE FLAGS Legal/proper/careful/honest BEWDY Real good BEYOND THE PALE Exceeding the acceptable/ridiculous BIB NOSE/FACE BIB AND TUCKER Sucker the BIBLE (") Generally=Any book of instructions BIBLE BASHER Religious wowser BIFF To beat up/hit/punch BIFFO Fighting/brawling/rough play a BIG ASK A difficult task or requirement BIG BIKKIES Big amounts of money a BIG LUG A large man a BIG NOISE Important person to BIG NOTE Boast/brag the BIG SMOKE Rural descrion of large town or city BIG TIME Seriously/hugely BIG WET Floods BIG WIG A VIP/person of authority BIKE Woman of easy virtues BIKKIE A biscuit/money BIKKIES An amount of money BILLABONG Pond or waterhole/isolated dam BILLED AS Reported as/said or rumoured to be a BILLY Tin to boil water/tea over open fire BILLY CART A childs home made go kart BILLY LIDS Kids BIMBO Female assistant/brainless female in a BIND Confused/uncertain/agravated a BINGLE Accident/collision/a dent/a brawl BINGO Game (Housey) BINGO Got it/found it/(sudden) a BINKY A spider BIRD Young female to get the BIRD A rude finger gesture the BIRDS AND THE BEES The facts of life BIRDS OF A FEATHER People with similar interests or tastes BIRO Ball point pen/baldy person a BIT...... Anything from a little to a lot BITCH Complain/whinge BIT DIPPY Below normal a BIT DOUGHEY Wobbly/unstable BIT DRY Drink needed(a beer usually)/need rain to BITE Ask for a loan BITE THE BULLET Forget it and get on with life BITE THE DUST End/cease BITE YOUR BUM Shut your mouth/go away to BITE YOUR TONGUE Regret saying something a BIT IFFY Cant rely on it/unstable/dangerous BIT OF A..... (Uncertain description of someone) BIT OF A BLOW Bad news/windy (usually a cyclone!) a BIT OF A HAND Lots of help, assistance a BIT OF A YAWN Really boring a BIT RAW Bad luck/poor treatment/badly done by a BIT RICH Unfair/excessive/heavy handed a BIT RUDE Unfair a BIT RUGGED A raw deal/unfair a BIT SHORT Below normal intelligence/short of cash BITTER DISAPPOINTMENT Intolerable let down a BITZER Cross bred/not pure/dubious bloodlines BIZZO A whatsitsname!/a thing BLAB Tell all/gossip/mouth off BLABBER Mouth/tell all/rave/incessant talk BLACK AS COAL Blacker than black BLACK AS THE ACE OF SPADES Blacker than black BLACK SHEEP Outcast of a group or family/odd one to BLACK SNAKE Sleep fully dressed BLACK STUMP Somewhere remote and far away BLACK TOP The bitumen road/highway BLACK VELVET Coloured woman BLANKET BAY Bed/sleep a BLAST Exciting/pleasing BLASTED Told off/berated (also exclamation) to BLEED DRY Gradually send broke BLEEDING HEART Romanticiser BLEW HIS MIND Shot in the head BLEW HIS OWN TRUMPET Extolled his own virtues or qualities BLIGHTY England BLIMEY Exclamation a BLIMP A fat individual BLIND Drunk a BLINDER A mighty effort/eye catching performance a BLIND EYE Look away/pretend it didnt happen BLIND FREDDY COULD SEE IT Indicating "why didn't you see it?" BLINKERED Narrow minded your BLINKERS Eyes/narrow focus a BLIP Brief moment a BLISTER Annoying person a BLISSBOMB A nice surprise a BLOCK A parcel of land the BLOCK Shortest street distance around your BLOCK Your head a BLOKE A fellow/man/male/(USA="guy") a BLOCKER An unco-operative person BLOODED Inebriated/Drunk BLOOD LETTING Purging/guilt BLOOD'S THICKER THAN WATER Family is close his BLOOD"S WORTH BOTTLING He/they....are really appreciated BLOODY...(..?..) "The great Australian adjective!" BLOODY HELL (exclamation.....for drama!) BLOODY MINDED Vengeful BLOODY OATH Yes/true/correct/I do/absolutely BLOT Your backside BLOTTO Intoxicated/Drunk to have a BLOW A rest break from exercise or action a BLOW A setback BLOW A FUSE Get really mad/lose your cool BLOWED IF I KNOW I dont know the BLOWER the telephone BLOWFLY Describes person wearing darkglasses BLOWHARD Distasteful boaster BLOWIE Blowfly BLOWIES Blowflies/large dark-glasses/sunnies BLOWING CHUNKS Really upset a BLOW IN A new arrival or visitor BLOW IN HIS EAR Quietly inform or influence BLOW IT To bungle/to waste an opprtunity BLOWN AWAY Overwhelmed BLOWN MIND Gunshot suicide/mentally overwhelmed BLOWN TO HELL Blown to pieces BLOW THE FROTH OFF A COUPLE Have a couple of drinks BLOW THE TRIPE OUT OF.... To berate strongly/go mad at to BLOW THROUGH Run away/abandon BLOW UP Lose your temper BLOW YOUR MIND To really amaze and surprise BLOW YOUR STACK To lose your temper and composure BLUBBER Fat/to cry uncontrollably to BLUDGE Not contribute fairly/always taking BLUDGER Lazy/wont contribute their fair share a BLUE A fight/heavy argument/mistake/error BLUE Red haired persons nickname BLUE/BLUEY Nickname for OZ cattledog a BLUEY A blanket roll BLUE BLOOD Aristocrat BLUE HEELER A cattle dog/a policeman BLUE MOON A rare occurance BLUE TAIL Liberals/well dressed & spoken BLUEY Red haired person/a travelroll a BLUNDER A mistake a BLURTER Your anus/a foulmouthed person BLUSHING BRIDE Philosophical female bride a BOBBY A policeman TO BOBBY DAZZLE To confuse/to keep them guessing a BOBBY DAZZLER A good thing or person and BOBS YOUR UNCLE It's done, finished or OK (voila!) BODGIE Youth style of the 1950/60's era to BODGY Patch up/low tech/temporary repair BOG Putty-filler/to defecate the BOG The toilet a BOGAN A person with no taste or style BOG IN Start eating BOG STANDARD Poor quality BOILER Old chook/old woman a BOILOVER An unheralded result BOIL THE BILLY Prepare to make tea or coffee BOLLICKS An absurdity/rocks/testicles BOLT Hurry/run/flee/escape (also an erection) BOMBED OUT Made a huge mistake/failed/drunk BOMBORA Rocky hidden reef/base of cliffs a BOLD STATEMENT A flashy display BOLLICKY Naked BOLLOCKS Testicles a BOLTER A runaway/easy winner at long odds BOMBED Drunk/not with it/made a mess of it BOMBORA Dangerous waters/reef under surface BONDI CIGAR Sewage (faeces) in the surf A BONER A monumental mistake/a penis erection a BONE TO PICK A difference to discuss or settle BONK Frantic sex BONKERS Mad/frustrated BONZA (BONZER) Good/the best BOOB Prison BOOBS Breasts BOOBY Cowardly person BOODLE Money a BOOF (A Boofhead) A dumb person BOOFHEAD Happily dumb/not too smart BOOKIE Starting price bookmaker BOOMER Loud/Kangaroo/successful BOONG Dark skinned BOORIE ('OO'pron. as in 'book') An aboriginal a BOOT An assist/promote/to invigorate the BOOT Discarded/rejected/throw out BOOTS AND ALL Every way possible/no quarter given BOOTY Prize/winnings/windfall to BOOZE To drink alcohol or beer a BOOZE ARTIST An alcoholic/a drunk a BOOZER A regular drinker/drunkard the BOOZER A pub/hotel/bar or licenced club BOOZE UP Drinking orgy a BOOZICIAN Alcoholic to BOP To punch BOPPED Punched a BO PEEP A quick look BOPPLE NUTS Macadamia nuts (See "BAUPLE") BORED SHITLESS Exceptionally bored BORE IT INTO THEM Rub salt into their wounds BORN AND BRED Born and raised BORN WITH A SILVER SPOON IN HIS MOUTH = Born into money or position BORN YESTERDAY Naive/easily swayed BOSKER Top[ stuff/good gear BOT Rear end/botfly BOTCH Fail at/make a mess of BOTTLE-O Bottle collector, vendor (1900/1950's) a BOTTLER Real good/excellent BOTTLE SHOP Liquor store or barn the BOTTOM LINE Reality/actual/the end result BOTTOMS UP Drink on BOUGHT FROM A BLOKE AT THE PUB Questionable goods BOUGHT IT Accept a theory/to expire or die BOULDERS Breasts have BOUNCE A look or feeling of well being to BOUNCE To apply physical persuasion/beat BOUNCE IT OFF YOU Ask you this question BOUNCE OF THE BALL Luck, fate, destiny a BOUNCER Security officer BOUNCING CHEQUE A dishonoured cheque (rubber!) BOWER BIRD Cleptomaniac or impetuous collector BOWLED OVER Knocked down/also "amazed/stunned" BOWSER A petrol pump BOW WOW Ugly young girl BOX Vagina BOXED IN Trapped/surrounded/nowhere to escape to BOX ON To continue regardless the BOX SEAT In control/in the best position BOY O' BOY Exclamation BRACELETS Handcuffs BRAIN BUCKET Safety helmet BRAINED Knocked out BRAIN'S IN NEUTRAL Not thinking/cant think/incapable BRAINED THEM Impressed them/(a knockout!) BRAINWASHED Ones mind is controlled by another a BRAINWAVE A clever idea BRASS Money/coins BRASSED OFF Disillusioned with authority or system a BRASS RAZOO Worthless money/lowest degree of interest BRASS TACKS The basics/as it really is BREADBASKET (Refers to) stomach BREAD AND JAM The neccessaries/staples a BREAKER A beach wave/a sudden divergence BREAK IT DOWN Give it a rest/stop it BREAK IT UP Fair go/stop it to BREAK OUT IN FRESH PLACES Be unpredictable/change constantly BREAK THE ICE To be first BREAK THE SHACKLES To break from conventions or habit BREAK UP Seperate/disband/uncontrolled laugh BREAK (YOUR/ITS) BACK Work very hard/succeed/overcome BREEZY Uncertain or an easy manner BREKKIE Breakfast BREW Tea,the pot,billy/a concoction BREWERS DRIP Urinating BREWERS JOCKEY Alcoholic BRICKIE Bricklayer BRIGALOW Wattle tree country/the bush/beard BRIGHT AND EARLY The early hours/before time agreed BRIGHT IDEA Usually one thats not so bright BRIGHT SPARK A clever or smart person to BRING DOWN To demolish/shame/cause failure BRING HOME THE BACON Do what is required BRING IT ON Do it now/try it out/make it happen BRING UP Mention/vomit BRING UP THE REAR At the rear/Tag along BRIZ/BRIZZIE Brisbane (Qld) BRIZVEGAS Brisbane (Qld) BRIZNEYLAND Brisbane (Qld) a BROAD A female/woman a BROAD BRIMMER A grazier/farmer BROKE No money/bankrupt/poor BROKE DOWN Stopped working properly/collapsed BROKE IN Forced entry/made useful BROKEN UP Emotionally destroyed BROKE OUT Erupted BROKE UP Separated/laughed uncontrolably BROLLY Umbrella BRONZE Your anus a BROTHEL An untidy or unsanitary place BROUGHT UNDONE Exposed/brought down BROWNED OFF Fed up/disillusioned/upset BROWN EYE To expose your naked backside BROWNIE POINTS Recognition/acclaim/good ratings to BROWN NOSE To be subservient to someone like BROWNS COWS Disorganised and meandering BRUMBY Wild horse BRUMMY False/faulty BRUSHER Bill dodger/bad payer thge BRUSH OFF Rejection B.S. Bullshit/lies/rubbish talk BUBBLE AND BLISTER Sister BUBBLE AND STRIFE Wife BUBS Year 1 (no preschool in the 1940's(?) to BUCK Resist ...BUCK UP Cheer up/ BUCKET Speak badly of, cast dispersion on a BUCKETING Heavy criticism BUCKETING DOWN Very heavy rain BUCKLE Wilt/cave in/stagger/surrender BUCKLEY'S No hope/no chance BUCKSHEE Nothing/zero/for free BUCKS' PARTY Men only, (female entertainers OK!) BUCK UP Snap out of it! BUDGY SMUGGLERS Male swimming costume BUFFALO'D Confused/baffled to BUG Incite or agravate BUGALUGS Endearing nickname or reference BUGGER A person you dont know/to break BUGGER ALL Very little/nothing BUGGERED Worn out/exhausted/broken BUGGERY A mythical far off nasty place BUGGER OFF Get away/get out of here a BUGGER UP A Failure BUGGERY A nasty place or way BUGGY Car BUGLE Nose on the BUGLE It has a pungent or bad smell a BUGLE DUSTER Handkerchief/facial tissue BUILT LIKE A BRICK SHITHOUSE Solid/muscular/heavy build/huge BULL Lies (bullshit!) BULLAMAKANKA Mythical faraway outback place BULLANT Large aggressive ant or person BULLBAR Metal front car/truck protector BULL BY THE HORNS Dangerously involved BULLDUST inland dust/tall stories/lies BULL IN A CHINA SHOP Heavy handed BULLO Nonsense BULLOCKY Solidly built/Larger than normal BULLSHIT Tall stories/lies BULLY FOR THAT! A cynical congratulation BUM Ask for/borrow a BUM Tramp/hobo/a dropout a BUMMER A letdown or mistake a BUMP A wave (surf) a BUMPER A used (short) cigaret not worth a BUMPER Worthless a BUMPER SHOOTER Gatherer of used cigarettes to BUMP YOUR GUMS Talk BUMPKIN A naive unworldly person the BUMS RUSH Unceremonious dismissal/rejection a BUM STEER Wrong advice/misdirected BUNCH OF FIVES A fist to drop your BUNDLE Lose composure/act colwardly BUNDY Short for Bundaberg Qld/a drink BUNG Broken/faulty BUNGED UP Blocked BUNGER A large firecracker BUNGHOLE Cheese BUNG IT ON Put on airs/start an altercation BUNG ON Put on airs/arrange/make happen BUNG ON A BLUE Start a fight BUNG ON AN ACT Behave badly or feign a BUN IN THE OVEN Pregnant BUNK Rubbish talk/lies BUNK DOWN Set up camp/rest/go to sleep the BUNS Female sanitary pads BUNYIP Mythical outback scary creature a BURL A trial run/a try/a drive BURLEY Bait a BURN A race/a fast drive BURN A HOLE IN()POCKET A desire to spend spare money BURNING QUESTION Most asked question BURNING THE CANDLE AT BOTH ENDS Too much play BURN RUBBER Leave quickly/accelerate BURN THE CANDLE AT BOTH ENDS Overactive worker or lover BURN THE MIDNIGHT OIL Stay up late/work late BURRIED IN THE GARDEN Hidden/stored away/saved up BURYING THE BISHOP Having sex BURY IT Hide it/to put it out of your mind BURY THE HATCHET Make peace a BUSH...... (preceeding) wild/rough/crazy! the BUSH Anywhere away from the city BUSH BASH Outback car rally/4wd driving BUSH BLOCK Outback land/remote property BUSHED Exhausted (in context = Lost) BUSHFIRE BLONDE Redheaded young woman a BUSHIE Bush dweller/farmer/grazier BUSH PIG Outback wild pig (also ugly woman) BUSHRANGER Outback holdup man BUSH TELEGRAPH Outback "word of mouth"/gossip BUSH TELLY A starry sky in the outback/a campfire BUSHWEEK A ridiculous expectation or suggestion BUSHWHACK Ambush/surprise BUSTED Exposed/found out BUST MAN Thief/burglar a BUST UP Separation BUST YOUR GUT Work extremely hard and long BUST YOUR HUMP Work extremely hard and long BUSY AS A BEE Non-stop busy/very active BUTCH More male than feminine a BUTCHER An incompetant a BUTCHERS HOOK A crook/a look BUTT Rear end to BUTTER UP To win over with words on the BUTTON Correct (also the "chin") to BUY IT Accept a theory/to expire or die to BUY THE FARM Die a BUZZ The adrenalin pumping/excitement BUZZ AROUND look interested BUZZ MERCHANT Rumour spreader BUZZ OFF Go away BY AND LARGE Generally BY AN EYELASH By the smallest margin BY HOOK OR BY CROOK By any means possible BY JINGO! Exclamation BY LEAPS AND BOUNDS Quickly BY THE MILE An incomplete or messy action BYO Bring your own (beer etc) a CABBAGE Brain dead/stupid CACKED (HIMSELF/MYSELF etc) Shit....... a CACKLEBERRY An egg CACKLER Giggler a CACKYHANDER A southpaw/left handed person CACTUS Broken down/exhausted/useless/dead CADGE Beg, borrow or steal something CAKEOLE The head/mouth a CALATHUMPIAN A person with no religious beliefs CALL A SPADE A SPADE Gets straight to the point CALL FOR (wasn't any...no...etc No reason for CALL IT A DAY Cease all action/stop/retire CALL IT QUITS We are even/lets separate,break up CALL THE SHOTS Be in charge/to direct CALL THE TUNE Be in charge/to direct CALM BEFORE THE STORM Its too quiet/ ...CAME DOWN IN THE LAST SHOWER Naive CAME OUT OF HIS SHELL Became involved/stopped being shy CAME WITHIN A BULLS ROAR Didn't quite succeed the CAN Jail to CAN To criticise CAN IT Keep quiet CANNED Jailed/criticised CANOODLING Cuddling/parking out together CANT SEE THE TREES FOR THE FOREST = A clouded view of the obvious CANT TAKE A TRICK Having a bad run of luck/cant win to CAP IT OFF To add to it all.../also a CAPTAIN COOK A look CARKED IT Broke down/stopped/died CARPETED Berated/warned a CARROT An incentive CARRY FAVOUR Influential CARRY ON Make too much of something CARRY THE MAIL Tell tales/convey rumours CAR LINGO....(no one knows them all and they constantly change) A BOMB A car that breaks down regularly A GLAMOUR Looks great/turns heads A LEMON Bad (luck) from the start/jinxed A ROCKET A car that has to be sold quickly A BAD EGG Bad deal or person ANTS Rust BOOKED Has log books CLUNK Central locking FAST GLASS Electric windows FRIGID Air conditioning GOLD COAST CHROME Rust HEADS Clients HOLE IN THE ROOF Sunroof HOOK Power steering JAP CRAPP Japanese manufacture LOADED Has all the extras MELBOURNE TAN Rust NIP BUGGY Japanese car ON A DRIP Car bought on finance POVERTY PACK Stark standard or economy model RICE BURNER Japanese manufacture RUBBER Tyres SAKI SIPPER Small jap car SHOD Tyres SPAG WAGGON Italian car TOPLESS A convertible WHEELS Car WORMS Rust YANK TANK Large American car the CARPET The ground or floor/on review CARPETED Berated CARRIED AWAY Over react a CARRY ON A Fuss CASE OF MISTAKEN IDENTITY Wrongly identified CASHED IN HIS CHIPS Died CASH IN Give up/withdraw/die a CAT Referring to a person the CATCH Irritation/trick/hidden trap CATCHING FLIES Yawning/asleep with mouth open the CATS WHISKER Just the thing/the best CAUGHT ON THE HOP Found to be busy CAUGHT ON Understood/worked it out CAUGHT OUT Exposed CAUGHT RED-HANDED Caught in the act CAUGHT SHORT Found wanting (reply, money etc.) a CERT A sure thing CHAFE AT THE BIT Show eagerness/a willingness a CHALKIE Schoolteacher CHALK IT UP Gain credit/note it CHANCE(D)YOUR/MY/HIS/(THEIR) ARM Tried to do it/had a bet/etc. CHANEL COUNTRY Dry channelled country CHANGE HORSES MIDSTREAM Sudden change of mind CHANGE TACK Try another plan or approach to CHANGE YOUR TUNE Change your opinion a CHARGE Alcoholic drink/an attempt CHARGED UP Worked up/pumped up/excited CHARGED Tipsy/drunk CHARGE LIKE A WOUNDED BULL Charge extremely high prices CHARIOT Car CHARLY North Vietnamese army fighters a CHARLIE A young woman CHATEAU D' CARDBOARD A flask of wine (any brand!) CHAT UP Strike up a conversation with CHEAPSKATE Overthrifty person CHECK IT OUT Examine it/look it over to CHECK OUT Examine (also to expire/die) CHECK THIS OUT Look at this/that a CHEEKY POSSUM Impudent or daring young person CHEERIOS Small (cocktail) frankfurts the CHEESE & KISSES Wife (missus) CHEESED OFF Annoyed CHEESY Showy/accentuated/poor taste CHEQUERED CAREER A celebrated lifestyle or career CHEQUERED FLAG A winners greeting or acknowledgement a CHERRY Male virgin CHEWIE Chewing gum CHEW IT OVER Think about it/ponder to CHEW OUT Admonish CHEW THE FAT Have a relaxed conversation/discuss to CHEW UP AND SPIT OUT To outclass completely a CHICK A girl or young woman CHICKA Short for 'Charles' CHILLER A fright(also short for"Charles") CHINA Mate ("china plate") CHINA PLATE Mate CHINK Chinese/also a flaw CHIN UP Have faith a CHINWAG A chat to CHIP Admonish/confront CHIP IN Donate/add to/share/interrupt a CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK Just like his dad CHIPPER Happy/cheery/bouyed CHIPPIE Carpenter/woodworker CHOCK A BLOCK Full/crammed into/into it CHOCKERS Full/bursting/fully into it CHOCKIE Chocolate CHOCKO Regular Aussie soldier CHOKO Aussie vegetable CHOCOLATES Reward/prize CHOMP Bite/chew CHOMPER Someone who eats excessively CHOMPERS Teeth CHOMPING AT THE BIT Impatient to proceed CHONKS Lollies to CHOOF OFF To leave/go CHOOK Hen/a woman CHOOKMOBILE Fancy car or motorbike a CHOOK RAFFLE A lottery, risk or gamble a CHOP A portion or share The CHOP To cancel/termination CHOP AND CHANGE Eratic actions or thoughts CHOP CHOP! Hurry up/get to it CHOPS Mouth/lips/teeth CHOPPERS Teeth CHOW Chinese CHRISSY Christmas CHROME DOME Baldy person CHRONIC Urgent CHUCK Throw up/vomit CHUCK A ...... Take/have/to do CHUCK AND CHANCE Risk or risky CHUCK A SICKY Have a day off from work CHUCK A SPAZ Throw a tantrum CHUCK A U-EE An about turn/turn the opposite way CHUCK A WOBBLY Throw a tantrum/lose your cool CHUCK IN Contribute CHUCK IT IN Give up/abandon to CHUCK ON Add/gain/organise CHUFFED Extremely pleased CHUG Drink quickly a CHUM A pommie a CHUMP A naive fool CHUNDER Throw up/vomit CITY SLICKER City person CLACKED Exhausted/worn out CLACKER Rear end/anus CLACKERED Broken/exhausted CLAGGED Sluggish/out of sorts CLAM UP Suddenly stop talking a CLANGER A humiliating mistake/errant statement the CLAP Venereal disease/infection CLAPPED Unusable/beyond repair/worn out CLAPPED OUT See CLAPPED to go like the CLAPPERS Move swiftly - like the wind CLAPTRAP Bad language/mindless ravings/rumours CLARET Blood a CLAYTONS A counterfeit, substitute or pretend CLAW Hand/to franticly grab at CLEAN AS A WHISTLE Clinical and without effort to make a CLEAN BREAST To confess or admit to something CLEAN UP Win all/accumulate much was CLEANED UP Was beaten/injured got/was CLEANED UP Badly beaten or injured a CLEAN PAIR OF HEALS To lead a race/be out in front CLEANSKIN Free of bad record/unbranded to CLEAN SOMEONE UP Thoroughly beat them up/injure a CLEAN SWEEP Win or acquire all to CLEAN UP Make a huge profit/gain from CLEAR AS MUD I dont understand it to CLEAR OFF Abscond/flee to CLEAR OUT Run off/leave a CLICK A kilometre CLIP Speed or pace a CLIP A show/a touch or blow/a percentage the CLIP The proceeds or profit/a commision to CLIP To hit/to take from/to cut a CLIP OVER THE EARS An admonishment or mild punishment to CLOBBER Hit/overpower CLOBBER Clothing CLOCKED Hit CLOCKED AT Deemed speed CLOCKED UP Accumulated mileage to CLOCK ON To become aware/realise CLODHOPPERS Boots/big feet CLOSE CALL Near miss/nearly a disaster a CLOSE EYE Watch carefully a CLOSE ONE A narrow escape/a near miss a CLOSE SHAVE A near miss CLOSE TO THE CHEST Quietly/cool/without any fuss CLOSE TO THE MARK Fairly accurate CLOSE TO THE WIND Dangerously a CLOT Dense or slow thinking person CLUBBED Hit hard/smash/slam/wild hit CLUCKY Motherly CLUED UP Knew/Told about it before it happened a CLUNK Clumsy person a CLUNKER Outdated/ill equipped/worn out the COALFACE The frontline/the work or action area the COATHANGER The Sydney Harbour Bridge COBBER Mate/pal/friend COBBERDOBBER Disloyal friend/betrayer COBBLERS Testicles (balls!) COCK Penis COCK AND BULL A concocted story/unbeleivable COCKATOO Lookout/parrot COCKEY A lookout or gaurd (also farmer) COCKEYDOM Grazing country COCKEYED A warped view) COCKEY'S JOY Golden Syrup(syrup of sugar cane) COCKIE Farmer/rural person COCK UP Mistake/a complete mess COCKY Overconfidence/a cockroach/a parrot CODS Testicles CODSWALLOP Nonsense a COFFIN NAIL A cigaret a COG A gear/a rated pace COIGHT Rear end/anus COIN Money COIT Rectum/anus/your backside COLD AS HELL Freezing COLD COMFORT Small recompense a COLDIE A chilled drink ie. beer COLD SHOULDER Rejection COLD SOBER Sober COLD STORAGE Dead/death COLD TURKEY Sudden, unplanned and unaided COLLAR ROT "Dead" above the neck/no brains the COLLYWOBBLES Last minute uncertainty a COMBO A mixed marriage or relationship COME A CROPPER Fail/stumble/have an accident/lose to COME ACROSS Willingly submit to COME A GUTSER Make a serious mistake/stumble/fail COME CLEAN Make an admittance/be truthful a COMEDOWN A disappointment COME HELL OR HIGH WATER Regardless/no matter what COME IN HANDY Make things easier COME IN ON THE GROUTER Exploit an advantage COME IN SPINNER To take a joke seriously COME OFF THE GRASS Be realistic/dont be so naive the COME ON To be alluring to COME OUT OF THE RAIN Stay out of trouble COME THE BOUNCE Threaten/a heavy handed approach COME THE RAW PRAWN Be Deceptive/lie/be unfair COME UP SHORT Below requirements COME UP TRUMPS Succeed/be the winner COMPO Workers injury insurance/compensation COMPUTE Add up/work out/fit together a CON A lie/a conspiracy CONCRETE Certain/permanent/well set CONNECTED Influential to CONK Stop to CONK OUT Stop operating/to faint CONSPIRACY OF KIND Nontheless affected by COO-EE Australian outback warning call not within COO-EE A long way off the COOK "The wife" COOL Calm/OK/relaxed/impressive COOL AS A CUCUMBER Calm and composed a COOLIBAH A shady tree to COOL YOUR HEELS Stop and reflect/a detention a COOT A person of little consequence COP Policeman COP Profit/easy money/take/receive COP IT Accept it COP IT SWEET Accept it without complaint a COP OUT Poor excuse to opt out COPPED Received COPPER Policeman/a boiling tub or pot COPPER Small change money/poor quality COPSHOP Police station to COP SOME STICK To take some punishment or torment COPY CAT An imitation or imitator. a CORKER Real good/excellent CORPORATION Large gut or stomach/beer gut COROBOREE Aboriginal dance ceremony COSSIES Swimming costumes (also "cozzies) COST A BOB Pretty expensive to COTTON ON Come to realise a COUCH POTATO A lazy or inactive person COUGH UP Pay up/give back COULDN'T CARE LESS Not interested COULDNT COME AT IT Couldnt do it COULDN'T GIVE A HOOT Couldn't care less/uninterested COULDN"T GIVE A RATS Couldnt care less COULDN'T GIVE A STUFF Couldnt care less COULDN'T FIGHT HIS WAY OUT OF A WET PAPER BAG = Useless at fighting COULDN'T HOLD A CANDLE TO.. Is not as good as.... COULDNT KEEP UP WITH HIS OWN SHADOW = So slow/immature COULDNT KNOCK THE SKIN OFF A RICE PUDDING = Cant hit hard enough COULDN"T LIE STRAIGHT IN BED An incurably shifty person COULDNT PUNCH A HOLE IN A DOUGHNUT = Cant fight or cant hit hard COULDNT RUN A SHITHOUSE, THEY"D RUN OUT OF PAPER = Poor organisers COULDNT RUN DOWN A MINESHAFT A slow horse COULDNT RUN DOWNHILL Unsuccessful COULD SELL BOOMERANGS TO BLACKS Good salesman/convincing COULD SELL ICE CREAM TO ESKIMOS Good salesman/convincing COUNTING CROWS Watching girls COUNTING YOUR CHICKENS BEFORE THEY HATCH COUNTLESS HOURS Grouchy COUNT ON Rely on a COUNTRY BUMPKIN A person from the country area a COUNTRY MILE A long way to COUGH UP Produce/get/find a COVE Unidentified person/someone a COVER A disguise COVERING FOR Making excuses or an alibi for another a COW COCKY Country grazier or farmer a COW KICKER A station(ranch)worker or farmer COW BANGER A drover/cowboy to COW TOW To bow and scrape/to capitulate COZZIES Swimming costumes (also "cossies") to CRAB To move in a misaligned manner CRABBY A cranky disposition/bad tempered CRABHOLE COUNTRY Holed & dangerouse to ride in areas the CRABS Genitalia lice infestation/to be cranky CRABBY Cranky CRACK Cocai give it or have a CRACK Attempt/try to a CRACK Anus/vagina the CRACK Top man/boss to CRACK To get/solve to CRACK A FAT Get a penis erection a CRACK AT An attempt at/to confront/to try CRACK DOWN An effort to correct by penalty CRACK DOWN ON Apply pressure to correct CRACKED Opened/won/got(also "a mental case") CRACKED A DARKIE Became incensed a CRACKED RECORD Something that repeats over and over a CRACKER Attractive/quick a CRACKER Worthless CRACKERS Crazy CRACK HARDY Put on a brave face CRACKING Extremely good CRACK IT Open/win/acquire/solve CRACK ONTO Discover/acquire/hook up with CRACKPOT Person with strange ideas CRACK ONE Open a beer/get an erection CRACK ONTO Win over/make a pass at/discover CRACK THE WHIP Exert authority/give an order CRACK UP Lose composure/laugh uncontrolably CRADLE SNATCHER Older person with underage person to CRAMP YOUR STYLE Third party to amorous intent CRAM Extra study/study intensley to CRANK IT UP Increase the pace/start it/ to CRANK UP Start up/rehash/push an agenda CRANKED UP Ready CRANKY Angry/in a bad mood CRAP Rubbish/deffacation CRAPPED OUT Thoroughly disenchanted CRAPPY Sub standard CRASH Collapse/relax/sleep/breakdown CRASH AND BURN A serious mistake and repercussions CRASHED Ceased operating/stopped/froze up CRASH HOT The best/talented/reputable/great CRAWL Ingratiate a CRAWLER Agrees regardless/ingratiates himself to CREAM Overwhelm/vanquish easily CREAM CRACKERED (Knackered) Exhausted CREAMED Well and truly overun/stopped dead a CREAM PUFF Soft/weak/easy CREATURE COMFORTS Luxuries CREDS Credentials, qualifications etc the CREEPS Scary, frightened feeling to CRIB Overstep the mark/cheat CRIKEY Exclamation (Christ!) a CRIM A criminal CRIMEWAVE Increased criminal activity CRIPES Exclamation to CROAK DIE/become defunct/break down a CROCK Injured/unfit/useless/A crocodile CROCKERY Teeth CROCODILE TEARS Not genuine tears or concern CRONK Unsatisfactory CROOK Unwell/poor quality/a gangster CROOK AS ROOKWOOD (Sydney) Sick close to death CROPPED Disappointed/cut up (also spayed) A CROPPER A failure/a fall to CROSS To cause angst CROSS EYED Cant see straight CROW Ugly female/bird CROW Boast a CROW EATER A South Australian CROWN JEWELLS Testicles/genitalia CRUDDY Poor quality to CRUEL To spoil/cause failure/interfere CRUET Head CRUISING Doing it easily/on the prowl CRUMMY Poor attempt/low quality CRUMPET The head/attractive female the CRUNCH The basics/the "real" test/reality CRUNCHED Severely dealt with/no quarter given a CRUSH Infatuation/puppy love a CRUSH Narrow necked pen for livestock/a race a CRUST An income/a main job a CRUTCH MERCHANT One who boasts of his female conquests CRY BABY Someone whimpish CRYING NEED Badly needed CRYING SHAME Really shameful CRY OFF Make apologies for declining invite CRY OVER SPILT MILK To waste time lamenting mistakes a CUBBY A kids play house CUE IN THE RACK Stopped/retired/died CUM Semen CUNNING KICK Hidden emergency money stash CUNT Vagina (also - despicable) person) a CUPPA A cup of tea/work break CURL A MO Excellent/good/suitable to needs CURLEY (jok)Someone with etraight or no hair a CURLY ONE Difficult to solve or do/puzzling CURRANTS Flies give CURRY Give someone a hard time/ostrasize CURRY MUNCHER Indian/Pakistani CUSHY Easy/plush CUT Stop a CUT ABOVE - (THE REST) Better than (the others/rest) CUT A FINE FIGURE Really well dressed CUT AND DRIED Already decided/a certainty to CUT A RUG To dance CUT DOWN Economise/(football=bring down/to pare to CUT IT Fit in/be equal to the occasion CUT IT OUT Stop it/cease a CUT LUNCH A pre prepared & packed lunch meal a CUT LUNCH COMMANDO A short term reservist CUT OF A MAN Really well presented CUT OF A WOMAN Beauty/class CUT OF THE CLOTHES Well made the CUT OF YOUR CLOTH Your essence CUT THE ICE Make a move/be capable CUT TO THE QUICK Deeply hurt CUTE AS A BUTTON Nicely presented to CUT THE MUSTARD To qualify/be capable CUTTING TONGUE Hurtful talk CUT UP Emotionally hurt/disappointed Continued ozspeak.d-h file

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