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Over the years, I've tried very hard to be like me..... it's been unimaginably difficult!


My name is Ted Middleton.

I live just north of Brisbane in Queensland.

I was born in Sydney in 1939.

I lived in Dick Street, off Abercrombie and Balfour Streets Chippendale, first at number 24 next to "Fostars Shoes" and then at number 11, opposite "Metal Industries".

I attended Blackfriars School just off Broadway and finished my primary and high schooling to second year at Cleveland Street School, corner of Cleveland and Chalmers St. Surrey Hills.

I used to sell papers for the newsagent on the corner of Meagher and Balfour Streets. In those days the old "toast rack" trams ran from Central Railway, around and down Meagher St. and along Abercrombie St towards Cleveland St. and the majority of my papers were sold on them and the two pubs top of Meagher St. - which was my run.

I also had a home made wheelbarrow which I loaded with wood from Tooths Brewery bottom of Balfour Street near Broadway

I played soccer, cricket, baseball and also represented my school and inner house (Oldfield) at athletics and any other organised competitive activity available, as well as soccer for Pyrmont - Balmain.

I also played table tennis for Chippendale Sydney City Mission which was in Meagher Street, where a motel now stands.

I left all the friends I had ever known behind when my family moved to General Holmes Drive, Milperra Bridge in 1957.

I then played soccer for Georges Hall, North Bankstown, Lamex, Revesby Pacific (Hotel), Liverpool United and Liverpool City. I played table tennis and continued my love of competitive darts when I found time.

I last played soccer for Carss Park over 30's in the St George area up till nearly my 34th birthday, and I have many fond memories there also.

I married my second wife Eleanor in 1968 and we moved to Queensland in 1972 and raised our two lovely girls (Raeleen - (1969) and Melissa (1974).

My work career was mostly in stores, then purchasing - and finally as self employed in real estate.

I "retired' to our farm at Eumundi in 1985.

Both our girls were born with Cystic Fibrosis which Raeleen succumbed to in 1989 just before her 20th birthday. We were living on our "retirement farm" at Eumundi....... and 4 years later my wife Eleanor was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Some months later (after a lung removal) my wife was pronounced "clear" of cancer and I tried to get her to leave the farm and the extra work and worry involved - but to no avail, as she loved her animals there so much.

I even moved out to Noosa hoping she would follow, but other "forces" came onto the scene and tragically our separation became permanent.

My wife later had the cancer reappear and sadly passed away in 1997 at the age of only 49.

I have the fondest memories of my wife - and daughter Raeleen, as well as strong feelings for my youngest daughter Melissa who has experienced so much nightmarish loss and unnecessary pain that no (then) 23 year old should have had to bear.

The fact it cost over $50,000 to secure my daughters inheritance from her close family who had less than her best interests at heart is another story.

For the past 20 years now I have been writing this "book" for my daughter to have when I pass on - so she can better understand her father, his life, experiences and feelings. I live in hope that one day she will take an interest in it!

I figure, what's the point of a life that has no record of it apart from a birth and death certificate.

In related pages is a menu of those writings which constitute the life of one person (my life) and I hope you find it of some interest - as I once genuinely did.

Also by following the menu at the top of this page you can similarly read some chapters I have compiled over the years which I hope you find interesting and entertaining.

Thank you for your time and getting this far down


©Ted Middleton 1998.

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