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The most valuable things are those we can share with others.

Hi there,

my name is Ted Middleton.

It seems to me that our life comes in three parts, The Beginning ...... which is scary, The End ...... which is sad and The Middle ...... which is what we make it and what I relate of mine here.

A Beginning can only progress to The End and only THE MIDDLE can be adjusted. That adjustment can cause our quality of life to be UP WITH THE EAGLES - or down to ROCK BOTTOM (and even Rock Bottom can also have a cellar, as those who have been there will attest).

The purpose of these pages is to share this account as well as some humorous and other detail I experienced and collected along the way.

It occurred to me that most of us go through our lives not fully understood by those we see as important enough to always be on our very best behaviour with, to gain their respect.

For instance - my parents never fully knew me because of the high regard I had for them and my desire not to disappoint them.

My wife didn't really know me for similar reasons, but knew me in a much different way than my parents did. My children saw me differently again because of the parent/child relationship.

Depending the depth of relationship, regard for, or other reasons, I guess most people saw me differently to the way others may have.

So this account of my life seemed imperative (to me anyway!) and it was written especially for my daughter to read so she could better understand her fathers experiences in life. Unfortunately I'd set these pages up long before I realised that where parents are is the last place our kids tend to visit!... but with all the effort I'd put in, I decided to keep it going and hope maybe someone else could get something from it.

Anyone who can identify themselves - relations, old friends, or any acquaintances - as sharing my space and some of the events I've related here... I would be most happy to hear from you - though I exclude some who I've encountered along the way who dont deserve the space they occupy from this invitation.

Who knows, you may have some fond shared memories - or just to say hello again!

When we're young, our priorities are vastly different to the views and values we hold in later years - and its for that reason, I'd like to meet again, if not correspond, with some of the people I once had the pleasure of meeting or growing up with and let them know my appreciation for making my life the rich experience I now recognise it was. These memories and events could not have occurred without them.

I wish I could personally thank those I may sadly never have contact with again.

I guess it takes the fullness of time to realise the enormity of life and its inevitable losses.

Well, you got this far... dont stop now*


Any emails from readers welcomed - hell... they might even be friendly!
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